Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dominique Sirop - Women's Fashion Week 2011, Singapore

This weekend is a special one because apart from the exhausting sports day and the school cheer which felt like Halloween, I got to enjoy the sight of beautiful ladies in Dominique Sirop's designs at Women's Fashion Week (WFW) 2011, Singapore. It is Singapore's first large scale event solely dedicated to the artistry of haute couture and obviously this will be the first time an haute couture week is brought out of Paris. Before this, Singapore was not an air-conditioned city, that explains why we don't see people wearing this by the shopping belt. I will be surprised if I see one wearing them in this unmerciful weather.

I think by this line only half of you knows the hell I'm talking about. Haute couture is a dress made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable seamstresses. If you really need to understand, just remember, jeans and tank top doesn't make a haute couture. So what's happening here is that they are bringing this in to increase Singaporean's fashion quotient because all these while we are the people of tank tops and slippers and that doesn't make do on special occasions. Otherwise how can we be top ten in the most fashionable country list, right?

Anyway, it was really great to be there because I don't only get to see dolled up models cat walking down the runway but several of my favorite art pieces were there. Mont Blanc, the official timepiece and Rolls-Royce the official automobile exhibited several of their new designs. It was a exhilarating to see shiny Rolls-Royce, sit on it to feel and smell the pure leather and let your shoes sink in the velvety car mat. You just feel like giving up everything and own just it to live in it.

I thought it was very creative to see DHL's masterpiece in creating a haute couture on the mannequins using their own labelled materials. I'd never thought of that if you were to give me a pile of DHL junks. I'd just dump it aside. Looking at them reminds me one of Carlsberg's video advertisements. Creative and attractive.

Women's Fashion Week seems to be all about style and poise. As you enter, you will be greeted and ushered in, and you will never get thirsty for there's free flow of wine, champagne and for the health conscious, orange juice for you. There were even people around to inform you when the show was about to start - no way you could be late for the show. It's all about elegance. But boys will be boys if you compare this to Men's Fashion Week, you know how hysterically fun and noisy Men's Fashion Week was.

One thing I like about the runway is the propping to make it look like spring. It gives this cozy ambiance where you don't feel too stuffy from the lighting because everything was dim before the show and it did not give the corporate video introduction like what happened in Men's Fashion Week. Instead, there was a host to introduce us to the show

I am grateful to be a part of this and I thank everybody for the wonderful opportunity to attend Women's Fashion Week 2011. You know who you are. Have a great week ahead as I'm going to prepare to pump some iron in days to come.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Singapore JewelFest 2011 - ECSTASY

'Work hard, play harder.' That was the motto I lived by last Friday night. After a week of tough training in camp, it is good to be back into the outside world and enjoy the latest event in Singapore JewelFest 2011, ECSTASY.

This is no different than SEDUCTION party that I went last week with the models running up and down the runway and free-flow of drinks . This is just to make those who got the invitation but did not attend without valid excuse feel better because no way on earth these two events are the same!

The models, donned in Karen Miller and dolled with Shu Uemura, dazzled guests with the flamboyant blings by scintillating world class jewelers. It just got more addictive...

ECSTASY was made more addictive and scenic more than ever with the appearance of well-known Burlesque hearth-throbbing star, Dita Von Teese. I know, JewelFest 2011 is such a 'Tee-ser' (read: teaser). Of course, she was not there to striptease us in her lacy corset but she was beautifully donned in velvety purple dress that you can't take your eyes off. Her flawless skin definitely a jealousy of the girls around me and everyone was head over heels to have a photo with her. I didn't get a photo with her either! That's just sad!

Propping the event was not only Hollywood Burlesque dancer Von Teese but Singapore born designer who rose to international fame in early 2000's, Ashley Isham. Hosted by Bobby Tonelli, this event could not have been more surprising!

The attendees seems to be on cloud nine snapping photos of Ashley with Von Teese as their free takeaways. Naturally now more people will know what Singapore JewelFest is all about.

This is specially for rich, loaded-with-work business associates and executives, if you happen to be lost on where to go after the event next time, or happen to be hungry for real good food (since finger food is never bigger than our stomach), or need an accommodation right after you touch down, remember the official concierge for Singapore JewelFest 2011, Quintessentially - a concierge service created entirely to make life that much easier, that much richer and that much more fun.

They have many non-compromising quality choices of accommodation, food, events and even nightlife venues not only in Singapore but worldwide spanning from Europe, to Asia Pacific. Guess what, they even have their own Quintessentially Currency Card (MasterCard). All the more reason to say this service targets people like... Not me obviously. Haha!

I am grateful for the goody bag, not only because there's a 50ml Cointreau bottle (which I gave away to Nat) and complimentary cocktail shaker, but because there's a Shu Uemura sample in it. I love testing out products and I would say Shu Uemura lives up to its promise.

That's all I have to share this weekend. See you around, have a great break!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Singapore JewelFest 2011 - SEDUCTION

A few weeks ago, Elf and I had plan to go out just the two of us hangout and have a good laugh over dinner or just sit somewhere crappy just to catch up. Several days after that, I got an invitation to Singapore JewelFest (SJF) 2011 opening party at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza which happened last night. Finally we had a proper place to hangout.

It was a great start of the weekend because I got to see Nat and Lynno (finally we met!) and introduce myself to the world of jewelries.

Being a part of YourSingapore campaign, Singapore JewelFest 2011 kicked off last Friday with SEDUCTION party. It was magnificent. You'll dazzled by sparkling jewelries. There was an array of booths owned by local and international brands like the ones from Israel, Italy, and the States.

When I got in, I was quite lost on where to start because this was my first ever jewelry event that I have attended. This is no similar to fashion week or film festivals that I have went before. All booths are like the ones you see in NATAS fare or IT show except with items worth millions of dollars on display. At first I felt really awkward to be in the midst of everyone. There were celebrities, socialites, and known well-to-do people who could afford a piece of those but after some time, I got comfortable - after thinking that most of them are probably too drunk from the free flow drinks from the Cointreau bar, which is the official liqueur of SJF. Any thought works just to make myself feel better!

After some time basking in the delightful ambiance, the show started with a bubble show. You might think it's lame to have kids 'fetish' in a tent full of adults but lo and behold! It is not about blowing just bubbles, it's the art of blowing it really. Even I was impressed by how that water contained bubble exploded into mist. Do not drag science into this, I still want to believe it's magic!

