Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dominique Sirop - Women's Fashion Week 2011, Singapore

This weekend is a special one because apart from the exhausting sports day and the school cheer which felt like Halloween, I got to enjoy the sight of beautiful ladies in Dominique Sirop's designs at Women's Fashion Week (WFW) 2011, Singapore. It is Singapore's first large scale event solely dedicated to the artistry of haute couture and obviously this will be the first time an haute couture week is brought out of Paris. Before this, Singapore was not an air-conditioned city, that explains why we don't see people wearing this by the shopping belt. I will be surprised if I see one wearing them in this unmerciful weather.

I think by this line only half of you knows the hell I'm talking about. Haute couture is a dress made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable seamstresses. If you really need to understand, just remember, jeans and tank top doesn't make a haute couture. So what's happening here is that they are bringing this in to increase Singaporean's fashion quotient because all these while we are the people of tank tops and slippers and that doesn't make do on special occasions. Otherwise how can we be top ten in the most fashionable country list, right?

Anyway, it was really great to be there because I don't only get to see dolled up models cat walking down the runway but several of my favorite art pieces were there. Mont Blanc, the official timepiece and Rolls-Royce the official automobile exhibited several of their new designs. It was a exhilarating to see shiny Rolls-Royce, sit on it to feel and smell the pure leather and let your shoes sink in the velvety car mat. You just feel like giving up everything and own just it to live in it.

I thought it was very creative to see DHL's masterpiece in creating a haute couture on the mannequins using their own labelled materials. I'd never thought of that if you were to give me a pile of DHL junks. I'd just dump it aside. Looking at them reminds me one of Carlsberg's video advertisements. Creative and attractive.

Women's Fashion Week seems to be all about style and poise. As you enter, you will be greeted and ushered in, and you will never get thirsty for there's free flow of wine, champagne and for the health conscious, orange juice for you. There were even people around to inform you when the show was about to start - no way you could be late for the show. It's all about elegance. But boys will be boys if you compare this to Men's Fashion Week, you know how hysterically fun and noisy Men's Fashion Week was.

One thing I like about the runway is the propping to make it look like spring. It gives this cozy ambiance where you don't feel too stuffy from the lighting because everything was dim before the show and it did not give the corporate video introduction like what happened in Men's Fashion Week. Instead, there was a host to introduce us to the show

I am grateful to be a part of this and I thank everybody for the wonderful opportunity to attend Women's Fashion Week 2011. You know who you are. Have a great week ahead as I'm going to prepare to pump some iron in days to come.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Singapore JewelFest 2011 - ECSTASY

'Work hard, play harder.' That was the motto I lived by last Friday night. After a week of tough training in camp, it is good to be back into the outside world and enjoy the latest event in Singapore JewelFest 2011, ECSTASY.

This is no different than SEDUCTION party that I went last week with the models running up and down the runway and free-flow of drinks . This is just to make those who got the invitation but did not attend without valid excuse feel better because no way on earth these two events are the same!

The models, donned in Karen Miller and dolled with Shu Uemura, dazzled guests with the flamboyant blings by scintillating world class jewelers. It just got more addictive...

ECSTASY was made more addictive and scenic more than ever with the appearance of well-known Burlesque hearth-throbbing star, Dita Von Teese. I know, JewelFest 2011 is such a 'Tee-ser' (read: teaser). Of course, she was not there to striptease us in her lacy corset but she was beautifully donned in velvety purple dress that you can't take your eyes off. Her flawless skin definitely a jealousy of the girls around me and everyone was head over heels to have a photo with her. I didn't get a photo with her either! That's just sad!

Propping the event was not only Hollywood Burlesque dancer Von Teese but Singapore born designer who rose to international fame in early 2000's, Ashley Isham. Hosted by Bobby Tonelli, this event could not have been more surprising!

The attendees seems to be on cloud nine snapping photos of Ashley with Von Teese as their free takeaways. Naturally now more people will know what Singapore JewelFest is all about.

This is specially for rich, loaded-with-work business associates and executives, if you happen to be lost on where to go after the event next time, or happen to be hungry for real good food (since finger food is never bigger than our stomach), or need an accommodation right after you touch down, remember the official concierge for Singapore JewelFest 2011, Quintessentially - a concierge service created entirely to make life that much easier, that much richer and that much more fun.

