Monday, September 28, 2015

New Music Companion - Marco Marcus

I love listening to different kinds of music. So much so that I allow people to introduce me to new songs. Not sure about you guys, I have seen people who are too fixated with their own inclination to a particular genre they don't even want to listen to what you have to recommend which I find it weird.

Recently, I went to a party and met an artist from Warner Music Indonesia, Marco Marcus. He was really nice and I was so flattered to be presented by his self-titled debut album. It was really heart warming as I do not expect gifts from anyone. When a singer personally gives you his or her album, they are presenting you with their hard work for your entertainment!

So, thank you Marco Marcus for this beautiful album, the gift of your masterpieces! I am particularly in love with the empowering songs that kept me awake throughout my revision nights! It is something refreshing which I come to appreciate!

His songs are available on iTunes here. Check it out!

I believe, that there must be a way right here.
I believe, there lies the power inside of me,
I believe, there is a hope for you and me,
When you listen, to the voice inside of you

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt (OCF) Restaurant Relaunch

Today's pretty much a sad day for one reason. Funny thing after a few hours I don't know what am I really disappointed at. Is it the entire situation that's beyond my control? My expectation (which I didn't have in the first place)? Or just disappointed for allowing what happened today to bring me down. Nonetheless, I have seen the light at the end of the year. Tunnel, I mean.

Seeing these photos of last week's relaunch of Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt (OCF) restaurant made my day in a way.

I frequent The Arts House the past few weeks because of Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) and it was great to be back to meet some of my friends and acquaintances at such joyous occasion.

The stunning Arts House is home to Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt (OCF), a fine dining restaurant that boasts an array of seasonal menu. Thanks to Chef Jonathan Koh, OCF's menu is attributed to his expertise in interplaying flavours from ingredients within his reach.

Overlooking the quaint Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall,  it is almost impossible not to be consumed by the historical background of this place and its surroundings. Standing proudly in the midst of looming skyscraper offices, OCF is a compound of artisan where the choice of music, dining accessories, and food details were not spared.

Patrons will be treated to two performances from where they were seated. To accompany the quintessence dining experience, one can be entertained by budding local artists like Michaela Therese and an alternative view of the action packed cooking going on at the open kitchen right across the stage.

Those sitting at the bar will also get to enjoy the performance with their food, because the huge mirror centrepiece above the kitchen not only reflects the action going on onstage, but is also a representation of how different elements in the restaurant are complementing each other.

The high-toned relaunch was undoubtedly the highlight of the week.

1 Old Parliament Lane
Singapore 179429
+65 6333 9312

I would like to take this opportunity the thank BlackBookAsia for the wonderful invitation.

BlackBookAsia is a brokerage serving ultra-high net worth individuals and corporations with its regional representatives throughout Asia. BlackBookAsia has presence in major cities around Asia Pacific regions including Japan. BlackBookAsia also hosts private events in collaboration with major brand names who are global leaders in their respective industry from supercars, private jets, yachts, timepieces, high-end jewellery, luxury fashion houses to art, deluxe real estate, decadent travel, spa and golf exclusively for their VIPs on BlackBookAsia's special list.

Monday, September 7, 2015

To The Finishing Line

It has been a while since I posted something really personal and if you have been following genuinely closely for an intimate update of my life, I really thank you for that!

I have been occupied with a lot of things lately and I am liking it. Funny thing happened several weeks ago when I bumped into my ex-colleague at breakfast. Hearing the things I am doing, she commented "Woah, so many things, you only have 24 hours, how do you cope?"

It was a tough question because that (I only have 24 hours a day) did not come across my mind as I was very soaked in all these things. You know what they say, time passes quickly when you enjoy the things you do.

New Addition To My Desk

Recently got myself an iMac because my old Acer Aspire 4920 is dying! I was doing some typing when suddenly it got a blue screen. I tried diagnosing through a set of code that was written. Turns out, it resulted from overheating. From the time it happened till now, I still can use it perfectly until it becomes too hot to function.

I would like to thank my Acer Aspire 4920 for her wonderful service in entertaining me, teaching new things on Wikipedia about galaxies, neurons, politics and keeping my files organized. You are the longest serving computer I ever had. Seven years and five months. Yet, you still work perfectly albeit occasional blue screen from overheating. You shall be my travel buddy from now!

To The Finishing Point in School

School has been great. I think most students and I share the same sentiment about school. We have that love-hate feeling for school. It is stressful keeping up with deadlines and catching up with the syllabus. Yet, we love it for all the perks and fun things that can happen in school. As much as I am enjoying the carefree life as a student, I really want to get this over and done with.

Call me a unicorn when it comes to joining the workforce but I know dream job exists if you look into it hard enough. I am pretty much energetic and optimistic about my future when it comes to it.