The show did not stop there. After several sips of Perrier with dipped lemon, my attention was drawn to tall leggy models in silky dress, adroned with Louboutins and precious stones that was set to blind you with its resplendent glittery glory. I like seeing how the models show off their jewelries without coming off too strong.

I chanced upon a piece that really got my attention - it was Marco Bicego from Italy presented by TianPo Jewellery. I took the opportunity to ask about diamonds and of course the piece itself. It is an 18K yellow gold bracelet with multi-coloured gems.

In my honest opinion, it doesn't look good in pictures but in real life, the multi-coloured gem really brings your dull life to technicolor. At the price of SGD$162,160, that piece could be yours. If you think that's expensive, the dearest that I saw is about SGD$1,200,000.

There I learnt a lot of things about diamond which proves to be useful when you're shopping with your girlfriend. You could skip this if you know. Before Singapore JewelFest, I know nuts about diamond quality. All I know is that they're shiny hardest object in the world.

Irene Sim from TianPo took the liberty to introduce me to the world of girl's best friend. All thanks to Jocelyn Yip who allowed me to do a one-to-one question and answer and all my doubts about diamonds were answered. Do you know that when it comes to choosing a good piece of bling, there are four C's you have to look out for? Its colour, its carat weight, its clarity, and finally its cut. Above all, the cut that makes out its facet is the one that really determines the cost of a diamond and how glistening it would be. Naturally, it should be the main consideration when choosing a diamond.

That explains why no two twinkling diamonds are the same.

If you are a one of UOB's private banking clients, you're entitled to a special treatment in the VIP room. It is an elegant room decorated with lush carpet and cozy wallpaper and stylish upholstery by Goodrich Global. If you have one of UOB's credit card, you're entitled to privileges like discounts - they're the official credit card for SFJ 2011.

Elf and Nat suddenly got particularly interested in the food. They were 'famished' and first in line to be attacked are the servers serving banana crumble. The prawn was really nice but personally I don't think that's a sexy food to eat at a sexy event. Heh!

I just thought it could have been better if they had a small exhibition with information on transformation of jewellery like how Louis Vuitton does for their leather products. It could get appreciation on this captivating creation for some of us. Since the event is public, it always helps to educate.

For more details on Singapore JewelFest 2011, visit

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Passing Out Parade

At the end of the day, we tell ourselves how fast time flew by. Without us knowing, we had ended an episode in our army life.

I got enlisted on the 1st August 2011. It was a remarkable date because at the same time, we started our first day of fasting in Ramadan. The challenges were abysmal and thankfully I was mentally prepared.

Days past by and there are a lot of memories to be told and today we stood by the skyline to celebrate another milestone in our life - Passing Out Parade as a trained soldier.

The trainings while we were in BMT (Basic Military Training) were tough - mainly due to extreme weather. It could be very, very hot. Other than that you spend most of the time smeared in dust, grit and dirt. Several events are still vivid in my mind like going to the rifle range, throwing of grenade, the unforgettable field camp, route marches, or even recruit's night.

On the last night in the bunk, I can't help thinking that that would be the last sleep I have as a recruit in the bunk. There were so many mixed feelings. After all, the bunk had been my second home - as much as I would want to deny it in early stages. Then comes the 24km route march to The Float@Marina Bay.

We were in high spirit, sing songs and cheer on our way there - but only for the first 4km. What comes next are just crickets laughing at us because we're too tired to open our mouth. Almost everyone started getting cranky and angsty. So it is really good if people were to really shut their mouth and not spark any anger in anyone else but I understand. We felt cheated don't we? We knew it all along our march would be more than 24km but we could close one eye to that. What is extra mile after 24km right? But what crossed us out really was the climb to Benjamin Sheares Bridge to complete that extra mile. That was like living in the line of one of our cheers...

"Up the hill, down the slope, up the slope, down the hill. Any sweat? No sweat, chicken feet!" I swear nothing was 'chicken feet'. We had one nerve left and they were getting on it.

I am grateful to be given the endurance, and high level of patience to go through this. Being talked to rudely by your comrades is the last thing you want to hear when you are tired. Know that no one is more tired than the other. All is good though, peace!

My heart bloomed with joy to see the grandstand, and everything was a bliss. Okay, not really. We had to wait for the event to start and some of us had to be repositioned for dressing because there were intervals. It was funny to see everyone sweating in the uniform, who most have abrasions and blisters and yet comfortably sleeping pillowed with rifle. Poor sergeant major (CSM) had to walk around, wake them up to shift them to a new position and then they'll go back to sleep. That was how tired everyone was. Everyone made the best out of that situation to sleep.

And then the parade started. We shall engage your eyes and ears and let the video do the talking. Here's the gist of the 2-hour event.

All I felt was joy once I tossed the cap. I think everyone felt the same. Amazing how we had that spark of energy left after tossing the cap. Remember how sleep deprived were we when that happened. This merry occasion would not felt the same without the many people whom I have to thank.

A big virtual hug and thank you goes to my family, and relatives who came for my POP (Passing Out Parade) like my cousins, aunt, uncle, and my adorable nephews. They are the catalyst of my determination and one of the reasons why I stood there putting up a show for them. Thanks to my mum and dad for their words of encouragement and well wishes. Because of them I have a purpose to look forward to toss my jockey cap. I am very grateful to have their everlasting support.

It was a surprise that two of my best friends came too! It was a pleasure to have them around to give me the morale boost. It was funny how they planned to be early and ended up right at the back of the seat. Apparently they do not follow army time - if you two realize, both of you are/were from police. That explains!

After spending nine weeks in BMT, how can I forget my fellow comrades? Brothers in arms, comrades for life! A bunch of thanks to my commanders, coy mates, platoon mates, and of course, closer to heart are my section mates. The bunk is the place we call home-sweet-home after a day of vigorous training and the only place we find comfort in. The place we eat our snacks, chat, polish our boots at the corridor in a row, do our laundry in, and whatnot. I will definitely miss the environment and the positive energy that all of you had created. This is the reason why I woke up each day knowing it would be a good day. Because of you, I held my spirit up high.

Lastly, my smooth sailing journey would not have been possible without pointers and major help from Kheed Airwalk, Haikarl Turner, and known predecessors. All of you who told me that I will miss my time in BMT, guess what, your prophecy came true.

