Saturday, May 31, 2014

F.Gorgeous Soirée

It's been a while since I last club - not because I hate clubbing but time is just against me. Work has been crazy in a good way. I got really beat sometimes. I can't even be sorry if I have to be selective of the clubs that I go to - actually the last club I went to was f.Club. When it comes to F.Club, it is a must-not-miss!

F.Gorgeous, presented by f.Club had definitely brighten up my week. There were so many gorgeous people that I got a little bit lost in the ambience. Some were really daring with their style - I am sure they deserve to win the competition, which was what this event was all about!

F.Gorgeous was organized to get all the fashionistas under one roof to be featured on Fashion TV, which is also stylised as f.TV. In which, participants of this contest will be have to submit their most fashionable photos to be judged by fashion players like blogger Valerie Lim, Mata Mata's main cast Paul Foster, founder of online retail GNOSSEM - Lisa Crosswhite, and of course, Benedict Goh - Pyramid host turned COO of Fide Fashion Week!

The event had a great kickstart - what's more when there were free flow of mocktails and cocktails. So many to choose from, I just couldn't make up my mind! I've got to give a standing ovation to the bar for being grace under fire albeit the number of crazy orders!

The crowd was hyper not only because of the fantastic drinks but also, Paul Foster's Playlist was on roll. His music resonates with me so much that I had no idea I was dancing to his music. There is an idiom that says "dance to somebody's tune", I literally did!

I really got to thank f.Club, Tashah and everyone for making this amazing party happen! To all you pretty people out there it was an amazing night! See you guys!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Sandro's Store Opening

If you are out of ideas on what you want to buy because you see pretty much the same retail outlet at almost every mall at Orchard shopping belt, you might want to head over to ION Orchard because there is a new store that just opened last week!

Sandro, located at level three of ION Orchard is an up and coming designer boutique in Singapore. Based in Paris, the boutique has a wide range of apparel designs from casual to black tie.

Sandro - Paris, located at ION Orchard, level 3.

Amazing story - the Moroccan designer, Evelyne started off humble through flea markets and shops upon which she met her new friend turned husband, designer and business partner. Her husband on the other hand has a strong passion for business and ran his own line of ready to wear business. Now, both of them have joined forces to incorporate a retentive brand - Sandro.

Suitable for bikers don't you think?

They may not have a long dated history but they have come a long way! Very inspiring! To creating a history ahead!

I love the store because its bright lights are very welcoming and highlights all the design. The segmentation between men's and women's wear was very clear and they do really offer a lot of choices. As it is still new here in Singapore, this is the best time to get something unique - especially their printed shirts for men.

Check out more photos!

Some of the few caught posing on camera!
Sandro's S/S 2014 lookbook.
 I love their jacket linings!
But first, let me take a selfie!
We met a few days before that but failed to take a picture. This time, will not let that happen!
On a side note, thank you Natashah and H for the wonderful invitation!

Audi Fashion Festival 2014

Hey everyone! Last week I was at the renowned Audi Fashion Festival 2014. It was really great to finally have the chance to grace this prestigious and highly anticipated event. Without further ado, let me introduce you to two designers that I really, really love in this year's festival!
Audi Fashion Festival 2014

Dresscamp, presented by Parco Japan, showcased their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection featuring the brand’s signature vibrant designs, statement clothes and fun styling. Inspired by the theatrics of The Threepenny Opera coupled with Luchino Visconti’s Italian decadence, DressCamp’s latest collection is a fine mix of baroque and romantic chic.

Personally, I really love this collection because being a fan of baroque myself , I do want to see more of our Asian designers exploring western designs and inculcate it into traditional brands to show its globalisation and forward thinking.

Kudos to designer Toshikazu Iwaya for putting up such an eye treat!

