Saturday, September 27, 2014

Suitsupply Store Opening

Hey everybody! This week has been a crazy week for me. Work came in piles and I am in need of of a deep rest. Nevertheless, I am still enjoying this year so far. Very grateful for that! As you would have known, this year has been a crazy busy year. As much as I avoid the word busy as an excuse, at most times, I do really have a lot to do. I can't even catch up with myself! Maybe it's time for me to have my own reality series Keeping Up With Fad?

If there is, I'd love to be adorned in one of Suitsupply suits for my TV ad. Looking sharp and dapper!

I was at Suitsupply store opening a few days ago. Many were dressed to the nines and Suitsupply's brand ambassadors were there to play host to the party. Amazing thing that Suitsupply opened its first Southeast Asian store right here in Singapore. It is always convenient to have it here! We could always use a fresh retail mix. I can't possibly shop at the same retail in every different malls I visit right?

If I have the chance to rename this brand, I'd called it Suit Heaven. As you enter the store, you will be able to see professional tailor at work seaming customised suit. You can see them from the open counter. The store is very open which makes it very easy to spot anything you want.

The array of suit is infinite. There were so many I can't decide for myself which one suits me well. As the event was pretty happening, it was really hard to do browse calmly! I might drop by to get one for myself another day. I can be sure Suitsupply can make anyone look swag and dapper! You would be glad to know they have accessories for you to match with your suits too. Their accessories ranges from collar stays to clips and pins.

There are other shops out there that can make suits I am sure but here, you have something that can offer you specialisation, in-house stylist advice, and most importantly, its competitive price for the great quality of the fabric and needlecraft. Even The Wall Street Journal said that!

"High quality fabric, clean soft construction for comfort. 'Lots of attention to detail' [...] the $614 [Sienna] Suitsupply suit matched the $3,625 Armani in quality." As seen in The Wall Street Journal on April 14, 2011.

For me when it comes to suits, its structure, details and fabric is very, very important. Especially if I am going to wear it to a soiree or a black tie event, I need to look solid! At Suitsupply, they are really particular about the structure of your suit. What's on the inside of the suit counts as much as the outside. It requires a layer on the inside to give it a nice curved structure. Hence, they use a thin layer of horsehair-reinforced cotton to line the inside of their suits. It will conform to your body shape, allowing a perfect fit and a sleek look.

When it comes to fabric, I can be sure it is of quality because Suitsupply products are made using Italian fabrics from the Biella region such as Vitale Barberis Canonico, Carlo Barbera, Angelico, Ormezzano, Guabello, Luigi Botto, Reda, Larusmiani and Cerruti.

So now I can have a peace of mind should I need a dapper classy suit!

Here, check out the array and quality of fabrics right from the mill for its F/W 14. Till then!

2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard
Singapore 238801

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Domino's Pizza Promotion Launch Party

Hey everyone! How's your weekend so far? Hopefully all of you had a blast over the weekend. Especially with Manhunt 2014 just being over, some of you might still be head over heels over the contestants, but please control your hormones! So happy to see some of my friends brought home no empty handed. Their hard work sure paid off!

While some of you might went for man-hunting, I went for pizza hunting! I was over at Domino's for Double the Taste, Double the Fun launch party for their latest up and coming promotions. They just launched two promotions namely 2 Pizzas Deal and Double Delights.

I love this American pizza company because they have one of the widest range of pizza flavors with so many options to choose from - you will be spoilt for choice. Personally when I go online to make an order, I will spend a lot of time not because of slow system (its online ordering is the fastest and most comprehensive) but I spend a lot of time thinking of the best combination - because you are given six types of crusts to choose from, the sauces for the topping, and 20 over toppings to choose from. That is how personalized it can be!

This goes to only ensure that your pizza is actually made from scratch, and not pre-made and preserved and heated before order.

I only love the freshest by the way.

If you are feeling adventurous, you may try their Top Secret Sauce - it has this aromatic blend of creamy, cheesy flavor and a zest of garlic.

Speaking of online ordering, I like the fact that I can really closely monitor the whereabout of my order. If you have never ordered from Domino's Pizza - this is the best time to try out their online ordering and have a peace of mind. Domino's Pizza is the first international pizza company to adopt this system where you can see the status of your order - be it still in the oven, or is it on the way - you will get to know real time.

You can also ensure that your pizza will be delivered within 30 minutes or earlier, and 15 minute takeout guarantee. Fret not, any later you will be give a complimentary pizza.

So if you want to enjoy Domino's Pizza, especially over the weekend for slumber parties, birthdays, or even festivities like Eid, Christmas, Diwali, or Chinese New Year, you can make your order and be sure it will arrive earlier than your guests!

Some of you might ask if they have a Domino's app. Yes they do have it for iPhone called Domino's SG. They are still developing one for Android. 

So here's the latest promotion that you can use to enjoy such sumptuous and lavish delicacy - at a fraction of the price. 

