Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Singapore’s Inaugural Asia Fighting Championship (AFC): Top Asian Muay Thai Fighters to Step into the Ring for an Action-Filled Evening!

For the first time in Singapore, Muse Fitness Singapore and Axseed Events have come together to jointly organize the inaugural Asia Fighting Championship (AFC) on 23 September 2017! Top champion fighters from Korea (Seung Bum Woo and Yoo Deok Jae), Macau (Chao Wai Ian, Ieong Pan and Kuan Wei Hou), Malaysia (Muhammad Ali Yaakub) will be making their first appearance and fight against Singapore’s very own, promising an action-packed September evening!

Asia Fighting Championship (AFC), a new brand and concept entirely conceived in Singapore, aims to unite different nations through the provision of a professional platform to showcase the talent in the sport worldwide. This cross collaboration aims to establish the Asia Fighting Championship as the globally recognized arena for Muay Thai artistes; selecting and recruiting the best athletes across all nations.

Muay Thai, although an ancient form of martial art, is still considered a growing sport in its infant stages. Excited to see them on the ring and learn more about it!

Hailing from across the borders of Continental Asia, the far reaches of Samarkand Uzbekistan to the shores of the land of the rising sun Nippon; to rise before the great People's Republic of China to the sons of Daehan Minguk Korea and to the glitter of the Las Vegas of Asia – Macau. Then also before the shores of Bumiputera Malaysia and to rest again finally in the Lion City of Singapore, Asia Fighting Championship brings you the best of the Asian Fighting spirit, the spirit of all the sons of Continental Asia where martial arts was born and bred.

Asia Fighting Championships (AFC) will, in its competitions, seek to find a Champion of Muay Thai, a Champion of the people and a Champion of life itself.  This is Asia Fighting Championship’s quest to find the true – Champion of Champions.

Stay tuned for this exciting and challenging journey and endeavour starting in September 2017 at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore that will take us to Kuala Lumpur and Macau before coming full circle back to Singapore in September 2018 for the Final Showdown – Chapter 1.

AFC is fully sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council (WMC). AFC will see the launch of specially designed belts for four different weight classes. The winner of each class will be crowned AFC champion and be awarded the belt. Don't you find the belt empowering?

Asia Fighting Championship aims to unite different nations through a provision of a professional platform for the showcase of the talent in the sport of Muay Thai worldwide. Their aim is to make the Asia Fighting Championship a globally recognized component of the sports world today. Loving this cross border exchange spirit!

As usual, everything here has to have a hint of glam! Adding a touch of entertainment and glitz, Singapore stars Sylvester Sim and Steven Lim will be joining the event as celebrity fighters!

Counting down the days to see some gruesome and intense fight! See you there! 😘

Date: 23 September 2017, Saturday
Time: (Expo Hall Opens) 11:00am to 10:00pm (Fight commences) 7:00pm to 11:30pm
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo, Hall A, Level 1
Admission Fees:  VIP Suites S$5,350, VIP S$137, Standard S$95
Tickets available here.
For bulk bookings, e-mail: pamm@axseedevents.com, sales@axseedevents.com.
Telephone: +65 6394 9696 / +65 9855 0511

To find out more about AFC, log on to www.asiafightingchampionship.com

Monday, July 10, 2017

First Humanitarian Trip In Aceh

My first humanitarian trip in Aceh was adventurous needless to say.

Just as any other vacation trip, this trip was simply amazing! Every trip in my life is amazing no matter how bad it went because it brings out the best and worst in us and the people around us. When it comes to my team, I have no other better words to say. The synergy was positive beyond words. From the beginning of the project till the end, I could not be more grateful to be introduced to this community - Majulah Community.

The organization embarked in this project called Project Peduli (Project Care), a secular social initiative unit under Majulah Community (“Majulah”) that addresses immediate humanitarian or social needs within Asia. Majulah aims to uniquely draw the attention of certain need areas to a larger concerned audience and direct them to an immediate call for action. This call often comes in the form of crowd-sourcing or crowd-funding projects, which is not uncommon in the spirit of “gotong-royong,” especially in this part of the world.

This time, we went to Aceh, Indonesia.

In December 2016, Pidie Jaya was hit by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake that shattered the homes and lives of more than 10,000 people. As Ramadan and Eid is the biggest celebration in Aceh's calendar, this would be their first year going through festivities without their loved ones and had to rebuild from the rubble.

