Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, 2011

While most of you are busy reading the headlines about the upcoming GE, and while the Britons and the rest of the world are all hyped up over Prince William's wedding, Malaysia is bracing for the arrival of Prince Yours Truly. You can give me a virtual slap right this instant.

This trip is my first time being away without a chaperon, and finally had a great time with S since he's always busy with work, work, work. Such a workaholic.

I would say this trip is very laid back, and relaxing because we were there on weekdays and came back on weekend - which resulted us in being caught up in the traffic jam before hitting the highway. Since the bus played Freaky Friday, Mr. Bean and one of my favorite cartoons Tom and Jerry, I didn't mind.

We met early in the morning, and trained to our coach. Although flight would sound nice because you'll reach there earlier by about two hours, it is the most ridiculous thing to think of when it comes to backpacking. Such an adventurous trip!

Four hours in the bus reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips, listening to songs, watching movies and whatnot is so not easy, I swear. Most of the time I'd end up sleeping which is quite a good thing because I didn't sleep well the night before departure.

We reached safely. The weather was good. We checked in to our hotel. Piccolo Hotel, which sounded so wrong, but the room was alright. I would expect a ramp for my luggage when checking in. That explains why I'd say this is a backpacking trip. Heh!

Settled down and went for lunch at T.G.I.F on a Wednesday afternoon. Since it was the weekdays, all the malls were open for business - DUH! But the mall seems to be deserted, again - DUH! Wandered around The Pavilion and bought a pair of midnight movie: Source Code.

Source Code was good. It's like Vantage Point but I dare say better. Source Code was as good as my dress code. Pajamas, and hotel slippers are sure to give you comfort in the theater. It was so convenient that I throw myself on the bed right away when we came back.

The following day we intended to have breakfast at A&W but alas it was not opened until 11am then! We end up eating Macs. Pfft. So much for variety! Breakfast was sumptuous because we had Big Breakfast, Sausage McMuffin, and pancakes. They call it a family meal for about four person, but seems like two person can eat it all without leftovers. No wonder most Malaysians are so petite!

Berjaya Times Square, the home to Asia's largest indoor theme park. They have a mall which is like I-Don't-Know how many floors but I got tired on the third floor already. We didn't even complete our rounds. I had Baskin-Robbins and my God it is so delicious! BTS should really have a variety of tenant mix and a serious rearrangement of the shops. I miss riding the roller coaster at the indoor theme park! That is where my first roller coaster ride was!

We went back to get ready for the nights agenda. Dinner at Tony Roma's, followed by Thor at midnight. Since we had a lot of time in between, we sat at Starbucks for a drink and chit-chat. TMI, but nature called right before the movie started. So annoying.

Thor was a good wholesome fun. It was raining after the movie so going back from The Pavilion seems a little impossible by walking. Since our hotel is like 200m away but the rain was quite heavy, we had to wait somewhere in the middle. It takes a thick face to ask for an umbrella lift. So while waiting for the right umbrella and the right person to come, and since no one was walking in the rain, I did! Then I had to treat myself to a hot shower because I wouldn't want to get sick.

On our final day we had our free and easy - right, since when was it not free and easy? We fulfilled any last minute cravings of any food that's not available in Singapore.

Thanks to my parents for making this happen for me, and S for the bloody good times! See you around!