Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Painkillers

Hello everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful week because last week was a four day work week. A quick happy Good Friday to those celebrating it! A little belated I know, but I can't really talk with stitches in my mouth.

So how was my oral surgery? Honestly it was nerve wrecking for me because when I was nine, I don't know why, I was just afraid to have needles in my mouth to the extent I would cry, and then the doctor just gave up (not really, I cancelled it) and after that I never came back unless for teeth cleaning. So having needles in my gum is a first time for me which explains why I was so nervous before going. I had to get assurance from all my friends that it will be okay to make myself feel better. Which is why I call it a life changing surgery. But you know, after going through any kind of surgery, any attention would do to make you forget about the pain and worse, the sound of the dental burr. I am so grateful it went well. Thank God I was blindfolded. People call it dramatic but what's life without some drama? Than what the hell do you watch on television!

If I am going to recover fast, I'd better follow the medication prescription. Four tablets every eight hours.

The surgery allows me to recuperate for a few days and now I'm back alive and kicking and able to chew, so I wouldn't reject any invitation for a meal.

Throughout, I spent a lot of time at home. It better be. I can't imagine going out to a mall and suddenly something went wrong with the stitch and there's blood all over my mouth and it will create a mess. Staying at home is more ideal, just in case. Besides, as the big day is about to get closer, it is only right to prepare by reading up and doing some research and preparation work for my future. Being the perfectionist I am, I can't afford to lose any opportunity should there be any. As far as I can plan, I really could use your well wishes and good prayers. Nothing beats that.

For the past few days I have been catching up with my favorite series - because there's no cable back in my second home. The most annoying part was that I can't eat chips while watching the shows.

I also spent hours on my bed reading some magazines I purchased on iPad because I've never bought one and I wonder what's so interactive about all these stuff? After buying one, I spent the entire day not reading, but figuring out the different functions they have. Is this a sign of aging where you feel a little bit more outdated each day? They have videos, animated images and gives you the option to scroll here and there in a hundred page magazine. I manage to figure it out though. So tonight I will spend time reading. I must say, up till today, iPad is one of the best buys I've ever made. Bloody convenient and definitely value for money. I am still trying to find out the downside of e-magazines though. If it's so good why do people still buy the hard copy?

Apart from that I manage to update my music playlist, which I've been quite lazy to do because of the different devices I use. I just don't want to lock myself into one company's ecosystem. I like to diversify the brands that I own - doesn't apply for facial though. The drawback is obvious, I had to transfer my files differently. Thank God for software like Evernote and DropBox. Better yet, e-mails.

Let's wrap that up. Whatever happen to work?

I am proud to say that my office is now looking new. Although no money was spent (yet) to beautify our work space, I am so happy that we managed to make more space in the office. We did not really throw a lot of things away but we shifted the furniture to make it more functional. Now that I am back in my office, and I am just about eight weeks to finishing my job here, I spend more time doing things that can last till I am gone. Of course this includes giving a helping hand to my new colleagues. This though, would not have been possible with the help of my friends. No way am I going to carry the cupboard and tables on my own!

I will be back to work next week. Late April we will be having a reunion dinner with all the colleagues, in hoping we can catch up and get to know our new friends. Hopefully everything goes smoothly!

I was getting ready to go out for dinner last night. My friends and I were chatting about my university application and future career and what not. And one of them really got annoyed because he said I did not tell him and as friends, one should share about all these. It made me feel so bad. He even cancelled his plan to visit me. So imagine that heartache! But it was all pun intended.

We were about to go out when my dad heard the doorbell ring. He looked through the door hole and there was no one. It happened for quite some time until my phone rang. Turns out, the three of them were outside of my house with a birthday cake, and candles that are burnt half stick (only shows how long they waited outside!). With the intent to surprise me! You have no idea how amused I was. Really, really amused!

No matter how belated it was, I really appreciate it. This is what friends are for really. While family is as important, you need friends to laugh with, to talk nonsense to and of course be as brutally honest and not embarrassed of each others presence. We like to have fun, but we don't play games.

At least with them, I have the ticket to say this for fun when I got a beautiful gift from them.

