Saturday, October 20, 2012

Singapore JewelFest 2012

This year, JewelFest 2012 is celebrating their 10th anniversary and although I have been there four times, it has never failed to amaze me. Where do these jewelers get their ideas from? I got to give a standing ovation to the designers for coming with such not only creative, but intricate and attractive ideas. I can't even knead a vase for nuts!

JewelFest 2012 is not sexist as you would have thought. Stereotypically, jewelries are for women and their living mantra "Diamonds are forever." but at this age where jewellery is also a symbol of wealth and status, men would like to have a piece of it as well. So don't fret if you missed this year's festival. God willing the following year there will be another one, and you can flock in with your groupies and have a shopping trip there. If you're going to spend big though, be sure you're a UOB cardholder as you are entitled for discounts, privileges and other gifts. Also, be sure you have enough credit limit!

This year's JewelFest is personally exciting because not only I made new friends, I also got to see the latest designs from a renowned international designer - Ashley Isham.

Ashley Isham's S/S 2013 collection was donned by the men and women parading the runway, sparkled with masterpieces like from Vihari Jewels, Simone Jewels and even from the middle east, Arts & Gems just to name a few. Must I say they look very stunning and what they wore on that neck complement really well with what's on the body.

I also got the honor to have a photo with the designer himself!

Ashley Isham has been one of the inspiring people in the community, and it's for many reason. The one thing I could tell you, the energy and attitude that he has put in to his empire, is something that is to be admired about.

Because success doesn't appear just like that.

By the way, thanks everyone for allowing me to be a part of this! More photos can be found through my Tumblr and Instagram. Check them out!