We can't possibly live off our parents forever. That's just too Asian for my liking. Haha! While it is nice to get such pampering support from parents, it is not as fulfilling as having your hard earned money. I can't speak for those who find joy in it though.

Propelling Forward in Newfound Sport

This news will surprise you like a bomb.

I am currently trying out a new sport - dragonboat.

I know what you're thinking! Like, "You're so flamboyant why not join a dance club or something?" or something like "You do sports?" You have no idea how much thought I have given before joining. I'm not much of an exhibitionist to be performing really, although I relished my moment of glory getting a crowd from performing at the classroom corridor when I was 14.

My decision to join was made under no outside influence or consultation. It was something I had wanted to do but did not have the chance.

There were many hilarious instances I was such a blur. I am usually more amused of how dense I am than being embarrassed about it. Accidentally yelped while my sweaty hands slipped off the pull up bar right after a burpees was just the tip of the iceberg. You have no idea how hard I laughed in my head after each training.

Probably gonna scar me for life. Haha!

My first few trainings were grueling because I joined way before the recruitment period and the most untimely question to answer was why do I join. It was a difficult question because I was not prepared with a short answer. It was too long I just had to brush it off with a simple answer - I just wanted to build myself up.

For one, I enjoy sports - you name it. Saddling, golf, canoeing, rock climbing, cycling and many more. Anything that's non-contact, I'm usually good to go.

Don't be surprised that when I was 12, my good friend and I walked from Bugis to Pasir Ris in six hours, canoed around Pulau Ubin when I was 14, cycled to Marina Barrage and back, and not forgetting rock climbing sessions and horse riding in my glory days.

When I was 18, I tried canoeing once more but I couldn't keep up with the commitment needed. Back then, my priority was different. I did not regret though. At 18, I was feeble in facing susceptible common teasing or back biting. Which was why I tend to shy away from a lot of things back then.

I was really happy to be enlisted in the army, contrary to popular belief on how I would resent it. I was even disappointed for not going to Officer Command School (OCS) but it probably happened for a damn good reason. Nevertheless, I appreciate what was given to me when I served my term. That was when I occasionally go for long cycles and marathons.

So for those who were in the same batch as me, and participated the dragonboat race for the team building event, you know who was the key influence for that.


I have been going for training for quite some time now and I've got to say with the training going on, my priority for school has indeed went up.

The training is challenging, which I am up for it. Trouble is, I look terrible when I've reached my peak. Let's just hope endurance improve by the day.

I Can't Satiate All

It is disappointing to reject other offers I am getting in life now. I am indeed beyond grateful that this year has been great with opportunities handed to me now and then. Unfortunately, it is only pragmatic to reject them to avoid complication. Nevertheless, I am indeed looking forward to reconsider those offers given the chance to play a bigger contributory role.

At home is a whole new story. My house is in a huge mess. As our house gets old, the air conditioner is no longer working, the kitchen floor is leaking and there are some other corrective construction work that needs to be done. Being anal about prim and proper home, it is unfortunate to have my false ceiling broken after painstaking paint work done two months ago. My newly painted wall has not been affected yet but will be with all the repiping works that will be going on for the new air conditioner.

I am grateful to the universe for such hardworking parents, great company, adorable cats, new air-conditioner  and everything in life right now. While I have not yet attained everything I want in life, I am content with my present.

Currently fostering kittens, the house has so many boxes of clothes to be given away and to be unpacked after construction so let's hope they do not hide and go missing!

On top of that, I am still occupied over the weekend helping students who need my help. Nothing has upset my schedule but it is just very, very occupied.

This season is crazy with what's going on at home and all. I really need a breather after this. Do not misconstrue this as a complain of how manic my life is. I am actually enjoying every bit of it, everything. I just wish I have more time, that's all.

My zest for life in simply unbecoming.

Know that I love you guys and thank you for being with me through thick and thin!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

SIFA: Cabanons - Showing Wonders Within Borders

Hello everyone!

Here we are again for the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA), this time spectating Daniel Buren's Circus by Fabien Demuynck. It was amazing, with occasional gasp coming from the audience like myself because up close in such confined space, you get to see everything. Every inch of jerky movement can be seen and yet, it was done effortlessly. We were just afraid they might lose their grip!

Let me just explain how this show works. It's pretty unique because the concept of rotating circus manifests itself in two ways. Earlier iterations of Cabanons had the artists moving simultaneously from one location to another, creating the impression that the show was running after the spectators. However, now in iterations in 2015, it is us who change places at a strictly defined time. In each cabanon, we experience not only different circus acts, but also the subtle difference in atmosphere under the differently coloured tents.

While I was there, I asked myself, what was going on? The entire show has got not much music except from a singer and a n'goni (a ukelele-like string instrument) so it left a lot of room for wonder and interpretation and here were the highlights of what I saw in the first tent that I went.

