Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jakarta, 2011

About a week ago you read about my dinner and dance, and the night cycling and the fostering of two adorable and a handful kittens and now I'm back closing up for the third month of the year.

I just came back from Jakarta last Sunday to meet my friends from Indonesia. We got close via BlackBerry Messenger but it would have not been possible without the introduction from my mum's friend. I appreciate this friendship a lot and hope this brings us closer together!

We went there together with our parents who went with a group of friends but we separated at the airport. F and D fetched us. How awesome to be greeted by your foreign friends at the airport.

We were there mainly for sight seeing and although this is not my first time being there, the same or similar places, I did not get tired of its beautiful sight because it was raining at several places that we went - not so heavy but it was enough to change the scenery to a cooler place.

I was impressed with my friend F for being able to drive long distance without complaining being tired. Though I understand he didn't talk much probably because he was tired, he was a considerate, fast and careful driver! Salute!

What I like best is the food and one thing about going around with them at least you get to try real local food where other tourists don't really go. I do like going to places of interested but once in a while it's fun to visit uncharted areas where some would not dare to go.

So for my case we had a sumptuous meatball noodle, Martabak, and Canai. Although they may have it in a different name elsewhere in the world, trust me, food there tastes much better in their homeland. Haha, and we're not comparing fast food. I'm talking about real deal cooked food.

Finally I got to satisfy my craving for strawberries! Since strawberries here are sold at the price of a MacDonald's upsized meal at the size of a six pieces nugget box, I got there at more than half price, twice the quantity. Imagine your 'tapau' rectangular container (but 20% bigger) full of freshly plucked strawberries at 15,000 rupiah for two! Now, go to any market and check out the price and multiply by 6,900 rupiah (the current rate), I felt so cheated buying fruits here. Then again, you must understand we don't have strawberry farms here!

It is almost impossible to diet there when the food is cheap and they have a variety of food that you'll be spoilt for choice. For more details, why not book a flight there this instant and have a look for yourself? Haha.

By the time I landed in Singapore, I was very, very, very tired. Dead beat was an understatement. Toot tired to do anything but I forced myself too because my own laundry has been piling like an Everest and I missed my babies.

The following day I woke up early in the morning and ran like an Olympiad because I was very late to meet R. Felt useless at RDA and I need to catch up on my bloody sleep. I really don't see myself waking up very, very early in the morning on my break.

Rotted at RDA, though I enjoyed looking at those disabled children ride horses and they looked so happy on it.

Wasted two hours trying to sleep but I didn't dare to fall to deep asleep in case I drool, or open my mouth while asleep or snore. So I was practically half-asleep all the way and the sun was burning hot.

Headed cross borders and R and I went for horse riding, the very much anticipated activity of the week after vacation. The cab driver was awesome. We talked a lot along the way, so I felt a little less sleepy. Very charming, friendly, and courteous.

I can canter for nuts. I can't gallop but probably be galloped on, so throughout I trotted Zeba (the name of the horse). The good thing taking things steady on my first time riding on a horse, I got to enjoy the scenery, see Pulau Ubin, get away from the city buzz and fear the appearance of my pet peeve among the bushes which is a lot scarier than being afraid of falling from the horse.

We had dinner at Season's and headed back home to fetch the two bloody kittens. S pooed in the cage on the way home and I had to go through the trouble of washing up the two of them by hand - you can't simply put them in the washing machine and tumble dry them, sadly. And this happened before I even able to catch my breath and check my mails. Pfft. Well, this is part and parcel of having kids. I do really think taking care of a baby cat is as good as taking care of a human baby. It's tiring, yet fulfilling. I won't say it would be rewarding because what can you do with cat's stool?

So I heard while fetching them they had diarrhea but turns out they were both just fine (today). They had it probably because they were sent away into a new environment (again) so both of them were stressed out adapting. Now that they are back home with their papa, they are damn, damn mischievous and cute. Both had start climbing my office chair, which really get onto my nerves because either one would come up to sleep on my lap while I'm blogging this instant!

