Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ScreenSingapore + Cosplay = Party!

I thought I wouldn't have to write to you until the last day of ScreenSingapore. It seems like the second day was as surprising as the first. I did not regret pulling myself out of my possesive bed, go down and get a warm shower and relax those tense muscles I got from walking, standing and typing too much.

I reached the media centre on time, early enough to get breakfast and some others are busy cutting up snippets that has ScreenSingapore mentioned. Newspaper publishers would be richer for at least the next one week getting the extra cents from people who has interest in ScreenSingapore I bet?

Since morning to mid-afternoon I concentrated all my energy on blogging about this, uploading photographs which is not yet published until reviewed because I wouldn't want any controversies to happen! Speaking of which, I apologise for the mistake I made in ScreenSingapore Facebook page. I totally overlooked the elaborated programme sheet that was entrusted to me. There must be other mistake that I might make each day! How could this be!?

At about 3pm, Aya Omasa was at Capella Singapore for her latest movie press conference. She talked about one of her latest movies Paradise Kiss that was adapted from a comic book written by Ai Yazawa. Apart from elaborating her role in this drama romance movie which was produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, she also talked about her fashion and her casting members. She is such a doll that I wish to keep. Paradise Kiss premiered last night on the 6th of June at The Cathay.

After the conference, I took a self-proclaimed tour around Capella Singapore. I might as well do that rather than rot in the media centre waiting for things to happen. I thought it would be great to give myself a break by walking around. It was not as beautiful as it sounds. I was perspiring in the midst of humidity. It was killing me.

In the evening, I put on a fresh shirt to get ready for the red carpet gala premier and hop onto the official car of ScreenSingapore: Siebener Beemer (BMW). BMW has been a wonderful official car that has made ScreenSingapore a smooth sailing one. Never think that transporting VIPs and celebrities on time is an easy job. Throughout the ride, I learnt several new things about the chauffeur which I had no idea before!

S and I was early so we decided to go to the toilet and freshen up. While walking along this hallway I thought I saw this abandoned dolled up mannequin and I was a little terrified that I said out loud "'Oh my God, that is so freaky!"' to Sham. I looked closer and it blinked. We continued walking, doing my best to hold my laugh. I had no idea actually that was the real deal cosplay. Amazingly he did not respond to what I said. He was there even when we walked out from the washroom. Better yet, he was one of the cosplayers who walked down the red carpet. I was aghast. Totally. What I really think highly of them is how they endured the heat without perspiring much (or it seems like it at least).

May'n arrived and her fans were all in high spirits. They even waved orange stick lights into the air when she performed. Look at how loyal they are. Although they did not make the majority of the crowd, their fanatic energy spreads throughout the vicinity.

At about 9pm, we left the area and headed for our own little party. L, S and I went to Lau Pa Sat. We were famished. I felt malnutritioned. They ordered satay, and since L said he would be up for something spicy, I recommended one of my Thai favourites, Tom Yam. We ended up with Nasi Goreng Kampung (Kampong Fried Rice) instead which was as spicy. See L, I keep my word and I'm glad you love that spicy food.

We wrapped up the night by heading to Long Bar since L wanted to try Singapore Sling. I saw many reaction when they sip that Singapore Sling. You would want to give that a try. I had a blast of a great time with S and L. It is so wonderful that I met the two of you. ;)

I'm off to the next media conference now.

There's a french movie premiering tonight. See you there! More official details can be found in http://www.screensingapore.com.sg. Ta!