They have many non-compromising quality choices of accommodation, food, events and even nightlife venues not only in Singapore but worldwide spanning from Europe, to Asia Pacific. Guess what, they even have their own Quintessentially Currency Card (MasterCard). All the more reason to say this service targets people like... Not me obviously. Haha!

I am grateful for the goody bag, not only because there's a 50ml Cointreau bottle (which I gave away to Nat) and complimentary cocktail shaker, but because there's a Shu Uemura sample in it. I love testing out products and I would say Shu Uemura lives up to its promise.

That's all I have to share this weekend. See you around, have a great break!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Singapore JewelFest 2011 - SEDUCTION

A few weeks ago, Elf and I had plan to go out just the two of us hangout and have a good laugh over dinner or just sit somewhere crappy just to catch up. Several days after that, I got an invitation to Singapore JewelFest (SJF) 2011 opening party at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza which happened last night. Finally we had a proper place to hangout.

It was a great start of the weekend because I got to see Nat and Lynno (finally we met!) and introduce myself to the world of jewelries.

Being a part of YourSingapore campaign, Singapore JewelFest 2011 kicked off last Friday with SEDUCTION party. It was magnificent. You'll dazzled by sparkling jewelries. There was an array of booths owned by local and international brands like the ones from Israel, Italy, and the States.

When I got in, I was quite lost on where to start because this was my first ever jewelry event that I have attended. This is no similar to fashion week or film festivals that I have went before. All booths are like the ones you see in NATAS fare or IT show except with items worth millions of dollars on display. At first I felt really awkward to be in the midst of everyone. There were celebrities, socialites, and known well-to-do people who could afford a piece of those but after some time, I got comfortable - after thinking that most of them are probably too drunk from the free flow drinks from the Cointreau bar, which is the official liqueur of SJF. Any thought works just to make myself feel better!

After some time basking in the delightful ambiance, the show started with a bubble show. You might think it's lame to have kids 'fetish' in a tent full of adults but lo and behold! It is not about blowing just bubbles, it's the art of blowing it really. Even I was impressed by how that water contained bubble exploded into mist. Do not drag science into this, I still want to believe it's magic!

The show did not stop there. After several sips of Perrier with dipped lemon, my attention was drawn to tall leggy models in silky dress, adroned with Louboutins and precious stones that was set to blind you with its resplendent glittery glory. I like seeing how the models show off their jewelries without coming off too strong.

I chanced upon a piece that really got my attention - it was Marco Bicego from Italy presented by TianPo Jewellery. I took the opportunity to ask about diamonds and of course the piece itself. It is an 18K yellow gold bracelet with multi-coloured gems.

In my honest opinion, it doesn't look good in pictures but in real life, the multi-coloured gem really brings your dull life to technicolor. At the price of SGD$162,160, that piece could be yours. If you think that's expensive, the dearest that I saw is about SGD$1,200,000.

There I learnt a lot of things about diamond which proves to be useful when you're shopping with your girlfriend. You could skip this if you know. Before Singapore JewelFest, I know nuts about diamond quality. All I know is that they're shiny hardest object in the world.

Irene Sim from TianPo took the liberty to introduce me to the world of girl's best friend. All thanks to Jocelyn Yip who allowed me to do a one-to-one question and answer and all my doubts about diamonds were answered. Do you know that when it comes to choosing a good piece of bling, there are four C's you have to look out for? Its colour, its carat weight, its clarity, and finally its cut. Above all, the cut that makes out its facet is the one that really determines the cost of a diamond and how glistening it would be. Naturally, it should be the main consideration when choosing a diamond.

That explains why no two twinkling diamonds are the same.

If you are a one of UOB's private banking clients, you're entitled to a special treatment in the VIP room. It is an elegant room decorated with lush carpet and cozy wallpaper and stylish upholstery by Goodrich Global. If you have one of UOB's credit card, you're entitled to privileges like discounts - they're the official credit card for SFJ 2011.

Elf and Nat suddenly got particularly interested in the food. They were 'famished' and first in line to be attacked are the servers serving banana crumble. The prawn was really nice but personally I don't think that's a sexy food to eat at a sexy event. Heh!

I just thought it could have been better if they had a small exhibition with information on transformation of jewellery like how Louis Vuitton does for their leather products. It could get appreciation on this captivating creation for some of us. Since the event is public, it always helps to educate.