I am grateful to the mighty Almighty for the pillar of strength given. Here's my standing ovation for all of you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your Highness Kneeling

Ever since day one I had my heart set to give my best no matter what happens. Conscription may not have given me the luxury of time and allow me to do things the way I want but it has definitely widen my social circle.

Several weeks ago, we had one of our high key events - field camp. I did not enjoy digging the shell scrape, what's more sleeping in it and got it destroyed by heavy rain the following day - my heart sank just to see my hard work soaked with murky water! Sleeping in tent with someone you just knew about a month ago is something new and having your sleeping hours fragmented followed by sauteing yourself in sweat in the day is not funny at all. If this is a reality show however, it will not be much of a drama.

The people around me - commanders and platoon mates made life easier. At least that was what I thought. We were like the eye of the storm. Field camp was smooth sailing despite the rush and unforgiving weather.

After our route march on the first day, we were really beat and the first thing that you would want to do is to let the shower tap run above your head. Newsflash everyone, we're in the middle of a field. No toilets around. No taps to begin with. So if the jerrycans were to be stolen by while boars, I wish good luck. The weather was despicable. The sun was scorching and everyone was tired. The ground was dry and I spent a lot of time wondering how to fix the tent while we were marching. Seriously, I could have thought of something else but that kept me going. Apparently the soil was not as bad as I thought it would be. Bringing up the tent was as simple as ABC but the alignment was a nightmare. However the IC's for the day did quite an impeccable job in aligning the tents.

We spent much of the days doing movement drills and high kneeling. I was so glad that we were allowed to use knee guards. Not all were allowed since it depends on the company you're in. I wondered how it was like to high kneel without knee guards so I took the chance by taking out my knee guard and kneeled. For less than five seconds I thought my knee was gone. Imagine kneeling on those edgy rocks, it's not fun at all.

The most tiring part during the camp was to dig a shell scrape and that almost snapped my last wire of patience. On that day the weather started to get a little edgy. It was torrid at first. You have no idea how many times I refilled my water bottle while wrestling myself with the hard soil. They said mine was tad too deep and too narrow that only I can fit in. Even I was amused when I looked at it from far. I wondered how my platoon mates are going to sleep or prone in my shell scrape should they have to take over my place?

It rained momentarily while we were digging so somehow that softens the ground and digging can be expedited but by then all I was left to do is to touch up my shell scrape. I should have known and waited for the rain so that I didn't have to put in so much effort to it.

Sleeping in the shell scrape is a particular highlight in the camp. Sleeping in tent is a norm for everyone even for civilians but sleeping in a quarter-grave hole is a whole new level of experience. It rained in the wee hours of that morning and everyone thought it wouldn't be heavy but I have a premonition that says it's going to get bad and it did. I put on my Gortex before everyone else and sat there waiting for further instructions. We had to be evacuated from the area since there was lightning. Imagine this.

I was sweating on that warm night and suddenly I felt very cold due to the early morning dew so my sleep was not comfortable at all. That kept me awake until it rained. My energy level was at the lowest. I felt like being in my sleeping position and continue sleeping despite the rain but the instruction was to get out and double up to the Urban Operations (UO) building. That was the last thing that I wish I didn't have to do. With the heavy rain, muddy ground, and shell scrapes close to each other's, walking down the slope with our full battle order in the dark without slipping and falling into another shell scrape is a skill we acquired on the spot without practice. At that point of time, I really thought it was fun because our camp won't be like any other field camp at night.

At the end of the day, we had to cover up our shell scrapes but we had to clear all the water that was collected that morning before covering them. Otherwise the hole will be covered with mud instead of hard soil. Do your math on how much volume of water we had to clear within a span of several hours. The tougher and dirtier job was to clear the water but the idea of taking out my entrenchment tools from my bag and washing it up after that, I'd rather put my uniform in the washing machine. It has to be washed anyway. Whatever it was, at that point of time, you'll be too tired to think but to follow your heart instead.

How hard things were at that time, it was a memorable field camp that not all company get to experience.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eid 2011

This is probably tad too late but I'll continue.

This year's Eid celebration was 'sui generis' if not extravagant. If you hadn't known, the first day of fasting month was the first day of my enlistment and throughout, I am grateful I sustained each day with patience and willpower.

The Eid spirit was lifted and felt on the eve when I heard the Takbir and did our house decoration. Since I am away from family and the outside world 3/4 of the time this year, Eid holds on to a very special place in my heart.

Here in the light of Eid I would like to seek forgiveness from all my family members, relatives, friends and everyone that I had known for the past twenty years. We are not here forever and it is only right that I forgive you too, settle our differences and restart our relationship on a clean slate.

This year because of the exhausting and time consuming trainings, I did not have the time to visit relatives and friends however I made it a point to be out with my family as much as possible while time permits. If any of you feels neglected, please do not give up keeping in touch. I will be here. Trust me, I do read your messages!

God willing there will be a reunion soon.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Before Departing to Man-land

July was a month intended for party and let loose. With three months of military training coming up, and nineteen months being tied up to a conscription, who knows what I am up for? Definitely not a treat. So this July I had one of the most splendid month of the year. I am so grateful to everyone that made this happen and possible. To those who missed, I miss you too but there's only room for so much.

By right, I am suppose to be free, a lot of time to spare like nobody's business but being the organized person I am, I can't stand unattended days of doing just nothing. I love the days of doing nothing but that has to be planned! So late June I came up with a lot of plans, made calls, and went all out in planning for July. Of course some were impromptu - and that usually happens when that day was planned as 'Do Nothing - Be a Potato Couch'. That never happens.

Firdaus's Birthday Party
In early July one of my beloved friend had his pre-birthday BBQ at East Coast. It was a great move because everyone was there. Old friends finally meet up, and have means to keep in touch. It was ages since we met and I don't know how many mobile I've changed before we met again. Glad that he enjoyed his time and now he's operationally ready (ORD). My turn's next! Anyway, have a great 21 bud! More trips coming up hopefully.

The Last Supper
This dinner was planned ages before. It did not occur in my mind that I need to spend as much time as possible with my friends and family in July. I made a good choice in June.

As you move along in life, you will realize that nothing stays forever. This August will be the beginning of the turning point in life. I will be away for National Service (NS), and my friends are all over the place in this globe already. H and N will be set west for internship and I am so happy for them! At least I know I am not alone facing ordeals away from family! We must make plans how to catch up with each other virtually!