"What? It's not Prada?"

They know that I appreciate all gift no matter what it is or who is it from as long as it's a sincere one. There's no double standard but I wouldn't reject a Cartier. Hah!

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Happy weekend!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

C Is For Chaokeng

Hello everyone, it has been a tough month at work this month because there were a lot of things going on and I hadn't had the time to sit and check my friends out or even have a proper dinner with my family. But all that ended last week when my little babies got their new posting and I am off duty from babysitting and back in my office.

Eventful three weeks.

So where was I?

The PES C Recruits
As most of you would have known, throughout my National Service, I hadn't had a full taste of recruits and their silly antics basically because I work in the office. I count myself lucky, and I am grateful for that but towards the end of my National Service, I kinda want to experience how is it like to, you know, babysit a bunch of recruits who were just like me about more than a year ago. And part of the reason was because there were times when people come to me to rebut a debate about work and say "What do you know? You are not from coy line." And many other reasons that I'd love to believe and secretly hoping it's true.

Then there I was, for three weeks being in charge of a batch of recruits whom I by one look, can pretty much tell the ones who like to smoke out of things and the ones with genuine problems. It was fulfilling because when you see an improvement in them, it feels like you are part of the change. Three weeks can make me proud (I'm easily pleased).

I am glad that my platoon invited me for supper, since there was no time for chit-chat during working hours, so I took that opportunity to know my recruits.

Now that I am back in the office to reign, there must be so much work to catch up on because I for one have an inkling the office is a sinking ship without me. Sorry for being narcissistic but I cannot be wrong. Just think of the e-mails!

Party with Civilians
Here's a funny story. After a movie screening event my colleagues and I planned to meet later that night to hangout and celebrate with the ORD personnels. I was really beat that afternoon because I was still with my recruits as they had live firing which ended very late and the nature of work is that we are the last to sleep and always the first to wake up.

So I said, sure I will join them that night. Once I got home and settled, I set my alarm to wake up about 8pm but I think I didn't hear the alarm, and my mum entered at about 9pm plus to wake me up and told me there's food on the table. I was damn late! I wasn't on time but I wasn't the last either.

Never mind I was late. I was queuing to get drinks and the two unexpected person I saw was first, a colleague who is probably never in the office. Second, a recruit of mine. Better yet, from my own platoon. How can I not be shocked to death? Only kidding!

Cycling with Workmates
This week is sabbatical for me to recuperate, to get rid of my breakout as much as possible and just rest my mind for a while and be mentally prepared to be back in my office. Oh, and get rid of my sunburn, thanks to Mr. K.Y. for organizing cycling activity at such cancerous part of the day.

Nevertheless, it was fun and if I hadn't come on that day, I wouldn't know if I can cycle hands free! That's right people, I can finally cycle hands free after so many years of trying! You have no idea how overwhelmed with excitement I was to be able to hands off the handle while cycling.

But do you know how I see this activity as? A welcome back party for me. How narcissistic. Only kidding!

A Week Break
My break this week was well spent albeit I did not have the time to plan them because work was tight before that. It was very short, so I can't meet everyone and everyone is at work! I was window shopping alone at ION Orchard on Tuesday and I was not hoping to bump into anyone I know because I looked very unkempt.

I was not in the usual outfit I'd wear to shop but fate has it that I bump into my office colleague: J. Choong. Of all people! By the way, congratulations on your, you know. Not gonna break the news in case you haven't!

And you know that the odds of bumping into someone you know but not close with, is higher than bumping into someone whom you're close to. It was a blessing indeed because the following day I didn't have to rot at home.

The day after, we had lunch together and spent the entire afternoon doing our work at Starbucks at Rochester.

H. Armand was true to his word, it's a fancy and conducive place for study and work.

On Tuesday evening my family and I visited my uncle at the hospital. Let's pray that everything goes well and there's hope for recovery. Later that evening, I had a walk with S. Senin at the park and we did some catching up. We have not met since Bangkok!

I am going to spend the remaining days of my break reading and archive the ton of photos which has yet to be uploaded. Have a great weekend!