Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding Galore

Recently two close people in my life just tied the knot. My beloved aunt and beloved cousin. You had no idea how busy it was. I got to say, I was so, so tired I was quite thankful my Sunday appointments were cancelled. Here me out.

On the 10th I was back home late because I was partying - don't judge me. Give me some credit for being the party boy for once and not asking the cab driver to give me discount on its fare. I got home to a messy room. You have no idea my definition of messy. I can't stand any form of mess. Everything has to be in order before I sleep. The Capella paper bags, my shoes (I'm that picky for a person who doesn't have many shoes), and my jeans were lying around. What's more, I had a week's worth of laundry that was yet to be done so there's no more space for dirty laundry, and no more good stuffs to wear. After all those cleaning up, it's almost dawn and I had like what, two hours sleep?

Two hours later I was woken up to help out with the solemnization ceremony. It's so humid! Heat is one thing, humidity is totally the other. One thing about Malay wedding, which we will discuss if we have the time, it's all in the family. Malay weddings are like family business that definitely doesn't account for the annual $40 billion gross in wedding events industry. Because there's no tax imposed to account for these expenses...

Anyway, the first place I visited that morning was the mosque. It's so ironic. So, so ironic. The night before I was at Zouk clubbing away and the next morning I'm somewhere holy and sanctified. I wouldn't say it's a totally bad thing to do but it's just ironic.

First stop: my cousin's solemnization ceremony, 8am. It went smoothly and comfortable enough because the 21st century mosque is equipped with A/C unit and a lush carpet. They say it's good that solemnization ceremony is held at holy places like in this case the mosque because you're going through a sacred process in a sacred place. Alternatively, you can solemnize at home - which what most Malay Muslim couples do.

I helped out carrying the dowry gifts since I live a stone's throw away from the mosque. Even so I took the car because it seems more convenient.

After the wedding, we had breakfast at the wedding reception venue. Of course, the reception was not open yet until afternoon.

Second stop: my aunt's solemnization ceremony, 11am. It went smoothly as well. If only it would be at the same mosque, we wouldn't have to roam around! This time it was held at the multi-purpose hall. Amazing venue to have their solemnization ceremony there as well because it's big. Especially there were quite a number of golden aged people who were wheelchair bound, it's very considerate of them to have it there. Knowing Malay families, we would invite the entire country if we could because to most Malays, celebration and joy should be shared. Especially weddings.

What amazes me was the couple's Minangkabau style outfit that was made from songket! You people have no idea how thick and ithcy songket is without lining and how it tortures on a hot day. Which is why we always joked among ourselves to be glamorous with songket only on first day of Eid and don't even care about dressing up after that! But you see, because songket has connotation to wealth and status in the traditional Malay society long time ago which is why songket remains a prevalent choice of fabric till date and doesn't come cheap. Some people don't wear them but hang them in a frame instead.

After both solemnization ceremony, I really thank God it did not happen simultaneously otherwise I would need my Time-Turner to be at two places at once. See, because they are my close relatives, it's impossible to miss one and not offend the other.

It was already afternoon and weather is a little gloomy. It was raining but it's so hard to predict if it's gonna rain heavily or not. There's this belief that rain is a form of blessing.

Drove over to Sentosa Island to continue my ScreenSingapore escapade. I'm kidding! I was there to fetch Sham and Lance because I invited them to my cousin's wedding reception. They have been such a doll that week I thought it would be great if they could come and join the occasion. I was bummed that Sham was not able to make it because she has got a lot of work to do so I brought Lance. I understand S was very busy! When we were there, he asked if he can take photographs. Only Sham and I would understand.*Wink*

Sent him back after that and came back to my cousin's wedding reception. Mingled and catch up with my relatives whom we finally got to meet after so long. The wedded couple were looking great. Great to know my cousin was not dolled up like a tranny. Unfortunate things happen to some, I am so sorry.

The performances were great and wholesome must I say but I don't know whose kids were they, but they really got to behave or tied up onto the coconut tree.. I wouldn't mind kids playing but it's my taboo to be playing right in front of the wedding dais while the event was on. It just irks me really. Whatever happen to respect? To your host, and culture? It's no wonder back in the old days people would say stuffs like the dais spirit would haunt you if you do not respect and play around that area because even people in the 21st century seem uncivilized. Shame on you. Would you unleash your child and let them play near the podium while someone important is giving his speech? My late grandmother once told me a story about one of her friends who disrespected the wedding dais. Now I'm looking back into some people's life who disrespected or upsets couples on their wedding day. There is so many living example who must not be named.

After the reception, it was already night and we (my relatives, family and I) went to SIN for supper at McDonald's. It was a perfect coincidence because that night was the night Lance will be taking off for Zurich. After supper, while they were busy talking I excused myself to meet Sham and Lance for his departure.

That day was an overstretching day for me because that night I slept early, and woke up mid-afternoon. I had my dreamless deep sleep.

Here's a just for laughs. Uhuh, it happened real life. A young baby nephew got an iPad for his birthday.
"Daddy, I don't want to listen to 'Insyallah' (by Maher Zain), I want to listen to shuffle." Pfft.