I can't wait for the return of N with her British accent after six months and H with his Southern African fashion after a quarter year. I on the other hand will come back obviously tanner, and probably a tad uglier with a head that reflects the moonlight. We are so going to laugh looking at each other. I am going to miss them so much!

We decided to have our final dinner at Sakura restaurant and my, my, H was famished and I made a mistake by having MacDonalds before hitting the buffet. Tempting McSpicy! It was such a bad idea. Lesson learnt, never have a meal before a buffet dinner. I thought it was a good idea that we had this dinner together - a final proper dinner, in a perfect setting to chat about anything and to entertain each other while time permits.

Visiting The Departed
Every year, just like most Muslim family, we would visit our departed beloved ones together just before or during Ramadan. Its significance is to remind ourselves that we will not be here forever, and to remember the people whom we used to have in this world that affected our lives in so many ways.

This year was a little special.

There was an arrangement to visit them together as a family but it took a turn. The following week (with all these NS stuffs coming along) was impossible so I decided to visit one of them - by myself. It was my late grandmother's.

I you had followed this blog since it was opened, you would have known how attached I am to my late grandmother. When she died, it was hard for all of us in this family because she raised us up (my brothers and I) and helped in the family in so many ways you could ever imagine.

She is pure hearted, witty, kind and benevolent, generous, funnily sarcastic and all those other qualities that no other grandmother are capable of doing and comprehend. She was like the heartbeat of the family, that runs the house, cook for us, and took care of us. For the lack of better word, she was the perfect woman that any man of his age could have asked for.


Visiting her grave by myself, being seven feet away from her made me relive those moments I had with her on a personal level. The World Ward II stories she told me, and the times she'd bring me to the market or fetch me from pre-school, it was an experience that I wish I was old enough to understand that I was going to miss all of those.

I felt grateful to have the chance to go there by myself.

Photography Club - Guest Speaker
Woo, I'm honored to be a subject of attention to a bunch of photography amateurs. Mind you that this bunch doesn't own DSLRs and put them on auto mode forever when creating art. Calling them amateurs is like putting a mirror in front of myself albeit with confidence.

In one of the weeks I went, I was astonished to see there were juniors with sky rocket confidence. It was great!

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
It's probably a Generation Y thing - to watch Harry Potter. Since its first movie, I've been following the movies closely, watched them more than once, read the book, and talked about it leisurely with friends.

The latest and final movie - Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Part 2) is like my childhood film finale. For nine years, since I was 11, I looked forward to each of its movie release and I know I speak on behalf of most of you when I say this as it all started as a fantasy, kiddy, and bright film that went darker by series.

The cinematography was great despite the slow story line, probably holding on everybody's eagerness by doing it slow and steady. That was one of the reasons why I watched Harry Potter. The book is definitely more informative albeit draining for some of you.

Illys, Ward, Ras - Hangout
I wouldn't categorize this s a normal day hangout even if its done at the mall nearby because we had not met for ages. That makes it special.

It was good catching up with them, heard news about our juniors, seniors, and about the people from our own cohort. Just to know what are they up to now because we can't possibly meet each and everyone of you. Glad to know some of them are married, have babies, while some other are studying, or has started working.

Fad on Ice
I bet Pulau Tekong will be hot as the sun scorches my shiny reflective head so before I forgo my good civilian life this August, I'd better make full use of my time here by enjoying cold environment whenever possible. Shall not sweat till August!

Anyway, that day was my second time watching Harry Potter too.

Ice skating was great and I already learnt to ski backwards! Definitely a good experience after so long. Someone even thought the mall is new which  it is in fact not. The mall went through a major makeover before it reopened! I love the fact that that mall is not as crowded as some other malls.

ScreenSingapore Appreciation Party
After days of hard work (I know some worked harder) with ScreenSingapore, we finally got our invitation to its appreciation tea party. The invitation didn't come without magic. We got to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Part 2) with the rest who were involved in ScreenSingapore, with compliments from the organizers. I had a great time with E and S. E better be grateful for the ticket I got him because he had been wanting to watch it!

Such a great time spent with them.

About S
S - Sham is a friend I met in ScreenSingapore. Lord knows that live chattering we made there. We hanged out a lot together because we can read each others mind like there's telepathy in our brain, how awesome is that!

About E
E - Elfie is a friend I met while I was in SP. At that time we weren't that close because we are in fact not from the same school. Long story short, we chatted a lot on the phone, and I decided to introduce him to S several weeks after that because before I am gone to the land of men (sounds so wrong but true) and E definitely need a friend. So the two of you, mingle and don't you single me out!

 Great weekend spent with them the other day!

HSBC TreeTop Walk
I'd call last weekend the final weekend for me. Obviously after this I will be all jittery to even think that today is in fact not that the day I enlist but since the date is drawing closer, it's time to tone down on the rough activities and just relax for a while.

Last weekend was the last vigorous activity that I did as a civilian. After this, say goodbye to two years of freedom.

This trekking was a family day out and at the same time, to sweat out the toxins, and give a little warm up before the training really starts. After this week I am sure that my stamina will boost a little bit. Still hoping things go well there!

First Visit - Universal Studios Singapore
Remember the days when Universal Studios just opened and it seems almost the entire world is in Singapore to see it. Alas the main attraction: Battlestar Gallatica was not opened yet. That leaves Universal Studios open to people who don't ride roller coasters.

After some time the main attraction was opened and people like me starts flocking in. I'm as usual, slow-by-a-minute when it comes to this because I have the Singaporean mindset, and definitely cost conscious. The reasons I would give if anyone who had been to Universal Studios was this.

  1. It's still new, the rides are new and you'll not know who will die first being the test rat on a rotating wheel.
  2. It's still new, I bet the rides will break down halfway getting a dose of people riding. They need some getting used to before I go.
  3. It's still new, the price of the ticket is still high, maybe it will come down! (Then I'll raise my hand and start praying, haha!)
And then after some time, it seems everything else is stable, and the price is evidently not going down, I had to come up with new reasons.
  1. No one wants to go with me yet, it seems everyone in my contact list has been there.
  2. It's the monsoon season now, I don't want to get wet and get my money wasted.
  3. I'm just waiting for the right time to go. (This folks, I never lie)
The rest are just reasons to save my money and honestly, I never thought it would be worth it. So much money spent on so many rides with so little time.