There, our enrichment programmes have helped the villagers to go through this phase with ease. We organized enrichment play stations for kids, distributed food, and educated the village about hygiene through our cleaning programme so that they would be able to see how it feels like living in a clean environment. Honestly, I think to them keeping the street clean is the least priority given the frequent occurrences of disasters. From the looks of it, they do not even care about worldly materials as long it is fit for good use.

They would repair the cracks of a building if the structural integrity is not affected by the earthquake but would probably ignore the aesthetics aspect by painting nothing over it because they probably need to do it again when the next earthquake strikes.

On our last day we visited the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque and the Aceh Tsunami Museum. Much to be grateful for after this trip by looking at the way of life there!

I had this sort of self-depreciating joke like how pampered I am, how I would not be able to eat using my hand, or how I would probably cry in the toilet in the absence of bidet and fully pressured rain shower. The juxtaposition between getting down and dirty, and yet staying poise and glamorous is too comical to ignore.

I am not saying that I was born with a silver spoon in mouth that I must have everything on Hermes plate and hide behind my Gucci fur and walk on Loubotins but even in simplicity, we have an economically and geographically privileged and sheltered life. If only my gratuity could be uploaded in some of you, I probably would.

I have been wanting to embark on a humanitarian trip since few years ago but due to limited time and resources, it was just a dream until this year. I am really thankful for this opportunity because it came at the most opportune time. Be it leisure or work, travelling overseas always excites me. What's more being the first non-leisure trip, I could not help but to ask 1001 questions just to be sure and prepared.

Do I need an S-hook? Do I need to bring hangers? Are my insect repellents enough? How much medication must I bring? Can I bring my pump bed instead? Do we have internet access? Do we need to bring gloves? How are we going to get there? Are we moving around in an Alphard or Starex?

Was I not worried? Of course I was! The most rural or rather ulu area I have been to was where, Mersing in Malaysia? There during the briefing we were told to just be prepared for the worst and that includes washing up by the well with no cubicles and lots and lots of mosquitoes. In all worries, I was quite excited for several reasons. In rural areas we get the closest to nature, the creator, and my God, I have a reason to not respond to messages and e-mails. You have no idea how many pings I got upon touch down in Singapore. You have got to be kidding me.

The journey was long because our destination was located in the rural areas of Aceh called Pidie Jaya Regency. It was so remote that my Bahasa Indonesia became useless - amongst kids especially because they have their own dialect. There were no chain hotels except for guest houses locally called wisma and no way it looked like Wisma Atria, tolong. No matter, it was acceptably clean facing the paddy field!

The first few days were great. We were supposed to go to this particular village and so happened some of us accidentally broke a code of ethics in that village which resulted in us being exiled from serving in their village. Honestly, I could not help but to raise my eyebrows. I am all for giving the benefit of the doubt or whatever terms you want to call it. I am not judging but to question, would I want to be one of those who reject help when in need?

That was how hard it was. During our pre-trip briefing we had this segment where we talked about Aceh's cultural norms, we did our best in complying but sometimes no preparation could ever be enough. We were there to learn new culture but we were shunned away like that.

Mutually, our actions speak for itself.

Nevertheless, it is still apllaudable for the fact that they stood by their beliefs even when in need.

I personally did not worry much about the incident because at worst we will be stuck doing nothing for the week. However, that would defeat the purpose of the entire trip because the team had worked very hard to materialize this. After much brainstorming and pulling on some strings, we managed to scout a neighbouring village that were willing to host and receive our help.

Being there made me feel like I was treading on a thread. Every word that you say, every gesture that you make even if you mean well could simply be taken as an offence. I mean, you would not want to repeat the mistake, right?

Have you ever heard about the stereotype on suburban people being very conservative? It has never been so true.

Gratefully, things took a turn because had it not, I would be sleeping in a house in the former village that was already cracked by the earthquake yet unrepaired. The host decided to stay in the wooden, safer house. I understand the trauma but does that mean they have to compensate on Asian hospitality?

I was there to render help and I was going to be treated like The Help?

Another village on the other hand was more accepting. At least we will not be spending the week doing nothing!

We did enrichment activities with the village kids. We invited them to the meunasah - a place in each village where they pray and hold communal events and more. The kids seemed to have fun learning how to blow balloons, playing with bubbles, painting and kite making. Each of them then were given a pack of assorted snacks to bring home!

I think I expended all my energy that day I started to feel feverish. I sweat a lot while playing with the kids. I did not have the appetite to eat even during dinner. I was hungry though. At night, my temperature started to escalate. The following morning I tried to eat but just could not. I went back to sleep, woke up to a bloody bad stomachache.

