Monday, April 18, 2011

Retrospective: Zulfadli (Part 1)

I had a busy and quite fruitful day today. Finally I got to sit in front of this notebook and pen down something. Something that I have found for quite some time but holding it back till the right time comes. Retrospective of me, and the few of you.

Looking back at those images, I was grateful that camera was invented. At least then we know who we were before becoming what we are today. From fashion sense, to attitude, to the way your hair is done, this is gonna leave you with some bittersweet memories.

Friendster and blogging was the in thing then in early 2000's. I started mine in late 2005. That was considered slow. I remember hanging out under the main staircase in secondary school and my cliques were talking about blog and I was asking 'What blog? Which block are you staying at?' and I got answers like 'No, not block, block, but blog. It's like an online diary.' Diary writing was not my thing, what's more writing it publicly and let 7 billion potential viewers read what are you up to. So I signed up for Friendster and Blogger out of curiosity - it's almost like a package deal. I started bloghopping, adding friends. It was addictive! People lose sleep for that. Reading about other people, then started to gossip, and use it as a weapon against each other in fights, and so on. I guess this is the answer to why blogging has been spiraling down - not that people or other teens don't have the time. Amazing how much people spend time on Facebook now!

Friendster on the other hand was used for I-Don't-Know what reason but it is as good as cyber drug. You plead for friends to write you a nice testimonial, view your profile, add photos, post bulletins and be a fan of anything. At the time, I question myself why would I have Friendster when I already have friends? Facebook is just like Friendster somehow. The best part in Friendster was the number of people who viewed your profile - and you knew who they are.

So during this time I thought I was cool. Until I see myself in all the things I wear and how I was at that time, today.

The silly and awkward pose. Speechless. (2003/4)

The baggy pants and the very convenient shoe (that shoe lasted me for 5 years!) - despite being unfashionable now. I participated in a charity walk because of Photography Club - for the love of God, just do it! You'll know why I ended up in Photography Club.

The hairdo that calls for another Red Sea episode. Can you see the hidden Mickey now? I had no idea how it would turn out but there's a good story behind this. I am always annoyed with my hair because it's curly and being the Asian I am, it's not easy to maintain my hair. Naturally, with wide forehead like beloved Lee Kuan Yew, my head will look as good as the sun if it's all pushed back so I was trying to create the 'horizontal' image so that my big forehead doesn't look like Jupiter. So that explains. And with hairspray, once your hair is set, there's no turning back - especially if you're late for Eid outings. (2004/5)

The most ancient of all (2003/4) - baggy shirts, oversized jeans and the shoes. Because of global warming, it seems impractical to wear layered anymore. I don't remember what was I doing at my primary school when I have already graduated from that school? I miss being all the teachers pet. Yes people, I was the teachers pet and I love it. At that time getting good grades were not my priority and I was not that Type A control freak. Yeah, I was bullied well in primary school but that does not mean I did not bully anyone too.

I was in fact amazed with myself when I terrorized my school mate for calling me names. And how we splash syrup drinks to annoying people, and how we trash people who trashed us. We were that young and yes, immature. Even after a few years of graduation from primary school, we had remnants of us there.

I was in the Photography Club when I was in secondary school and this was at NJC. If I remember correctly, we were there to see the photography exhibition they were having or the SYPA I think. Whatever. Anyway, when I was in Secondary 1 (2004), I was in concert band for like eight months. I played the french horn - one of the toughest instrument and up till today I wonder why the hell was I appointed with that thing. I know they said because of my lips but really, I know nuts about treble clef, do-re-mi, and whatsoever. I can't even read the peanut thingy on different lines. I even had to pretend I was playing when the band was playing. I was like '!@#$%^&;*(&;^%$'

After which I changed CCA to Entrepreneur Club (2004). Though that time I didn't know who Neleh Nat really was until she came into my class. Funniest, but most annoying, but really, she's a nice woman. Very, very patient and forgiving. But then the club had to close down because there were too little members, so I ended up in Photography Club (2005), thanks to my Maths teacher then, Ms Chiam. I had a great time in Photography Club. At least this made me somehow popular don't you think?

(2006) Neoprint was another in-thing remember? I had no idea why would I put myself in a box with white light and cameras.  As though personal cameras doesn't exist! But thanks to Neoprint, because of you, we have a retarded memory to recall!

Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) is like the Grammy Awards for the Malay music industry and I was head over heels when my face came out candidly with Siti Nurhaliza. Can you find me below? Her soft hands and all... Fuh. If you must know, I have a hidden talent at events. I'm just kidding.

Not forgetting the images taken at the times that were not needed. Like at the train station? Newsworthy! By the way, I remember this, we were on our way to Ngee Ann Polytechnic Open House 2006. I hate to say this, but it's a world wonder how a midget wannabe get to grow like a long bean - this is for you H. Life is so unfair for me at the moment.

Then in 2007 - I remember vividly one of the best parties H, I and R created. Have you ever wondered, how did it started? And how it ended?

Here's the answer. After reunion party each year, my blog views statistic will be at its peak because those who missed it would want to know what's going on, and those who came wanted to know what I have to say and most of the time, hurtful. Of course, this resulted in me losing friends along the way but then this only made me realize who are the true ones who will stick through and be patient with you.

The first party was attended by five people. In late 2002, the first party was held at H's house. Attended by two of our former friends, one of my best friends S, and my two younger brothers. It started of as a 'singing competition' and we sang the same song, and the winner won crap - a beer mug. The host was the winner but I won something too! A photo frame that I had kept up till today. It was the most ridiculous one but it was all for fun.

So, prior to the event, we planned a trio that did not happen because there was a change of plan. So, watching this is like watching late Michael Jackson's rehearsal movie. There is a story behind this too, not because somebody died listening to this!

On the actual day, the competitors sang the same song, and gosh, only we can picture them. Better yet, it was won by the host, cum the mastermind. It grew and went on till 2007, which was at its peak. All those times were fun and had been an emotional roller coaster but that definitely brought our friends closer together. Some of my friends who attended the party don't even know each other during the party and turn out to be classmates, colleagues, ex's friends and whatever you can think of and realize 'Oh God, you're the guy/girl from the party!' This is one of the many reasons why I pursuit my Diploma in Integrated Events and Project Management. Should we talk about this any longer, I'd be the fireman who puts down fire with tears. The last party ended with a fight between H and I but we made up. Even so, we did not continue because we were not as rich as last time, haha!

Here's another video, that was never published before anywhere. So this is its premier!


'Slumberians' came along in 2005. We were close. Illys is my second cousin and in the family tree she's considered the elder one though we're of the same age. W on the other hand was Illys sidekick, and we got together and did all the despicable things that anyone would not have done. What we did changed the school rules, I swear. Despite all the rule breaking things that we did, we are the few bright students who always awe our teachers. We were the first to use Windows Movie Maker for our project, presented to the school assembly on our trip to Brunei and used Hey Mickey! as our background music, and many more. Those were the good times ladies.

This is it for part one because any more would bore you to tears. Have a great week ahead!