Domino's Pizza currently introduces 2 Pizza Deal where you can order 2 regular pizza from only $22/-. With a half price slashdown, one can have a party with its All Time Favorite pizza range. No coupons needed for this ongoing promotion.

In addition to the pizza, they also have a promotion for their side dishes - Double Delights - ranging from $6/- for Onion Rings and Twisty Bread, to $15 for any 2 Tender Chicken.

If you have not tried Domino's Pizza, this is the best time to try really. I strongly recommend their best selling dessert, Hot Chocolate Lava Cake. It is chocolaty yet not too heavy. It's texture is a little bit like crème brûlée - hard on the outside, but soft and creamy in.

For those who hate greens, I would suggest Meatsaurus with cream sauce as topping and New York filled cheese crust. If you are going green, Very Veggie is very good.

I would consider Domino's Pizza as healthy calories because everything prepared by them are grilled and done in the oven. Nothing gets deep fried. Definitely a healthier way of eating pizza!

So, feel free to enjoy this promotion while it lasts! To order at its store, you can locate them in their official website.

*All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars.

Credits to Domino's and The Influencer Network.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Seeds: Sowing Promises - SP Design School Opening Gala

If you ask any adult if they miss school, you will pretty much receive a homogenous answer - YES. When I was a kid, I had that thought too. Why would adults want to study? Why don't they like doing what they do in return for money? At that age, we think of our career independence as freedom. The liberty to do whatever you like, without having to 'fulfil' anyone's expectations.

And as we grew up, we unconsciously echoed what our elders had said before.
But now, the table has turned!

And as we grew up, we unconsciously echoed what our elders had said before - yes, we do miss school!

Last night I am really elated to revisit the place I called my second home - Singapore Polytechnic. I was really thrilled to see how much my alma mater has grown from its humble beginning. Sixty years and counting!

At the inaugural event Seeds: Sowing Promises, Singapore Polytechnic Design School (SD) presents its new design school building that embodies the spirit of the Design School: to experiment, collaborate and document. Envisaged as a Living Incubator where design pedagogy is realised through its spaces houses its 4 diplomas. Namely, the Diploma in Interior Design (DID), Diploma in Visual Communications and Media Design (DVMD), Diploma in Games Design and Development (DGDD) and Diploma in Experience and Product Design (DXPD).

The all-white building has a green wall feature that will serve as a shade to cool the building. On top of that, more spaces have been accommodated to cater exhibits which were curated by design students as part of their final year project, and in-residence designers. This is in momentum with the avant garde and futuristic design of the building.

The entire exhibition is entitled Seeds: Sowing Promises. The notion of planting, possibilities, growing, blossoming, coming to fruition and harvesting is extended into the 13 experiential exhibitions on showcase.

To celebrate its new school building, it brought together industry, alumni, students and lecturers together by converting the BCA Platinum Green Mark building into a perfect homecoming where invited alumni were hosted with sumptuous dinner at the rooftop. The opening was not short of entertainment. It was opened by performances by campus-grown artists on the new outdoor entertainment space where students have an avenue to express themselves through arts while being given more exposure from walkways aside from designed tiered seating.

I've got to say I am really proud to be an alumni of such reputable and renowned campus. While some of you may not have the opportunity or the means to study here, I've got to say some sacrifices are worth being made. Therefore to all O-Level students who will be sitting on the hot seat soon, I wish you all the best!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Opening Gala: Space Flower by Naoko Tosa

Hi everyone! Hope all of you guys are in great mood this week because it’s the term break for the school kids and definitely a reason for some of you guys to take leave over this period. This week I am happy to be able to meet my favorite Japanese media artist, Naoko Tosa for the opening of the latest art work – Space Flower which is proudly hosted by Ikkan Gallery.

This is her second time exhibiting in Singapore after a successful and photo worthy exhibition over at the Singapore Art Science Museum early this year. Her project mapping there has received much fanfare which justifies her second grand opening of her new series – Space Flower. What is it?

Space Flower is Tosa’s new series of works that pays homage to Rimpa (major historical schools of Japanese painting) that was founded in Kyoto in the 17th century. Famed for its usage of luxurious golden colour, one of its key exponents was the artist Korin Ogata, whose paintings of “Wind God and Thunder God” adopted this. The fragmentation of flowers by the elements of wind and thunder in Tosa’s works serves an symbol for the fading of old traditions and beckoning of the future.

There are 6 series of work which was showcased explained -

Oiran (above) alludes to the eponymous courtesans popular during the 18th and 19th century; the roses, as though performers in a Kabuki (Japanese dance-drama) piece, exude a gallant beauty while their fragility evokes a dream-like presence, at once ephemeral and elusive.

Space Flower
A flower blooming in space in Space Flower (above) symbolizes life and refers to oneself. It depicts the act of maturing that requires one to reject their past, an act that inflicts hurt upon themselves, but they more often than not comes out stronger.