I got my tickets as a gift, it is like a response to one of my reason in hoping the price would go down. In fact it did for us, I went in and just paid for the Express Pass. I decided to go before I leave for the army, on a working and schooling weekday where there's not many people, on a sunny day and majority of the patrons were Indonesians. Contrary to some thoughts saying most rides were closed on a weekday for maintenance, when I called, the rides were all open, all of them.

It seems I went at the right time, so grateful! And nobody died because it's no longer new, I got to go with all my siblings, just the three of us in different world each hour, it only rained in the morning, and wait, did I just completed all response for all the above reasons? God, yes.

I was so glad that day because that was not only my first visit to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) but first time being on the tallest dueling roller coaster! That was my first ride in USS. I felt giddy the first time I took it because I have not ridden anything that gives the adrenaline rush since secondary school. After that, I did not stop riding it. I even went back to back. After that day, I don't feel so good on top of being mute for the day.

There are seven worlds. Hollywood will be the first you will see and enter. Look out for actors dressed as Charlie Chaplin or Marilyn Monroe. Monster Rock was vibrant with pyrotechnics and live music and you must not miss this! The pre-show was even more fun. I can't stop amusing myself from looking at people rushing for empty seats only to know they are reserved - for the handicapped.

As you walk you will land in cosmopolitan world of New York where you will regret missing Lights, Camera, Action! I was so amazed by the backdrop that looks so real. It really makes you think you're on a real set. In New York, be prepared to act like Marilyn Monroe over the steaming manhole. Don't worry, it's not hot! However, standing too long on that manhole can damp your legs.

The next thing you knew, you're in the Sci-Fi City, queuing for Battlestar Gallatica (Cylon and Human). From Vivo City, I've always thought they are the same ride with different route but I was wrong. They are two different rides which has two different types of seats! If you get there, you'll have a tough choice judging which one is more thrilling.

After Sci-Fi, we stepped into the world of Ancient Egypt where I was fascinated by the man made ruins. Everything looked so real. In the Revenge of The Mummy, you will get to see props like mummy and beetles, twists and turns that you will not expect because you'll be blindfolded by darkness. Treasure Hunters was a laid back ride we took to cool down a little bit. Look out for buff men that dressed up like pharaoh's guards, and eight shaped women dressed as its mistress. Definitely photo worthy!

Being into The Lost World made me lost for a bit. Thank God there was the Studio Guide with me! Maneuvered my way through the place and we rode the Jurrasic Park Rapids Adventure. It isn't as adventurous as I thought it would be. Given a choice, I'd choose log flumes over this. The queue was long by the way. If I hadn't bought the Express Pass, I'd be crying over wasted time queuing. The queue at the Canopy Flyer was long too. We saved a lot of time indeed.

Our spirits were uplifted when we were Far Far Away. The Shrek 4-D Adventure is a sensory ride that engages you sense of sight and touch. It felt so real and the 4-D glasses doesn't bother as much as the conventional 3-D glasses. SimEx-Iwerks should add blowing warm air and synchronize it with the bellowing fire from the dragon. I was so annoyed not being able to take photos with Shrek and Fiona! I spent the entire day crying at the fountain in front of the castle. Just kidding!

Madagascar wraps up our first round in USS. The Madagascar: A Crate Adventure was uplifting but some tourist really spoiled my mood. Since when it is ever appropriate to take pictures with flash when the essence of the ride is its lighting and color? Or even, shove the bloody flash on other peoples face?

In reliving my memory as a child, my brother and took the carousel in Madagascar!

By the way, purchasing the Express Pass is SGD$30. The feeling you get when the long queue looks at you: priceless.

This probably sums up the fun packed July I had. Thank you to the high above for such a great time handed down to me! A weekend left before army starts. Wish me well!

To every single one of you, whatever you did definitely made my departure easier.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore - 15 Tips

I was back from Universal Studios Singapore last night, and here are some pointers for some of you if you want to know. It worked well for me, so hopefully for you too.

  1. Check the local weather forecast. Avoid monsoon season no matter how cooling it is. I failed to do this and it rained in the morning. Luckily everything went well in the afternoon not long after it was opened. I managed to warm up in the gym with H though. It is a blessing in disguise.
  2. Buy your tickets in advance online. Skip the queue and avoid disappointments. 
  3. Purchase the Express Pass. The Express Pass costs SGD$30. The feeling you get when everyone looks at you cutting queue and saving time, priceless. But check out the ride availability. As for me, I went on a weekday and the odds of having all rides open is lesser than a weekend. Luckily, all rides were opened.
  4. Get the Studio Guide from the counter. What I did was to cross out the places I've visited to make sure I went for all. After which, I used it to find the bloody restroom. It camouflaged with the display buildings!
  5. Save your Express Pass for peak periods - in the afternoon. The rest of the time would be useless to use it. You'll be wasting your lifeline to cut the queue. You can ask if the queue is long before using your pass.
  6. Bring a poncho and a plastic bag. It's for wet weather, but mainly for Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. You would not want to throw it away in case it rains or you want to ride on the Rapids Adventure again.
  7. Bring a spare towel and a t-shirt. You will get wet even  if you're not riding water rides. All the more reason to bring one if you are taking public transport. Be considerate.
  8. Charge your camera and empty its memory. Universal Studios in its name is in fact a studio. There are wedded couples who take photos there too. There will be so many photo opportunities for your own keeping. Especially if you've not been to Egypt or a real fairytale land.
  9. Eat well before you enter. The food there isn't cheap but neither it's expensive but definitely more worth it to eat outside in my opinion. Never say I didn't warn you but do not eat too much because you will obviously want to try out the food in there and you wouldn't want to smear digested food onto someone's face while riding the Battlestar Gallatica. We are prepared for rain, not digested food rain.
  10. Bring an empty bottle. It lightens your bag while you're on your way there, and it's healthier to drink plain water. You can refill your bottle at the water cooler and have your own water parade. Alternatively, if you think this plan is cheap and you want to flaunt your wealth, by all means buy their drinks served in a bong-shaped bottle or any other drink.
  11. Be there early. I know it's a little rushy to be there early in the morning and they were about to open but it is fun to see the place before it gets crowded. USS is not that big but you wouldn't want to be there for a while either. After paying that much, you would not spend as much time as possible in USS?
  12. Be the last to leave. No, not because I'm asking you to hide as a mummy and do a planned robbery but once the crowd subsided, you will own the place with lesser people to yourselves.
  13. Just bring a bag to fill in everything. In USS, you live like Aladdin. They have free lockers with time limit and some doesn't. So, read the labels properly. You wouldn't want to feel cheated and spoil your day.
  14. Rest well the day before because the fun and thrilling rides involves walking before getting in. Bring your happy spirit and use it all in USS. Avoid making fun packed plans the following day, you'll be beat.
  15. Bring a cap and a pair of shades. Photos with the actors who dress up as Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin has to be quick because there will be queues and sorry folks, Express Pass doesn't work here and you don't have the whole time in the world to touch up. So the cap is to cover your bad hair, and the shades is to cover your eyes - especially if you tend to close your eyes in pictures. And of course its dual function is to play double up by protecting your eyes from the sun and the blaring flash.
    Hopefully the tips will help you enjoy the seven worlds even more!