In the first tent, an African woman (her name is Oumou) donned in her African traditional outfit was standing and across the tent was her male counterpart (his name is Moriba) holding on to the n'goni. He started plucking the n'goni and Oumu started with a song as the spotlight shines on her. It was solemn initially until the n'goni picked up its beat. She danced to the tune and plucked her fingers in beat.

Then, another woman (Tatiana) came in and brought a basket to the middle of the tent. One by one she attached a harnessed string onto the basket that would pull the net up and form a drape. Accessorised in red feathered necklace, her calculated steps seems more grandeur as she slowly pulled herself up to the cable using just a pole like how a fireman would descend. If she had been a firewoman, she would be a sexy one! Within the perimeters of the drape, she hovered over the cable tie on top of her. Throughout her agility on the thin cable, she managed to pull off a smile and rallied us to pluck our fingers together with the thin sounds of n'goni.

She even did an ala cha-cha on the cable, my jaws dropped in amazement yet with fingers crossed she won't miss a step. She even walked backwards fluidly. Oh, and that handstand she did on the cable... If any interpretation has to be made, it would be that life is like walking on cable wire. Strong to hold your weight but dangerous if you slip. Without focus, we would fall and hurt ourselves. To go down from the cable slowly is like ending what you have started, if it has to end, it better end well if not great.

Moving on to the second tent, there were five mirror panels hanged. After everyone was seated, the lights were dimmed and the mirrors started rotating. Technical wise, I am still wondering how the mirror panel rotated itself though because I don't see it being attached to a machine! Or maybe there was but I didn't see it. As it rotate, an acrobat came into the tent with a cyr wheel, rolling it around the spaces between the mirrors. It was as though he was chasing his own reflection. One by one, the mirrors were pushed aside and he started spinning inside the wheel at the centre of the cabanon.

Slowly, he continued spinning using lesser of his upper limb and started tossing and spinning the cyr wheel using just legs. As he took his exit, Moriba came in again with his n'goni and started playing. An aerial silk artist came in and a silky net in the shape of verticle cylinder was gently brought down. In that vertical cylinder was a rope of silk - instrumental to her stunts. Over the cylindrical netting, light that shimmered down as she climbed up towards the light like army's low rope obstacle.

The music got more upbeat as she climbed and hanged tight on top for a while, as though she was desperate to stay up and alive. Smoothly, she twirled the the rope of silk around her different parts of her body and suddenly release herself rolling down and halt to a stop. It's hard to miss people gasping as she did that. Then, Moriba started singing in African without much tune - as though he was chanting something. Throughout, there were instances where she cocooned herself in the silk. I would have assumed the resemblance of a journey being a newborn.

In the final tent we witnessed two acrobats, Sopheak and Sarev. The segment started in a dark kiosk. Two sides of the doors were opened allowing bright light to enter. As it started, the two acrobats joined hands and took a bow as a welcome. Dancing opposite each other, there were tall pickets that were being propped to the middle. While it made me wonder what was it all about, it did not take too long to realize, it takes high precision in balancing to complement each other's ability. The picket was significant in showing a divide between two acrobats not being able to pair up. Does this imply that such divde hinders us from being more productive or collaborative in our life? While the picket allows them to see each other from the other side, does that mean they were actually 'doing something' together'? This is contrasting when they got on to the same side with nothing in between.

Closing the show was the master of ceremony dressed as a ringmaster fit for a circus show. He summed up by introducing us the artist, Daniel Buren, his art, and his 8.7cm stripe trademark. To find out more about why 8.7cm is his trademark, you can drop by the Drama Centre Black Box today for SIFA Shares. Daniel Buren will be sharing on his past works as well as Cabanons – a magical performance project blending the circus with contemporary art – which made its world premiere in the Singapore International Festival of Arts.

3 September 2015
Drama Centre Black Box

Be emotionally moved by the circus performers, who have to be alive and vulnerable again and again for different audiences. As with Federico Fellini’s legendary film “La Strada”, you will encounter the profound emotions of the circus in Cabanons, where tragedy and joy are intertwined.

Cabanons tickets are available for sale here, and special rates and concessions are available here.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6 September 2015
Open field opposite Bugis Junction @ Tan Quee Lan Street

Photo credit: Philippe Cibille

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Against The Current - Gravity World Tour

Hey everyone! Here's what happened at Against The Current's Gravity world tour!

It was 7 pm and it was considerably early for a concert. The queue had already reached to the other end of the skating park. I guess everyone was eager for ATC's second come back in Singapore! The concert started with opening performance by Sign of Five, which entertained us with amazing covers as well as their coming of age songs.

The fervid enthusiasm did not die off even as the lights and sound were off in preparation for the main segment. As they cheered and waited, some of the crew went up to tease the crowd, bringing them to the edge of patience before serving all eager audience with what they wanted.