I had fever for two days. On the second day we went to the nearby clinic and had an IV therapy. My God, lord knows how tickled I was at that moment. Honestly, I was pursing my lips with amusement when this happened.

I was on IV therapy and needed to use the washroom. I was on the verge of doing number one and number two but my body was simply confused looking at the sanitariness of the washroom. The concrete tub was full of water and it was pitch coffee black. There were two pairs of baby clothing, one on the knob and the other one was on the floor. There were no kids around at that time, and I have no idea if those were soiled or not but I really could not hold much longer. I just had to control and do just number one and ensure number two did not happen by accident.

You may think I was cringing in disgust, you were mistaken.

I was actually having my eyes glued to the tub of pitch black water for fear my pet peeve Slytherin could come out of it. I swear to God I was prepared to to run off unzipped with the IV pole.

Amusement aside, I pity my team mate who had to be by my side throughout! Thank you nonetheless!

While I missed certain parts of the programme, I was teeny bit relieved that I did not have to stay over at the meunasah while the rest had. Word got to me that there were mosquitoes and had to stay up as late as 3am? I am all for the kampung (village) lifestyle. I probably had the mozzie issue covered with my gun loads of repellent ranging from commercial patches to military grade gel lotion. If you had searched my bag deeper I even had a mosquito coil prepared in case it got so bad. I was that prepared to make my sleeping area like a temple.

In a way, I think circumstances were trying to protect me in a sense that I do not think I would survive that - for now. Probably too much for me to handle. I probably would live through the day but with lack of sleep and mosquito buzzing and no food for the day because of Ramadan. I would probably throw a b***h fit on everyone the following day, and had this not happen, I would not have another story to tell right?

So thank God I fell ill that day - not that I asked but being ill burns away all my sins. It is like coming back on a holiday with my counter reset.

On the last day we visited the Aceh Tsunami Museum which was very insightful because it showed the images and details on the deadly event that occured in 2004. Thirteen years have passed but looking at the artifacst, watching its clips and exhibits grew some sort of enlightenment that nothing in life is everlasting. Any day, any time, anything can be taken away from us just in a blink of an eye.

Amazingly, the renowned Baiturrahman Mosque stayed intact during the disaster while everything in its surroundings were wiped out clean. Today, it has ben expanded and it was somewhat surreal to be in a place that stood strong while strong waters just 400m away from the shore swept away everything, while people were frantically climbing up the roof of that mosque for refuge.

Enjoy the photos!

No butler, no concierge, I only needed to tip myself! Or perhaps my team who had took care of me while I was ill. πŸ˜‚

To find out more about this trip, log on to https://majulah.sg/whatsnewinmajulah. Posts written by my team and yours truly!

Photos by Fateh and me.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

HydraFacial With Dr Kevin Chua

I have not had my facial professionally done for years!

This year, I thought I would go for one before the festive celebration but circumstances did not allow for that because of my humanitarian trip which I have yet to share! Photos and full story coming soon! I hope you guys will love it!

I have been meaning to go for facial and I searched high and low for the best in terms of price, service and of course the technology used. I have experienced the old style extraction which was painful and that made me dread facial extraction because I do not believe in paying to be in pain.

Last week, I went through HydraFacial at Drs Chua and Partners which is the up and coming technology in the aesthetics industry today. It felt a little bit like microdermabrasion which I did a few years ago, only this one feels better for several reasons!

The question about effort in taking care of our skin persists. How important it is to take care of our skin? It will regenerate itself right?

I am no skincare guru although I am always interested about grooming and whatnot. I am probably the last person that you should seek advice in this area but I can always refer you to the right person! Dr. Kevin Chua to the rescue!

I feel that skin care is very important not only because it builds confidence. Confidence could be boosted by healthy and supple skin.

The ritual of how you care for your skin says a lot about your personality. Hormonal changes aside, dull and blemished skin usually (not always - do not torment me for being judgmental) reflects poor hygiene, bad facial regime, or substandard diet. A tan skin shows how much you have been under the sun just as clear skin shows how much you take care of them.

Even at a young age, it is vital to maintain our skin so that it remains radiant through the remaining years after our body stops reproducing as much collagen as before! Apart from daily regime like ensuring you wash your face day and night, and applying the right moisturizer, it also has to be maintained by a professional monthly to make sure the dirt that is in the hard-to-get places are sucked out and more importantly, the nourishment applied onto the skin are well absorbed.

