Sunday, April 7, 2013

Post NS Game Plan

I am left with eight weeks to the end of my National Service (NS) and unlike most, I do not countdown to the end of it. But I do know how many days I have left in my office!


It's just that I don't know what to feel. For one, I am excited to embark into a new and yet familiar civilian life. On the other hand I am quite sad for the fact that all of the fun I had at work is going to end. Yeah, work is work and my job is something I enjoy very much. Till this day I am grateful for all the support I have.

What happened throughout my NS life has been really magical and God knows how grateful I am for this. Where I am today is something I never had planned or even occurred in my mind. It was probably sheer dumb luck. We'll get to that some day.

So here's a popular question posed to all NS men who are going to be Operationally Ready (ORD): What's your plan after NS? Happy to say I have a few.

Education has never been more important in my life. Education is the ticket to knowledge, wisdom and wider social circle. While working first seems more lucrative, I think I have the rest of my life for that! God willing school will commence August. I really hope my course of study benefits not only myself but everyone out there. What I will be learning is definitely something new so to prepare myself for school, I've started reading some industry magazines and some other English books to brush up on my English - because there are no language classes offered in military training center, duh.

Contrary to popular belief, my working life in NS is not that free. Albeit not physically tiring, we are most of the time mentally drained. Especially when we are rarely outdoors, the place where you can get fresh air, sunlight and assimilate yourself with nature while training the recruits. I think it's a good plan to start putting on my running shoes, and go for an exercise at least twice a week? Never mind a built body. I've made peace with my own size. What's important now is to keep my blood pumping in hoping for a healthier body and mind.

Eat Healthily
I read a chapter in this 90's book Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins on how one should take care of his stomach for the first fifty years of his life so that it can take care of him for another fifty years. It also said that one should have about 70% water in their food intake. But of course you can't really eat 30% solid food and 70% water because you'll just be bloated and unproductive. Plates are bigger than cups anyway. Then it will defeat the purpose of eating for energy. So what was recommended is that one should eat more high water content food like fresh fruits as they naturally contain a lot of vitamins (no pesticides hopefully), it's filling - I can attest to that and of course, more than 70% water content. Hence the term juicy fruit. Besides, eating healthily is good for the skin.

Conservative Spending
Sometimes I wonder where the hell did all my money run to? Since when they have legs! Since I will be doing freelance, I vow to be more conservative on my spending because when school starts I need to be financially independent by supporting my own transport, tuition fees, study materials and other expenses. Besides, I do need it for my social life and marketing for my business too.

Catching Up
Yes, it's time to make good use of social media to catch up with old friends and arrange for a meet up. Old is gold and I am a pretty much nostalgic person. If we don't meet for too long, God knows how are we recognize each other. Well, some of you did really go all out for a change! But have the decency to let me know who you were last time please? Photographic memory doesn't change.

The Damn Wardrobe
I need to give it an update. While an upgrade is not needed yet, my style may seem incoherent sometimes. That's largely due to the fact that I have to wear that green St. Patrick's outfit 80% of my NS life. So I definitely need to take them all out and start mixing and matching them appealingly. Otherwise I don't think my superficial friends would want to go out with me. Only kidding!

Most of you would have known by now that I was a tutor back then. For a start, it had a lot of students. More than a handful but as senior year kicks in, I appreciate having lesser students and this year, I don't plan to have any more than what I'll have. On top of that, I will be involved in my business in a company so am really hoping for your well wishes and support should these materialize.

So guys, I hope this post gives you a detailed idea on what I want to do after NS and hopefully will be continuous for the rest of the year. As my primary school song goes, step by step, we will achieve our goals...

Who knows, you can use this plan too for post graduation or something?


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Not All Are Privileged

A few months ago, there was a lot of hoo-haa over the White Paper. I can't help but to ponder on why do we have an influx of immigrants? The reasons were clear. There were no one to fill in the jobs like being a waiter, telesales person, and what not. It seems too easy to agree on this justification but I think with a little bit more input, more can be done to educate the underprivileged locals to fill in these jobs because there are indeed able bodied locals who yearn for a job.

I am not against having foreigners around here for investing their time, money and sweat to fill in the jobs in Singapore because there are some who are picky - especially the educated ones who demand more income than they deserve and when they patronize your business, they demand more service from your foreign employees. That's what most Singaporeans mentality has become. Just look at their comments on online articles.

We must start appreciating what is around us, wake up from our slumber, and stand on our own feet. If you think that the government is giving a little tad too much to our foreign friends, then act like one. Most foreigners who come here are enthusiastic, cheerful and hardworking on top of having their own family commitments. That's right, some of them do get married here, breed and pay taxes. What about us? Pessimistic much?

You have a choice on whether to see this country half full or half empty.

Sure, the public transport now seem less efficient and packed, roads are getting more congested, and other resources need to be shared but haven't we seen that this is how far we have come since the day our forefathers came in? Our forefathers too were foreigners. So if anything around your life is screwed up because of these factors, don't blame the foreigners, blame the company who runs them! Either way, the track will still breakdown due to poor maintanence. Erm, isn't Singapore corporations are supposed to be effective and kilat as we preach? And we still dare to compare ourselves with other countries.

I also don't understand why do we blame everything on the government and be too reliant on them. What, just because we pay too much taxes we think they should sweep our streets? Some of us fail to open our eyes and see that even in other countries, they are facing the similar problems too. If you really hate the government, you only have yourself to blame because it seems like you rooted for the wrong guy. Otherwise, what is the purpose of having voting rights? Here's a lame example but if you hate vanilla ice cream why do you even get them in the first place?

I hope my fellow Singaporeans can be more accepting of the foreigners here. They too commute and live the same way you do. They drive on the same road, travel by same train and walk on the same path as you. You think they'd be comfortable squeezing and have their personal space intruded in a bus? Sure, there are certain things that they do that irks me but that's because we fail to educate our visitors just like how we were educated. We too have to set an exemplary behavior and not have that "If he can spit everywhere, so can I" attitude

Rather than focusing too much on the influx of immigrants, let's look at our own people who probably has the drive, but lack the privilege unlike most of us.


I recommend you to watch this video and reflect on our own attitude towards life. I am just saying. We tend to look after our own wants after our needs at the expense of our happiness. Hmm... It seems like they become stronger than most of us are. They are such go-getters which I'm very fond of.

Check out Growing Up With Less channel on YouTube, there's more than one video. Duh!

I hope local businesses and other multi-national companies can do their part by looking out for them. Well, they live in a block, what's so hard about finding a bunch of unemployed people? You can even bypass recruitment agencies whose applicants submit their resume one time and have their fingers crossed forever for a job.

I think, underprivileged people have feelings too. They don't want to feel like they keep on receiving because they want the opportunity to earn them, not just get.

On my part, I will definitely support and patronize those kind of business who's not only profit driven, but who hires these kind of people because I can be sure they have invested in training and putting up with their difficulty.

That way, I think the employment rate will definitely go lower, and we can talk about having immigrants to fill the rest of the vacant jobs. These are just my thoughts and opinion. You are entitled to your own.