April is coming soon, have you thought of any April's Fool joke? Honestly I don't see the fun fooling people on April's Fool Day. Whatever you're planning on, just be careful. Play safe. Haha!

Newsflash: My annoyingly sick in the head neighbor who deserves to be admitted into IMH (Institute of Mental Health) and be handcuffed on bed finally moved out. The devil who came over to ask for rice (laugh all you want but he did), to torment, insult, and almost assault my family has no balls now to face reality that he and his family deserve to be ran over by an accelerated aircraft. Poor lonely house husband, non of his family members allied with him when he came over. It was one against 5 (then). Oh, that's right, the rest were all pussies. Reality check, you will always fall into the losers pit. Unseen, untouched, unwanted, and nobody cares if your house burn down to zero because you're simply and outcast.

If it had not been because of you, my late grandmother would probably have seen me graduated and see me drive.

Have fun refinancing the new roof above your head. Your funeral will be my Chingay.

To the new neighbor who will be living there (which I don't know when), conflict(s) can be settled with hostility... With you end up moving out at the end of the day. Welcome to your new neighborhood.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March to The Finale

How all of you have been doing? I hope all of you are doing good because April is marching in. Now that we're done with 25% of 2011, let's have a look what have we left behind so far.

In January, I had a great countdown, it was wrapped up by a trip to Jakarta where I did a lot of interior/architectural sight seeing which made me appreciate art even more. I made several new friends whom my mum's friend introduced to me. They're very nice people with very big hearts. Grateful to have such friends.

Moving on to February, we had Valentine's Day where the gifts market gross profit increased for that particular period - especially when my birthday falls right a few days after. Double happiness. No triple. Because adding on to double was the escape from being blindfolded - like I always do best to terrify my 'minions'. The celebration wasn't long thanks to tests and upcoming examinations.

Hint, if you really want the gifts industry to boom, make me popular. Trust me. ;)

Marching in itself was March which is quite 'the month' for me this year, somehow it happens to be. Sat for dreadful examinations and burst with excitement right after the last paper. At that time I really felt like hugging any person I see but all 6 billion of you were spared because by the time I saw anyone, the excitement subsided a little bit.

One week after that was SABE Dinner and Dance which totally rocked probably because I've never had prom night or any posh occasion after exams. In primary school I know nuts about prom just like everybody else. Which is why we don't really have prom during my time because there was simply no demand. Secondary school on the other hand was a little stuck up when it comes to loss leaders events - which actually would have been beneficial for a stronger alumni. Then comes to tertiary life - which is called dinner and dance, not exactly prom but we took it in a different way. Who cares when I say 'It IS considered prom night!'

Eleven days after that was results announcement. The e-mail hit my BlackBerry on the dot - it's like wishing someone happy birthday at Cinderella's cufrew. Scroll... Scroll... Scroll... I'm so happy with my results. Ms R's prophecy was right.

The weekend before result announcement I participated in the NUSMS Night Cycling 2011, it was named brake-free and I felt cheated because I lost count on how many brakes and breaks we made. Okay, probably because of all the long distance cycling just to prepare for this expedition. Nevertheless, I really had fun because I made new friends who're are very, very nice and fun to be with. They had station games and it's all about religious stuff. I joked with my friend who didn't participate saying 'I think I've reserved a place in hell... I know nuts about anything.' Which is not true I must highlight.

Recently I watched a movie, Battle Los Angelese with my siblings. Not so bad because the last sci-fi movie I watched bore me to tears. Battle was like the movie of the month for me. The last kill-me-already movie had a lousy storyline, no fight, no plot, and poor casting. Usually they would get a good-name actor that would have done the magic to poor story lines but no. Battle Los Angeles on the other hand, had an applaudable storyline with not-so-bad casts.

Most of you would have known through Facebook and Twitter for quite some time ago, I am fostering a pair of kittens for six weeks. This is huge. I know. No spark, no fire, boom! A basket with a pair of kittens. Surprised? Hopefully you are. What's more cats are one of my dad's pet peeves.

