Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Opportunity Cost

Hello, I'm back again. Thanks to those who read and keep going!

Last weekend I was in Jakarta. It's a crowded city. You'll probably not like Jakarta itself but it's vibrant with Kempinski, Hyatt, and other big malls that carry labels like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. It's hazy for the fact that there were so many cars and it's probably the main contributor to my mild sore throat now. The traffic jam was terrible enough though it wasn't a gridlock. Imagine if there was a gridlock jam, all the best staying on the road for more than half a day. Thankfully they have a quite efficient public transport system. Not the best but enough to get us by rather than wasting time and opportunity cost being on private transport. Cabs there are relatively cheap and uses meter without being asked to.

Visited the museum (God knows how much I learnt), the several hotel interiors that my uncle and his team designed. So he was the curator for several hotels for a moment telling us about the history of a particular mural, and the majestic view of the ballroom ceiling. I think it's inappropriate to show all of them here, but soon you'll see some. Check out Kempinski Hotel and the ballroom integrated to Grand Indonesia. Both has its distinct magnificence.

The hotel that I stayed in was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was glad that I had almost all (sauna, steam room, and swimming pool) the facilities to myself. The gym was impressive. Personally it's the best gym I've visited so far. Treadmills with television? I can run all day long. I'm really grateful I was not sick like I was in KL. The GRO was efficient enough to help me fetch my gloves and goggles from my room while I was working out.

Once we had our dinner at their Japanese restaurant, Origami and I was clueless on how the buffet works! I was overdoes with salmon. They were abundant!

The swimming pool is chlorine free, as good as the one in my campus though not Olympic sized. I had a hard time finishing my laps in campus but not for this! Fun sized pool for fun sized people like me. Then came my mum's friend with her relatives. They dropped by to swim and we had our supper at Dome.

One of the malls I went to during the trip was so crowded I can suffocate. The air-con is not as cold as the one in Mustafa Centre and I felt claustrophobic, which I have all the good reason for it. You can play "Spot The Emergency Exit Sign" and you'll lose, trust me.

I swear Jakarta is like a BlackBerry town because it's 'berryfested' with so many BlackBerry user. Imagine this, I was sitting on a bench and I looked around all of them are on their BlackBerry or at least holding on to it. When I looked at the people sitting next to me, the person who's next to the next and so on, they're all on their BlackBerrys! It's so many it probably beats the number of total iPhone users in Singapore. Although in Singapore, mostly uses iPhone with some using BlackBerry and Android, it's still relatively not as bad/good (I don't know) as compared to Jakarta. They're like 'berryholics'. Loves it. For once, I felt like I was a part of an inclusive society.

Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia is so different, it's just like British and American English. It will be like chicken and duck talking but both will (most of the time) end up understanding each other like chicken and duck understanding they belong to the same group in the animal kingdom.

Went out with my mum's friend and relatives on the last day for shopping. How awesome, by the time we reached back to catch our flight back home, I was so beat.

Today I went over to Illys's chalet, after a long time not meeting her, finally we get to meet! Sadly the other two were unable to go.

Anyway, food for thought here. In Jakarta, there I was, sleeping soundly under a roof, air-conditioned, away from pollution, and pressured water that flows out perfectly from the shower. Having real food like salmon and wedges for breakfast.

A few hundred meters away, lay a kid whose roof is the open sky and whose blanket made of soot. Whose breakfast, lunch and dinner rely on human compassion and sympathy. Whose dream no one knows whether it can be achieved.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Burger King and Queens

I didn't believe it at first but it was true, Burger King has indeed conquered my campus! How can I be so oblivious to the latest news of my school?

See, being at this age is not as easy as you think it is. It's not easy staying hip, cool and happening. You have to keep in touch with friends from the past and present (and get their latest update in case any teacher I bump were to ask me for information), get updated with current affairs around the world otherwise you'll just be an empty shell, get updated with the Hollywood entertainment news otherwise you'll be person without culture, get updated with the local entertainment news otherwise it will get sucked by black hole, and on top of all these, you have to remember what you've learned in school otherwise you're bound to fail and appear in failbook.com. And you have to stay fit throughout if you don't want to serve time in the hospital. I'm being totally lame but the point is, it's hard to achieve balance in life, so is if you're imbalanced.

So, the same question goes when I got a BB message, WhatsApp and everywhere else: what's up?

Finally I've found a good use for my discman. All these while I don't see the point of using it since I can play music on my notebook, BlackBerry and generic MP3 (I got this for my rugged activities so there will be no heart pain if it gets broken) I know it's stone age to own a discman but I'm so proud to have taken care of it since I was twelve and now even after seven years it's still working. I really got to thank my dad for this. He bought it for me when I was twelve because I want it so badly and I thank the one above for giving me good hands to take care of this vintage item. Hence, this puts all my bought albums to a good use too. Rather than suppressing them in the drawer now it has a reason to play. I guess it's not bad to be an album hoarder after all.

School has been great. I can't say I'm so stressed out neither can I say I'm so free. Most of you would have read my status in Facebook dated a week back.