Apart from the energetic performance that left no one the The Ground Theatre idle, I personally had my own jam when they performed the cover of Kelly Clarkson's famous single, Since U Been Gone.

Definitely an evening to remember!

You left me out there with no one but myself
In an open field for the lightning to strike me down
I was the moon, you were the sun
I can't seem to shine now that you're gone
Now I'm out of orbit cause you left without warning
Are you somewhere better now?

Book II: Jekyll’s Hyde - Gnome & Bow's Latest Collection

Hey everyone!

So elated to receive news that one my favourite Singaporean brand Gnome & Bow is launching their new collection this week! So many reasons to be excited for.

I have been very busy lately that I don't have the time to even update about my personal life yet. Grateful to be in a really great place right now and hopefully it gets better over time.

Today, let me introduce to you Gnome & Bow's latest collection which is very synonym to the current position of my life right now. Gnome & Bow's branding has been about story telling and it echoes my preference for the finest things in life that has a story. Personally, I'd rather own things that has a story relatable that allows emotional attachments. Which is why I treasure gifts more than my own purchases most times! Gnome & Bow in this case, tell us stories through clever details in its design.

Jekyll’s Hyde collection explores and reinterprets the ideas of duality, change and acceptance, a modernisation of the Robert Louis Stevenson masterpiece. The range of bags and wallets were designed to showcase the two contending faces of human nature: the rational, reserved side versus the wilder, more spontaneous inner-self. The question is “Which side will prevail?"

Have we ever asked ourselves which side of us should we espouse?

As for me, I love adventure, meeting new people, doing crazy stuffs that pushes me to the limit. And today, I daresay I'm past that phase where I take nonconstructive comments to heart. I wouldn't invest that much time in people who don't bother to reciprocate good intentions, or let alone have the least thought and effort to appreciate my goodwill. That does not mean I have stopped being nice or start being two-faced.

This collection defines my 'duality' in that sense. There are certain days either side prevails and Book II: Jekyll’s Hyde collection says it all.

The duality of man is expounded by each bag’s reversibility. One side features a classic Midnight Blue or Forest Green nylon, which speaks of a distinguished Dr. Jekyll. When flipped, the bags reveal a custom printed cotton canvas in Khaki Maverick or Olive Maverick, each motif testament to the unconventional ways of Mr. Hyde. Both characters rival for control via a message that is inscribed on the inner leather base of the bag, a constant hint at the fine line that one might thread between the two contradicting personalities.

They are beautiful and perfect for everyday use and awesome getaways!

Their Milton Crossbody Clutch is essential to be casual in style, perfect for lectures and serves great utility for travelling. It fits the essentials like passport, cash and sunglasses. I am loving the green one that goes well with nature outings whereas the blue is distinctly fitting for a trip to the city.

I personally adore the Kensington Messenger for it's handy size for flights or if you have to bring your iPad to classes. Really suitable if you tend to have long days like me. Able to keep my stack of notes, wallets, and spare clothes for gym. What's unique about this bag is its stamped leather bottom that says "Let me out!" or "That's enough!" a quote adapted from the Jekyll Hyde novel.

Their Strand Briefcase on the other hand is very functional for those who like something light to carry on their hand. Going to work may make you feel empty without carrying anything and this briefcase can be a perfect fit with matching suit. Two outer zipped pockets eases reach to your mobile or cards easily.

While I usually use backpack in cases where I have to go to a lot of places to go in one day, this adds style lest people see the mess in my bag. Its clean and sleek look does not intimidate and an ease to the eyes.

Stories are the fabric of memory which make life entertaining and unexpected. Fairytales and folklore speak a language that is both universal and immortal, transcending the barriers of age and culture.

Gnome & Bow was founded on that very notion that bags can go beyond functionality to become a new medium for storytelling, evoking the same emotions as their favorite stories. The Gnome represents that element of fantasy while the Bow symbolises the mark of class. Together, the harmony of these elements guides their design philosophy. Drawing inspiration from the classics to tales of fancy, they develop story elements that are imbued seamlessly into their goods. As with reading a book for the first time, exploring their products will uncover subtle and clever details that reveal a story you’ll find familiar, but with a modern twist. Timeless as the stories that inspire them, they believe their bags should be too. Their collection of bags, wallets and small leather accessories are designed to be the perfect companion for the discerning individual.

The casually fascinating bags are crafted in a combination of U.S full grain leather, nylon and cotton canvas. Each bag comes in two variants - Midnight Blue or Forest Green.

That's Gnome & Bow for you!

Prices range from SGD 245 for the Milton Crossbody Clutch to SGD 395 for the Clifford Backpack. Available here and selected stockists from 4th September 2015.