From what heard, these abandoned kittens will be put to terminal sedation if no one fosters them because they are too young and can be a handful for SPCA - knowing the lack of volunteers because of busy people and donors who lack the knowledge/compassion. I will be fostering them until they're old enough. They are in fact a handful but I'm glad they come in pairs otherwise poor kitten will be 'lonely boy'

So here are the several weird occasions...
  1. I accidentally regarded them as humans. Accidentally used 'dua orang' (two person) instead of 'dua ekor' (two kittens).
  2. On the first night, I put them in their comfortable basket but they went out and jump over to my mattress to find the perfect spot. Now I have to go back to sleeping upstairs.
  3. One of them is so greedy while eating that his sister was out of the picture. Poor molly.
  4. They dirtied my bedroom floor once and I was so pissed. Now they have no reason not to visit their tray.
  5. The sire is such a diva, the molly is such a butch. Now I'm really not sure if they are really male or female because I'm not good with kitten's gender.
Oh, maybe I should put them under the light and spread their legs. That should shed some light to my doubts eh?

Keep in touch, toodles!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

SABE Dinner and Dance 2011

The dinner and dance that was hosted by SP SABE was awesome. Though small in scale (no one would have denied that), it was fun, fulfilling and most importantly, fruitful for my class - it's like a need event for us to be bonded.

Truthfully, for three years I have seen my classmates and myself went through our rough patches among ourselves due to personality clashes, communication breakdown and misunderstanding, and then we take the sides of our cliques and thinking rationally is almost out of mind. It didn't give us much time to be as bonded, and as brotherhood as other classes have been but at least we don't resort into breaking apart and request for a change of class for a 'better life' and that makes us stronger, even better for facing through all odds.

We went on, telling ourselves, things would have been better, or it would be over real soon. After all, three years, it's a short time isn't it? It feels real short when you realize that you have finally get along just as well - just when the final year was about to end.

This has proven one of our lecturers remark was wrong. One of them told me personally our class is not as bonded as others - not the type who would die 'one for all, all for one'.

I have many to be thankful to in my tertiary education life. Lecturers who fried us like nobody's business topping the rank in the gossip list almost each day, followed by each and every one of you who has made me who I am today. Without the above mentioned, I won't be where I am now sharing this joy.

In this event I finally met those few who I've not seen for more than two years in campus! People like Iffa and the likes, I will always remember all of you for giving me a good time, bringing smile to me when I'm around you guys.

Hopefully all of you were surprised by my performance. Firework doesn't happen on its own and has its purpose. That song was dedicated to all of you. The lyrics are more important than my showmanship. It was sung right from the bottom of the heart. Just got to ignite the light and let it shine!

With this, I wish us the best in our upcoming exam results, whatever result that we get, there's a reason for it, you just got to look at the glass half full. We'll get through this, see all of you again on graduation day!

Other highlights to those who missed:
  • I was there before everyone else for sound check - I sounded off-tune. I almost backed out, Alvena S. was cool enough to give me some confidence boost.
  • The cab that I took was simply too early and he complained I was late, this was an add-on to his lousy service. Newsflash: I've start tipping for great services and you missed your opportunity.
  • Our class met at the lobby and we were surprised with each others outfit - beautiful dresses and jackets.
  • While on my way up to the ballroom, I saw Ms J. W. I was so delightedly surprised.
  • The food was great - from traditional fried rice to barbecued fish. They served salmon and hopefully none gets lead poisoning. Just kidding.
  • The lucky draw was fantastic - iPad as first prize. Newsflash, most of the prizes were grabbed by people from my class. 
  • Can you imagine Qiu Yan playing XBOX Kinect while Kiji toasting bread (totally luck that befalls onto the wrong person), and Lingfeng snapping Huiting who'll be Swensen's overdosed using here new won camera and Huihui who'd probably turn into round Ferrero Roche if she doesn't share those chocolates with her boyfriend? Haha!
  • The night ended with the class heading to Chijmes to wrap up the night.
  • Everybody (mostly from my course) were busy taking photos because everyone is simply too well dressed to be missed out from photo op.
  • I performed. Watch the video in YouTube, Facebook or here. It has been embedded below.

Have a great weekend everybody!