      Friday, July 1, 2011


      Today’s post brings you an important news in my life and the several things that I am grateful for. Just like any other Singaporean man, we will be conscripted by the age of 18 – but it depends on the education path that we take.

      Right after graduation, my old schoolmates, friends and relatives have been asking where I am posted to for National Service and I asked myself the same question. Every single day I’d go to the letterbox to see if there was any letter that was addressed to me. There were a few then like subscription letters, or even school related letters.

      I was gob smacked to go home one day to found a letter on my study table that comes in a package.

      That letter bears my enlistment date and posting. So before I get conscripted for the next two years, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made my break a worthwhile one. I have been doing odd jobs while on my break so it is hard to answer when people ask what I am doing because nothing was even temporary.

      I had a great time spending 4 days teaching primary school students Malay Language as part of their compulsory third language module, this experience has enabled me to understand myself better – as a student.

      Following which I did a short term service with Fairmont Hotels and Resort. It has spectacular working environment, the nice people I met from all over the world, and the knowledge imparted while I was there, I would never barter them for gold. It was a very fulfilling job, thanks to Ms Jean for the matching job she had for me. If it would not have been for my dinner there, I would not have found out the job vacancy.

      Not forgetting Ms Rajes, for the ScreenSingapore experience and the wonderful people I met from there. It was such a tiring week for me but it is an experience that I will not regret taking upon. Honestly I was very, very reluctant to be a part of this until a certain point of time that my heart says go, I had to follow.

      My break would not be complete without work dedicated to the ones with special needs. I would like to thank R. W for introducing RDA to me. Riding for Disabled Association provides therapeutic horse riding lessons for the mentally and physically disabled. They are very, very special people that have a special place in my heart.

      Today onwards marks one month before embarking my journey in the Singapore Armed Forces. I hope all of you would wish me godspeed for my ‘holiday trip’ protecting the nation!

      Friday, June 17, 2011

      Wedding Galore

      Recently two close people in my life just tied the knot. My beloved aunt and beloved cousin. You had no idea how busy it was. I got to say, I was so, so tired I was quite thankful my Sunday appointments were cancelled. Here me out.

      On the 10th I was back home late because I was partying - don't judge me. Give me some credit for being the party boy for once and not asking the cab driver to give me discount on its fare. I got home to a messy room. You have no idea my definition of messy. I can't stand any form of mess. Everything has to be in order before I sleep. The Capella paper bags, my shoes (I'm that picky for a person who doesn't have many shoes), and my jeans were lying around. What's more, I had a week's worth of laundry that was yet to be done so there's no more space for dirty laundry, and no more good stuffs to wear. After all those cleaning up, it's almost dawn and I had like what, two hours sleep?

      Two hours later I was woken up to help out with the solemnization ceremony. It's so humid! Heat is one thing, humidity is totally the other. One thing about Malay wedding, which we will discuss if we have the time, it's all in the family. Malay weddings are like family business that definitely doesn't account for the annual $40 billion gross in wedding events industry. Because there's no tax imposed to account for these expenses...

      Anyway, the first place I visited that morning was the mosque. It's so ironic. So, so ironic. The night before I was at Zouk clubbing away and the next morning I'm somewhere holy and sanctified. I wouldn't say it's a totally bad thing to do but it's just ironic.

      First stop: my cousin's solemnization ceremony, 8am. It went smoothly and comfortable enough because the 21st century mosque is equipped with A/C unit and a lush carpet. They say it's good that solemnization ceremony is held at holy places like in this case the mosque because you're going through a sacred process in a sacred place. Alternatively, you can solemnize at home - which what most Malay Muslim couples do.

      I helped out carrying the dowry gifts since I live a stone's throw away from the mosque. Even so I took the car because it seems more convenient.

      After the wedding, we had breakfast at the wedding reception venue. Of course, the reception was not open yet until afternoon.

      Second stop: my aunt's solemnization ceremony, 11am. It went smoothly as well. If only it would be at the same mosque, we wouldn't have to roam around! This time it was held at the multi-purpose hall. Amazing venue to have their solemnization ceremony there as well because it's big. Especially there were quite a number of golden aged people who were wheelchair bound, it's very considerate of them to have it there. Knowing Malay families, we would invite the entire country if we could because to most Malays, celebration and joy should be shared. Especially weddings.

      What amazes me was the couple's Minangkabau style outfit that was made from songket! You people have no idea how thick and ithcy songket is without lining and how it tortures on a hot day. Which is why we always joked among ourselves to be glamorous with songket only on first day of Eid and don't even care about dressing up after that! But you see, because songket has connotation to wealth and status in the traditional Malay society long time ago which is why songket remains a prevalent choice of fabric till date and doesn't come cheap. Some people don't wear them but hang them in a frame instead.

      After both solemnization ceremony, I really thank God it did not happen simultaneously otherwise I would need my Time-Turner to be at two places at once. See, because they are my close relatives, it's impossible to miss one and not offend the other.

      It was already afternoon and weather is a little gloomy. It was raining but it's so hard to predict if it's gonna rain heavily or not. There's this belief that rain is a form of blessing.

      Drove over to Sentosa Island to continue my ScreenSingapore escapade. I'm kidding! I was there to fetch Sham and Lance because I invited them to my cousin's wedding reception. They have been such a doll that week I thought it would be great if they could come and join the occasion. I was bummed that Sham was not able to make it because she has got a lot of work to do so I brought Lance. I understand S was very busy! When we were there, he asked if he can take photographs. Only Sham and I would understand.*Wink*

      Sent him back after that and came back to my cousin's wedding reception. Mingled and catch up with my relatives whom we finally got to meet after so long. The wedded couple were looking great. Great to know my cousin was not dolled up like a tranny. Unfortunate things happen to some, I am so sorry.