Space Jungle
Space Jungle (above) depicts a jungle on a planet far away from ours. Abundant water and flora abound on the surface while an array of minerals and plants inhabit the underground, navigating the chaos of zero gravity in obliterative spurts of dance.

Moon Flower
Drawing inspiration from Ogata’s painting “Red and White Plum Blossoms”, a national treasure of Japan, Moon Flower (above) considers how red and white plum blossoms would appear on the Moon, presenting a continuous kaleidoscope of exploding moon flowers.

Wind God and Thunder God
The deified characters of Ogata’s “Wind God and Thunder God” (above) take centre stage with Tosa’s reimaginings. Wind God shows a figure approaching and unfolding onto the scene before departing while Thunder God invokes the Japanese thunder god Susanoo, whom remains likeable in spite of his selfish and mischievous personality.

I think when it comes to contemporary media art, it is important to engage as many senses as possible and I am enjoying this one not only because it engages my vision but the music that comes with it sure would sooth anyone’s mind. The art is also done naturally in a way that it is purely physics.

It is definitely the traditional art of the future. Naoko Tosa has definitely revived what is considered dead in a whole new sophisticated, never before imagined technique. Pretty much a challenge not many would be able to accept today. A way to honor history, move forward into the future, and beyond.

I am really thankful and honored to be personally invited to her prestigious series debut. It is an honor to see her art work first hand!

Naoko Tosa is an international award-winning media artist from Japan. One of her biggest projects includes her digital artwork “Four God Fag” that was featured in the EXPO 2012, Digital Gallery that was held in Yeosun, Korea.

Naoko Tosa - Space Flower
5 September – 1 November 2014

Ikkan Art Gallery
Tanjong Pagar Distripark #01-05
39 Keppel Rd 089065

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sun. Skin. Diamonds. - Fashion Beach Festival 2014

Hello! How's everyone doing?

I hope all is well because it is September already! I am all excited because we are counting down to the final quarter of the year. Time flies very fast isn't it? For me, time has been moving so fast and yet there are so many things I had to went through this year.

There were so many ups and downs in life and at times you just feel like giving up. Know that before giving up, you have to think really hard on what you are losing and what will you gain from it. Will you be happy with what you have gained for what you have forgone? You have to stay strong. Remember those who rooted for you, do not let them down. What you are doing now, could be the aspiration of thousands out there.

It has been an exhausting year really, and I am so grateful to be able let loose myself at the Fashion Beach Festival 2014 hosted at Tanjong Beach Club. My debut appearance at Tanjong Beach Club and Fashion Beach Festival, was really exciting because it was an incorporation of non-stop music, party, and fashion! It was indeed an exclusive and one of a kind party I must say!

At the same time, it was really great to see my friends and familiar places. To more years ahead!

The Fashion Beach Festival 2014 this year is bigger, bolder and came with more carats. Fashion Beach Festival played host to the debut of one of the world's first trilliant-cut diamond collection worth SGD$2,000,000. For the first time in Asia, the 15-hour long luxury-themed event showcased five up and coming fashion labels on a customized 12-metres long runway across an infinity pool. Along with the luxury show line-up, we were entertained from 11am till late – with world-class DJs, and razor sharp international beauties.

Valisere and HOM's sunset show witnessed the lights go out as they displayed the crème de la crème of European beach-chic. There was also a delightful performance by renowned flamenco dancer Antonio Vargas famous for his stunning set in the Hollywood blockbuster, Mission Impossible 2.

Fashion Beach Festival was not just a showcase of some of the most exquisite high fashion swimwear from around the world. It was about luxury. It was a little different from other fashion weeks because it celebrates a certain unique lifestyle and the fashion in which one experiences luxury in the tropics up-close. The showcase includes the display of SGD$6,000 swimwear.

Aptly themed Sun.Skin.Diamonds – the festival was hosted at the sun-kissed playground of Tanjong Beach Club, located on Asia's leading leisure destination, Sentosa. With an impressive music line-up including home-grown jocks DJ Special K and DJ Zushan spinning non-stop party beats from 11am, all eyes were at Sentosa's award-winning premier party venue. It has encapsulate Singapore's status as a tropical paradise and lifestyle capital.

Supporters, sponsors and partners include - Caraters by Syddall, Zenith, Sony Mobile Communications, OCBC Bank, Tanjong Beach Club (TBC), House of G.H. Mumm, ABSOLUT ELYX, Red Bull Energy Drink, f.Club, SO Singapore, Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa, Luxe Nomad, La novella, Bang & Olufsen, Pink Parlour, REDS® Hairdressing, Cosmoprof Academy, Beautyblender, OPI, Fragrance Du Bois, Asia Elites, AllSense, Valisere, HOM, Armoires, 6five Barcode, C'N'C, Frankie Morello, Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Just Cavalli, Pierre Balmain, Paul & Joe, Bread & Butter, Camper, True Religion, 7 For All Mankind, Evisu.

I know you people are eager on the photos and here they are!

Thank you Special K and Heart Media for having us!