For more details on Singapore JewelFest 2011, visit

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Passing Out Parade

At the end of the day, we tell ourselves how fast time flew by. Without us knowing, we had ended an episode in our army life.

I got enlisted on the 1st August 2011. It was a remarkable date because at the same time, we started our first day of fasting in Ramadan. The challenges were abysmal and thankfully I was mentally prepared.

Days past by and there are a lot of memories to be told and today we stood by the skyline to celebrate another milestone in our life - Passing Out Parade as a trained soldier.

The trainings while we were in BMT (Basic Military Training) were tough - mainly due to extreme weather. It could be very, very hot. Other than that you spend most of the time smeared in dust, grit and dirt. Several events are still vivid in my mind like going to the rifle range, throwing of grenade, the unforgettable field camp, route marches, or even recruit's night.

On the last night in the bunk, I can't help thinking that that would be the last sleep I have as a recruit in the bunk. There were so many mixed feelings. After all, the bunk had been my second home - as much as I would want to deny it in early stages. Then comes the 24km route march to The Float@Marina Bay.

We were in high spirit, sing songs and cheer on our way there - but only for the first 4km. What comes next are just crickets laughing at us because we're too tired to open our mouth. Almost everyone started getting cranky and angsty. So it is really good if people were to really shut their mouth and not spark any anger in anyone else but I understand. We felt cheated don't we? We knew it all along our march would be more than 24km but we could close one eye to that. What is extra mile after 24km right? But what crossed us out really was the climb to Benjamin Sheares Bridge to complete that extra mile. That was like living in the line of one of our cheers...

"Up the hill, down the slope, up the slope, down the hill. Any sweat? No sweat, chicken feet!" I swear nothing was 'chicken feet'. We had one nerve left and they were getting on it.

I am grateful to be given the endurance, and high level of patience to go through this. Being talked to rudely by your comrades is the last thing you want to hear when you are tired. Know that no one is more tired than the other. All is good though, peace!

My heart bloomed with joy to see the grandstand, and everything was a bliss. Okay, not really. We had to wait for the event to start and some of us had to be repositioned for dressing because there were intervals. It was funny to see everyone sweating in the uniform, who most have abrasions and blisters and yet comfortably sleeping pillowed with rifle. Poor sergeant major (CSM) had to walk around, wake them up to shift them to a new position and then they'll go back to sleep. That was how tired everyone was. Everyone made the best out of that situation to sleep.

And then the parade started. We shall engage your eyes and ears and let the video do the talking. Here's the gist of the 2-hour event.

All I felt was joy once I tossed the cap. I think everyone felt the same. Amazing how we had that spark of energy left after tossing the cap. Remember how sleep deprived were we when that happened. This merry occasion would not felt the same without the many people whom I have to thank.

A big virtual hug and thank you goes to my family, and relatives who came for my POP (Passing Out Parade) like my cousins, aunt, uncle, and my adorable nephews. They are the catalyst of my determination and one of the reasons why I stood there putting up a show for them. Thanks to my mum and dad for their words of encouragement and well wishes. Because of them I have a purpose to look forward to toss my jockey cap. I am very grateful to have their everlasting support.

It was a surprise that two of my best friends came too! It was a pleasure to have them around to give me the morale boost. It was funny how they planned to be early and ended up right at the back of the seat. Apparently they do not follow army time - if you two realize, both of you are/were from police. That explains!

After spending nine weeks in BMT, how can I forget my fellow comrades? Brothers in arms, comrades for life! A bunch of thanks to my commanders, coy mates, platoon mates, and of course, closer to heart are my section mates. The bunk is the place we call home-sweet-home after a day of vigorous training and the only place we find comfort in. The place we eat our snacks, chat, polish our boots at the corridor in a row, do our laundry in, and whatnot. I will definitely miss the environment and the positive energy that all of you had created. This is the reason why I woke up each day knowing it would be a good day. Because of you, I held my spirit up high.

Lastly, my smooth sailing journey would not have been possible without pointers and major help from Kheed Airwalk, Haikarl Turner, and known predecessors. All of you who told me that I will miss my time in BMT, guess what, your prophecy came true.

I am grateful to the mighty Almighty for the pillar of strength given. Here's my standing ovation for all of you.