      The performances were great and wholesome must I say but I don't know whose kids were they, but they really got to behave or tied up onto the coconut tree.. I wouldn't mind kids playing but it's my taboo to be playing right in front of the wedding dais while the event was on. It just irks me really. Whatever happen to respect? To your host, and culture? It's no wonder back in the old days people would say stuffs like the dais spirit would haunt you if you do not respect and play around that area because even people in the 21st century seem uncivilized. Shame on you. Would you unleash your child and let them play near the podium while someone important is giving his speech? My late grandmother once told me a story about one of her friends who disrespected the wedding dais. Now I'm looking back into some people's life who disrespected or upsets couples on their wedding day. There is so many living example who must not be named.

      After the reception, it was already night and we (my relatives, family and I) went to SIN for supper at McDonald's. It was a perfect coincidence because that night was the night Lance will be taking off for Zurich. After supper, while they were busy talking I excused myself to meet Sham and Lance for his departure.

      That day was an overstretching day for me because that night I slept early, and woke up mid-afternoon. I had my dreamless deep sleep.

      Here's a just for laughs. Uhuh, it happened real life. A young baby nephew got an iPad for his birthday.
      "Daddy, I don't want to listen to 'Insyallah' (by Maher Zain), I want to listen to shuffle." Pfft.

      Thursday, June 16, 2011

      ScreenSingapore: Filmmakers and Sales Agents

      Throughout the days in ScreenSingapore, I managed to attend some of the 'In Conversation' series and workshops organized in ScreenSingapore. These fringe events really help a lot of people in the film industry world. I personally feel that filming industry is a niche market of entertainment industry. Filming probably comprises the majority market alongside with the music industry because the music industry reaches to both consumers and film makers who needs music for their films. I don't know, let me make a disclaimer here. All these that I have are just thoughts and opinion, nothing ever factual so I don't really have any trouble of you disagreeing with me.

      In one of the talks that I went (honestly I don't remember which talk was this from because there were too many and it didn't occur in my mind to share it) here are some pointers that I managed to get. The one in bold is what was said that I heard in the talk. Things were really fast and I only have two fingers to type them down in my BlackBerry. If only I know how to write shorthand...

      "Small sales agent company has lesser films to market."
      Small sales agencies company definitely have small  number of films or rather small budget films to market because for one thing they are a small company. Naturally you would think taking your cheap film to a big sales agency would help. Just like this analogy: would you send your child to some school with low education investment(s) or low budget education when you expect your child to be a high paying lawyer or doctor? Of course not. However, the upside of getting a small sales agency may mean they have their resources targeted on those films they have. Which means their energy and efforts are concentrated on that several films they have. Back to the the 'child' analogy, because the intake would be low for that small school, they might as well concentrate their energy on their less than a handful students. Think ratio.

      Sending your low budget/new movie to a big agency may be a grave mistake for your movie. One of the reasons would be you'll be paying probably more than your film production budget for marketing, and you're competing for their input with other bigger movies. It's like sending your child to an independent school, to compete with the big guys whom your child can't even beat.

      In a nutshell, big or small, it does not equate to their potential to sell your film, but rather one has to choose an agency depending on their budget, storyline and casting. Getting a big sales agency does not mean your film is going to sell that well.

      "Nationality of agents doesn't matter."
      One must not see nationality of an agency as a hindrance when it comes to choosing a sales agency. It does not mean that the foreign company is not gonna sell your movie because of nationalism.

      The sales agency will have to see the message of the story, usually something that carries a universal message. Which is probably why Titanic and Avatar remains as one of the highest grossing film. In case you don't realize, there's always 'love' involved in most of the highest grossing film. Hint: probably the most universal message.

      One living example is the award winning Japanese film Departure. This film is purely Japanese. From is director, to its cast and yet managed to gross out USD$61,010,217 as of 2009, in Japan. That does not include sales from the other parts of the world! Better yet, It won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 81st Oscars in 2009. Their sales agency comes from the other side of the world: Britain.

      "Some films are hard to sell while some are easy."
      Naturally, films with a good cast, or a good storyline are easier to sell. A slow story like Eat, Pray, Love or The Tourist would sell with actresses like Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie but would it sell if it is acted just by your pretty neighbor next door? People would still watch if they had read Eat, Pray, Love, but I personally wouldn't watch The Tourist if it had not been for Angelina Jolie.

      Good storyline like Avatar or the Harry Potter series didn't have a popular casts (or that's what I thought at first for Harry Potter), in my honest opinion. Throw me eggs for all you want, but I don't know who the hell who these casts were until I watched the film. Besides, these movies are backed by dedicated producers, great effects, and demand. So in fact, most of them turn into stars because of the movie and not vice-versa. Seriously, would you know Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint if it had not been for Harry Potter?

      "Resources are finite."
      The trouble sales agent might face are probably time and of course money. Both are vital to market the film in my opinion. They have got to pick the right time to market, and make sure they have the money they needed by the time they launch the product.

      Since time is limited, sales agencies have got to ask themselves what is the proportion they are willing to give on each movie that they are going to sell because you can't concentrate all your resources on one film and abandon the others. There has got to be a balance where you put them.

      Sales agent usually have a mixture of films that they hold on to. Some are good, and of course some are not. Where good films are concerned, it's clear that they may sell like hotcakes which means the input may be less compared to what they will be getting out of the film. On the other hand, extra resources may need to be pumped to movies that are not so popular but probably good enough to make sure they get some money out of it too.

      What I mean by poor movies here doesn't mean they have a poor storyline. Sales agents got to make some money from the well to do films to market the poor films to the community - that has morality or universal message to bring to the world.

      This is all I have for now. As I said, this is more of an opinion, observations and not facts that probably need to be backed by some data. Read with caution, thanks!

      Monday, June 13, 2011

      Golden Experience:

      For the past one week, Capella Singapore has been my second home and I made a new adopted family stood by people from different background. People like Wai Yi, Sham and Lance has enlightened my life amidst that busy week. Wai Yi is like my godmother, Sham is like my godsister, Lance is like my godbrother. Since the cold morning of the first day at ScreenSingapore, till the last red carpet I went, they never fail to make me look forward to each day, and not wanting this to end so soon.