A concept learnt from the working world. It's best, in my opinion to do all my school work in school and do minimal at home. In this way I can watch tonnes of Gossip Girl, Cougar Town, 90210, and whatnot. Better yet, sleep with a sound mind. This does not say I'm not watching my work like a hawk.

Recently (okay, not so recent) I was browsing through my campus website to see my own course of study. Not that I'm the vainpot who wishes to see myself inside but because the people who get in are getting (fill in the blanks, once you go down, you can never come up unless proven otherwise). I was surprised to see my group picture in that segment! If only it was bigger, I can show the world my big head. Haha, kidding. Look at me, I look like an ant! Speaking of 'vainpot', you guys were so wrong to label me as one.

I'm beat and I'm off to bed. Happy weekend!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

All or Nothing.

No one would ever understand. No one.

I know ever since that day, this day would come and it did. I knew it.

So much for making legacy. Whoever fault was that, you should go back into your mother's womb , come out and relearn your ABC's and 123's so you get your facts right or probably don't put false hope on people. I don't care if it's honest mistake or otherwise because grow up, we are not in a world that leaves anything to chance. Not even terrorist attack, so why should you be spared? You should be fired because what's at stake is someone else's future or at least someone else's pride. Your irresponsibility is as good as a hit-and-run case.

You'd say I'm making a big deal out of this but you probably don't care about results but I do. Or probably you're just so selfish you wouldn't stand along by my side on this principle. I'm not going to take a no-credit when I'm so related to what I did.

After spending so much time and effort into this, readjusting according to expectations, and only to know it was tweaked by some scatterbrain who was busy with something the day before over an occasion the rest don't even care, and only to get result from their empty shell who know nuts about quality and gives poor contributions, I'd rather be more grateful to those that I've silenced and feel they had done nothing but the fact they had made my life easier by letting me do my job quietly. I mean it.

I shouldn't have let anyone touch my masterpiece. No wonder museums create boundaries around their expensive art.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Page: 2011

"Let's start with a clean slate."

It's a common phrase to use on 31st December prior to new year and a few days after which, the clean slate will be smeared with different kind of paintings. Wonderful or not, only the beholder knows what to do with it.

How was my yesteryear?

Like the economy, it's never going up all the time. In the early stages of the year it was all good and I was happy go-lucky until a certain period of time suddenly it went down a little bit though I wasn't sure if it's me or the economic downturn in the second or third quarter of the year? Anyway, mood-wise it has always been that way for all of us so it's forgiven.

As for school, all of you would have known by now that I will be graduating soon. I'm not so sure when will I be graduating exactly but soon enough. Details will be revealed soon! My final year project report is due soon and I wish myself, my team and all other teams the best! I know we had put in a lot of effort and thanks to Ms R for all the help!

Relatives and friends have been asking what's my plan after getting my diploma and here goes.

As for studies, I have several options in mind but I can only assure myself and the rest of this in two years time. I know, I know, all of you are excited to know. So am I. The world is so vast and loaded with information it's so hard to tell which is the best to pick up.

My friend Khai was so funny.
'Eh, can you enter NUS?'
'Duh! When do you want me to come and crash in your lecture?'
'No, I mean can you even enter NUS like enter, enter?'
Followed by hysterical laugh.

Another one was Syaz. I don't remember how this came about but it did.
'I can't imagine you in prison... With your sanitizer, tonnes of packet tissues, moisturizer and whatnot...'

Khai just had to add in.
'Haha! Imagine he sleeps, he has to sleep on water bed mattress...'

And I love to go with the flow, albeit marinated in half-shame.
'My prison mate would love to sleep with me rather than sleeping on hard ground!'

Jokes aside, systematically, after getting our diploma most of us boys will spend time with rifle and probably nature for two years - also known as National Service. So gotta be prepared!

Career wise, probably I will not be doing the same thing I had done for the past three years. Would to love to try on something new! People have been questioning about my NAPFA and my medical check-up status. Who knew going for medical check up could garner you a degree of popularity? Anyway, I'm quite optimistic about this because from what I heard, you'll be well-taken care of. Speaking of hygiene and the allowances that roll in... ;)

Then comes the topic on my social circle and this is probably a period where the ratio of female and male friends are even out. For those who're probably jealous of me having more female friends than male, it's time for you to pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate your victorious, answered prayer.

If I let this 'What will happen when I'm ferried to Pulau Tekong' to continue, I might need to start a new book. So we'll see how it goes and take this step by step. Anyway, this doesn't come after graduation right away. There will be some time spared for me to do whatever I want!

So for the next two to three months, I will busy with school and other you-think-it's-trivial-but-important things. My final year project may have been submitted but the project doesn't end there. There's SPINNOVEX to attend as my project will be exhibited there and a couple of interviews. Wish me luck!

What lies ahead in 2011?
Since this is a new year, like everyone else, I want to start fresh too. This includes starting to know more people while doing my duty for the country, getting closer to friends and family and stay fit and I don't mean the gym rat way but that's mandatory to prevent obesity, but stay away from being sick. The list goes on and along the way you'll dig more.

Happy new year 2011!