Thomas Tait wrapped up the event for the day. 
He is a London-based designer, debuted in Singapore that night at AFF with his Autumn/Winter 2014 collection showcasing his unique combination of structure and fluidity. Most recently, he was announced as one of the finalists of luxury conglomerate LVMH’s inaugural Young Designer Prize.

His designs were amazing in a sense that the colors were solid - no gradient or fancy patterns involved, which to me strengthens the boldness of the design. With solid colors, it does not only stand out, it makes it easier to express individuality through accessorization.

Event wise, everyone loves it because there are so many things to do in just one tent. I've got to give it to the tent because it's a little bit like an Aladdin tent.  If you had ever been to the Civic Plaza - the space between the fountain and Ngee Ann City, it is relatively small square foot wise. With a huge title sponsor, and so many other sub sponsors, it was really amazing how they managed to put it together. Everyone would love to have a stake in this!

It was well managed in a sense that you get your photographs taken right upon entering before the show, and then along the way right before you enter the runway hall you are well entertained by products like latest Calvin Klein perfumes, Jabra headphones, Sony Experia products, Sunglass Hut and many more. Those I dare say are fashionable and relatable to these type of events but let me tell you what is the most unconventional thing that I found at AFF 2014, that I really, really appreciate!

OSIM massage chairs!

Enjoying the massage!
Yeap, massage chairs spotted in a fashion show. Massage chairs today pretty much has an undertone of old aunty or uncle. To try out these massage chairs at their retail store is something I am sure all of you will only do as a dare. Here at AFF, I honestly think it should be used by the ones sitting on the front row, who had their heads turned from left to right. The neck massage was so good! Sitting on that chair was my a guilty pleasure!

Maybe I should consider one of those one day, pop a bottle of Sanpellegrino, and then wind down on that chair. By the way did you know when I was a kid, I used to think that there are dead people in the massage chair to do the work!

Sanpellgegruno Lemonita fruit beverage is so delicious! It is sour - nowhere near sweet like a lemonade but the sparkling water really sparkled my day.

Check out more photos!

Donning shades from Sunglass Hut.

Godfather of Fashion: Daniel Boey.

Group shot!
Right before the show. 
Audi Fashion Festival is a perfect gateway for designers to present their artwork in Asia as a whole. It's well-known, have great sponsors like Audi which is the main sponsor, and many more. Great step to have a market share in the Singapore's fashion industry!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fitness With Nicholas

Hello everyone! I am pretty much on lull today because I am on recovery! No, I am not sick and am really grateful for that. I also had not been to the gym for more than a month and I definitely neglected my diet. For what purpose?


Each day in our life we think about the possessions that we would like to have and in our day to day war to achieve our dream of having a roof on our head, having a fancy car and eye catching accessories, we tend to neglect fitness. Yours truly is a living example!

Most of us can agree that it is not that easy to achieve our dreams. Even if we have, the sentiment does not last longer than our yearn to achieve it. We are humans, ever insatiable. To achieve our dreams, it is imperative for us to take care of our health that we have taken for granted for so long.

We know it's already there until it's lost. As long as you have your health, you can run as far as you like into chasing your dreams.

My trainer has definitely helped me with my fitness and last night when I decided to go to the gym, I realize I was not as strong as I thought I was. Maybe that's due to the prolonged absence from the gym or even run at the park for that matter. So much for living so close to the beach! So credits due to him for helping me gain my stamina once again!

Here's my ultimate problem -

Whenever I go to the gym, it is either I spend too much time talking to my gym buddy as though it's a clubhouse, or workout for an hour and lounge for another two. That's not the worst. Sometimes, erhem, most of the time, I drive to the gym just to run on the treadmill. Which is bad! So I thought why not engage a personal trainer because they tend to be dedicated to your fitness?

Solution: Nicholas Chua - fitness trainer hero. Hah!

I think we can fit my arm in his!

At this juncture some might argue personal trainers are there for your money and that we can train ourselves. All of which I cannot choose to disagree because it happens. Same goes with that few personal tutors that some of you might have had in your school days!