That is what HydraFacial is all about!

HydraFacial is said to yield better results than IPL, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The treatment merges soothing invigorating spa therapies with advanced medical technology to achieve instant and lasting results. Importantly, it works for all skin types and no downtime or discomfort.

I have had facial where I cringed and yelped during extraction. In HydraFacial, I was literally talking and bantering away while having my whiteheads vacuumed out. The procedure is non-invasive and has four steps.

It started of with cleansing and exfoliation. Activ-4 serum, a multi-action specialized skin solution that deeply cleanses skin while softening sebum and impurities to aid in extractions, was applied onto my skin. It helped to remove dead skin cells to uncover the healthy skin. Personally, it did not sting (maybe because I have thick skin? 😜), but I did feel some sort of painless reaction between the dead cells of my skin and the serum.

Once washed off, glycolic acid (about 7.5% in intensity) was applied to loosen the dirt and debris from pores without irritation. The percentage was very low to even feel any stinging. Glycolic acid is the acid commonly used in chemical peel procedures. At this intensity, it actually weakens the bond between the dead cells and your skin. Just as how you clean the tiles with special solution to soften the dirt before scrubbing, same concept!

Then, my favourite part came. All the dead skin, soften whiteheads and comedones were extracted using the automated vortex suction to clean out the pores. There were instances when we could hear rattling from the tube like how a vacuum cleaner sucked in all the dirt from the carpet.

Finally, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid were vortex-fused to nourish and protect the skin. While my face looked sore throughout the procedure, it was pain-free throughout!

Do you know what was the disgusting yet satisfying thing was? The cylinder which had clear waster became murky and that was where all the dirt from my face went!

With the advancement of new facial procedures which are pain free and instantaneous, gone are the days where people could say they have to suffer for beauty. My skin felt lighter probably because of all the heavy weight dead cells were gone and I could still smile without cracking my skin. A week passed ever since my first HydraFacial, I did not have super greasy skin even after a day out and I did not have the need to heavily maintain my skin. Of course I am just putting the great effects to test!

What's there not to love about this aesthetics new darling?

HydraFacial of course is best done under the purview of the right person! Dr Chua has an amazing clinic. The second level of his clinic befits a spa with warm lights and amazing photographs taken by him. He has been juggling well between being a General Practitioner (GP) and aesthetics master. He may at times be too busy to juggle between caring for the ill and aesthetics clients. As such, he has amazing staff in his team! His staff were friendly and relatable which is imperative and ideal for the cause he is supporting! His cause helps troubled youths to get back into the society! Will share it soon!

A huge thank you to Dr Kevin Chua and team for the amazing service!

Don't say I didn't share about my facial doctor!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Metta Charity Run 2017

Charitable causes calls for charitable hearts! Metta Welfare Association is having its 8th running event, Metta Charity Run 2017, in a specially curated ‘Superhero’ theme run to honour the dedicated contribution of their superheroes: donors, volunteers, partners and beneficiaries.

The Metta Charity Run 2017 will be held at the OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub on 26 August 2017, Saturday. The event starts from 7.30am till 11am.

You can expect a refreshing and scenic superhero running experience at the OCBC Sports Hub. The Run consists of a dual league of ‘superheroes’: a squad of heroic beneficiaries who live their lives fully despite their disabilities and their pool of magnanimous supporters – basically, people like you and me!

MP for Marine Parade GRC and Chairperson of GPC for Social and Family Development, Mr Seah Kian Peng will grace the event as Guest-of-Honour and be among the superheroes running in the 5km league.

Metta will not be where it is right now without these superheroes unstinting support.

Metta Charity Run 2017 continues to hold non-competitive 5km, 10km run categories as well as the parent & child 1.5km fun run. This fundraising event, targeting to raise S$180,000, provides runners with the opportunity to be amongst like-minded participants in a gathering to go the distance for a good cause and celebrate healthy living.

The fun does not just end there. A mini carnival awaits you! Get lucky with their Super Draw and win exciting prizes while you’re there!

This annual community event organised by Metta aims to raise funds for the disability care, medical care, special education and early intervention programmes that Metta provides in aid of some 1,000 beneficiaries from across various races and religions.

Registration for the Metta Charity Run is open and available at:

Date: 26th August 2017, Saturday
Venue: Singapore Sports Hub
Superheroes to assemble by 7:30am
10km flag-off: 7.30am
5km flag-off:8.15am 
Parent & Child 1.5km Fun Run flag-off: 8.30am