      Yeah right! So much for wanting not to end so quick. I've been dying throughout the week walking around trying to find worthy pictures, finding interesting stuffs, and survey the resort. That's right people, Capella Singapore is the official hotel for ScreenSingapore and that's where the media center is located: right at the heart of Sentosa Island. Being the heat intolerant I am, I spend most of the time indoors and emptying as many bottles of water as I could while snapping away.

      So here's some things about Capella Singapore you might want to know.
      1. Capella luxury resort is an extension of two old bungalows named Tanah Merah, where the lobby is.
      2. You don't have to walk around the estate by foot. This is one of the best hotels that says your foot is not meant for walking. There is a 24/7 buggy service upon request.
      3. It's almost impossible to get a mobile reception there. Don't blame on Capella Singapore, blame your service provider.
      4. They have a 24/7 free WiFi service at The Club and the estate. Don't fret about internet connection. It is so reliable.
      5. Parking is not cheap. Duh, but they have a shuttle service.
      6. Capella Singapore has extraordinary art pieces lying around the estate. Not for grabs.
      7. As luxurious as they are, they embrace wild animals by allowing peacocks to roam around. Many would have fenced them away.
      8. Bang and Olufsen, and Bose is only a basic feature of the room and facility. There's more to casa de luxury.
      9. Their muffins are to die for. Hard and crunchy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside.

      That somehow wraps up my experience in one of the most luxurious hotel in Singapore - Capella Singapore. That explains why I love hanging around there so much because on a normal day, I could imagine that place being so serene. Just don't look too far because the downside of having a sea view is that you will see an industrial island across and tonnes of ship in between. Totally unsightly.

      I was walking to the ballroom to attend the Opening Gala Party and I saw a board that has the event title on it. I thought it was high quality printing they produced and thought how much they had spend on those high quality printing. As an Events and Project Management graduate, expensive signboards and basic non-ad posters are the last thing you want to spend your money on - won't deny it is still essential for direction. I was surprised to know that Sony LCD was used because you wouldn't have any idea that that thing that you see was digital and not printed. It looked so real! Anyway, Sony is the sponsor for those LCDs that you see.

      All these while I'd brag to my friends that I take the BMW to school every single day but they had no idea until I said that's an acronym for (B)us, (M)RT and (W)alk. One of the most amazing experiences I had in ScreenSingapore was to hop on to the official automobile of ScreenSingapore, the BMW. That was my first time in BMW. It feels different. Having ridden on several luxury cars, nothing compares to BMW 7-series. There was this one time I went to the BMW World Asia in 2010 at Marina Bay Sands and I was gobsmacked by the amount of energy and research that they put into their production. Today, I felt blessed being given the opportunity to get the real BMW experience. They say, nothing works and feels better than trying on it yourself.

      Here's some fast facts about BMW that I found out from one of the drivers and some from personal research.
      1. The blue and white color you see in the logo is of the Bavarian flag. Which brings you to the second fact.
      2. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works)
      3. BMW is pronounce as bee-am-vee in Germany. Beemer is one of the many slangs that I'm still used to.
      4. The common model series they have are 1, 3, 5, 7. Series does matter when it comes to class comparison.
      5. BMW does celebrate April's Fool. Every year they come up with funny and intelligent April's Fool advert.

      I kind of look forward to own a car. I am so fickle about this. Every time I walk in luxury hotels, or even furniture stores, I've always imagine of having my own home and fantasize the things that I could do like cooking, sleep on my water bed, watch television from my very own state of the art TV, and even hosting - something that I'd really love to do. Now that I've ridden on a SGD$300,000 car, I feel like owning a car now and gosh, imagine all the places I could go with it.

      The movie premiers were held at different places namely Golden Village (Vivo City), Cathay Cineplexes (The Cathay), and Shaw Theaters (Lido). In one of the talks that I went, one of the speakers mentioned about giving a wholesome experience to viewers where quality should not be compromised. He's saying this in light of the causes of increasing piracy. He was talking about service, and technology and I thought he was right. I mean these days I's prefer digital format as compared to the normal one. I'd rather watch something that is crystal clear than any movie that has noise and frequent black dots appearing out of the blue. It's pretty distracting and for the same price, why not go for the one that is more pleasant for the eyes. Touche?

      On my last day, I went to the VIP hospitality lounge and the make up room. It didn't occur in my mind to go there despite having the access to all areas until the organizer from the make up room came over to fetch the plate of croissant and chocolate muffins for the make up artist. While helping her out, she told me that Jason Spevack will be there. I had no idea who he was because honestly, most of the time I am oblivious of the actors and actresses name and just associate them with the cast name they are known for

      Anyway, I just hanged around the make up room to see who is this Jason Spevack. Probably a haughty American actor bossing around what he wants, despite being a minor. The door bell rang and to my astonishment, I remember where I saw him before. He was one of the supporting characters in Ramona and Beezus led by Selena Gomez!

      He is personally adorable, cute, and of course, white. This Canadian actor checks his BlackBerry occasionally probably for new BBMs and let the hairstylist do their job. Even when they asked royally what kind of hairstyle he wants, he's casual about it. After his hairdo and make up, I had the time to interview him before any one else from the media. He was really nice.

      Throughout my journey through ScreenSingapore, I've met a lot of nice delegates, whom most might have thought them of as aggressive, not-so-nice, bossy and arrogant. In fact, they are one of the nicest (and yet important) people in the entertainment and filming industry that you will see and no, not only because they have name and pride to uphold. You can just feel the genuinity. They are not like 'some' local celebrities or producers who pays for entourage more than what they get.

      It was an honor to talk to one of Greg Coote's daughter. She's so pretty! Greg Coote was one of the financiers of Avatar and was awarded the A.M (Member of the Order of Australia) for his services to the film industry and the community. Of course, there were many others like Jon Landau (one of the producers of Titanic and Avatar) and local producers like Kelving Tong, and familiar faces from Men's Fashion Week like Dr. Frank Cintamani.

      If you ask me if ScreenSingapore rocks? I betcha!

      "ScreenSingapore will debut as an international cinema event offering policy makers, industry buyers, sellers, producers and creative talent from all over the world a platform to exchange ideas, business opportunities and showcase their product. Leveraging on the growing interest in Asian content, the very strong theatrical marketplace and Singapore's position as a globally connected regional gateway, ScreenSingapore will reinforce Singapore's position as the global media capital."
      (Adapted from:

      Stay tuned because ScreenSingapore will be back in June 2012.