Why did I engage a personal trainer?

I enjoy reading, watching YouTube videos on fitness, talk to people and even try them out for myself. Trouble is, I do not know if I am doing the right thing, or if I start to wear out a little bit, I don't know if I should do this or do that because it is not as simple as it seems.

It is a little bit like our studies. Back then when we were weak in our subjects, we told ourselves we can study on our own. Sure we can, but it will take a whole lot of time just to understand one concept. With a personal tutor, it expedites everything. Same goes with having a personal trainer.

My personal trainer, Nicholas has been dedicated, attentive and proactive to my workout needs. I told him I wanted to look like Captain America! He is a perfect example of how I want to evolve. Nicholas helped me this time by giving me an intense workout that started of with this knee-to-elbow push up which was easy at first, and some other reps which include my new favourite called Saturn's ring, which I misheard it as satan's ring. However you hear it, it was satanically intense for me!

That knee-to-elbow push up.

Which is another reason why personal trainer is so, so convenient. I don't have to remember the types of workout I want to do that day. Different workout set by my trainer each day adds flavour to my gym routine. All lessons planned out!

The workouts that he taught me were very thorough (I secretly know some but he didn't know that I know). Then on I realize I made a lot of mistakes during my workout. I thought I had it! That explains why some of the exercises that I do on my own are not effective. With Nicholas, I don't have to carry a ten and yet feel the strain on my muscles.

Important to keep your back straight!

Breaks are mandatory and as you know, if you have not worked out for a very long time, it has to be progressive - so if you are not feeling well, you really need to sound off. Personal trainer is indeed personally meant for you. Which is why you have to tell your trainer what do you want to achieve as your workout goal. Trainers are there to help you, so you gotta tell them what you want. Make that clear. They are not mind readers!

My trainer, Nicholas has definitely outdone himself for me because I told him that I must sleep well that night and my body has to ache from all the workout. Both happened. Slept so well and my muscles are sore now. It's a progress!

Half way; almost flat.

This morning, I told him that he is definitely a need in my workout routine. Why not? He is conscious of my mistakes. It is easy for trainers to neglect trainee's mistake if they are not professional because everyone has a different built. My trainer was really dedicated - he kept on motivating me whenever I show signs of giving up - which is key to keep your trainee going, and he is not the type that checks his phone now and then. Oh, and the best part...

Post workout stretching!

I actually enjoy stretching back in my army days because only at that point of time I can get some quiet and get to enjoy the breeze to cool down because we're literally grilled under the sun and sauteed in sweat. Better yet, you get to relieve those sore muscles. Today, I found out that personal trainers can literally help you stretch without you lifting a finger. Amazing!

All Nicholas did was to instruct me to lie down on my chest and relax because he will help with the stretching. Not quite sure what he really meant at first but then he started off with pulling my hands and shoulders to the backwards to stretch my chest. It felt so good because your muscles were stretched while you were really relaxed!

Of course, if you are uncomfortable with personal trainers touching you especially the opposite sex, you will have to let them know.

He even noted that my gluteal muscles were stiff, and with his help, my legs can now bend for like what, 90 degrees? Looks like my butt is more tense than myself.

Ask me if I would recommend him to any of you. I'll put my money where my mouth is (okay, literally no money involved actually)! My hips may be tight, but they don't lie!

All of you friends are entitled for one free trial with Nicholas Chua. All you have to do is to contact him and quote my web address - Sending print screen by messaging is fine too.

Nicholas will be more than happy to help you out. I have known him for years and it would be a sin if I do not share this with you guys! If you think all he does is teach workout, there's more to that. Which is why he's my favourite.

You can log on to for more details. Otherwise, it is always more convenient to talk or message him directly at +65 9456 9511 or e-mail him at

This is what I have for you guys, to encourage you to put on your pumps, best training outfit, and try it out for yourself -  you'll never know if you don't try! Good for skeptics.