Thursday, December 27, 2018

Perth 2018 - Kings Park

It was funny because each day when I was in Perth, every night I told myself,

'Let's go running. Enjoy the scenery, the sun and clear skies, and cold breezy air,'

When the following morning came, I turned and pulled in the sheets and whispered in my head,

'What the heck,'

The cold weather just makes you want to stay in and snuggle in your own bed longer! It is ironic because back here in the sunny, forever-summer island, we are unmotivated to move because of the heat. Any exercise outside would drench us in sweat and probably more exhausted from the heat than the workout.

Then we tell ourselves, if only the weather is cold, it would be more motivating to get into our running gear and sweat all the calories we have consumed. Cold weather just makes you want to sit in, eat soupy food and have hot tea.

If you have the energy, and if the weather is right you should by all means actually get into your running gear and I highly recommend running up to Kings Park. As I slept late the night before anyway, the idea of getting in a car sounds more appealing. It was less than ten minutes drive!

Kings Park is beautiful. Many colourful flowers, and visitors would just perch by the hillside cafes to enjoy the skyline and have a cup of coffee. You cannot afford that at all here because of the humidity. There, it would be hard to shy away from the sun because it was breezy. Just remember to slap on some sunblock! From the top, you get the see the Perth city skyline and it looks as majestic, and glitzy at night.

Kings Park also houses a war memorial erected in honor of all Australian soldiers whose remains are buried elsewhere.

Be sure to bring a bottle of water. The hike to Kings Park may be challenging to some and the weather can be quite dry. Other than that, it is a view worth the trip!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Happy Holidays 2018!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season as much as I am. I was away for a personal retreat, shared great news with some good friends and close relatives, and I am very hopeful on what is to come for 2019. I have been on social media hiatus for more than two weeks (that is like two decades in the digital world! 😂) Yet, I do my homework of catching up just so that I would not be ignorant of your lovely posts. Truly, I am very happy some of you are having a blast this holiday season!

2018 has been a challenging year I will not deny. Without your support and thoughtful prayers, I am not sure if I would be able to hurdle through this year on my own. With well wishes from good friends and relatives, I am more geared up now and am more optimistic about what is to come.

2019 will not be without challenges but as always, I seek your well wishes and resolute support!

It is a little disappointing that I am not able to celebrate New Year's Eve abroad this year but it is more special than mega fireworks and picturesque holiday photos. Just for this year I hope! I would still love to travel each year end, not only to immerse myself in the holiday season overseas and get cultured, but also brush up my photography and writing skills.

I am of course hopeful to have more New Year's Eve trip in the future, as always!

With this, I wish you happy holidays and have a wonderful 2019!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Perth 2018 - Exploring Perth City

Perth City is not exactly a refuge for shopaholics but some inexpensive stores like Target, or local chains like T2 and The Chemist Warehouse are hard to miss. An evening walk around Perth City was amazing during the cold season because it is pretty safe and quiet when the city goes to sleep.

Just do not walk close to the homeless. They can be, sometimes verbally abusive.

For party goers, there are a few clubs that you can go to which can be found along Hay Street Mall.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Perth 2018 - Caversham Wildlife Park

When I was in Australia about two years ago, several things did not go as planned and my dream to see The Blue Mountain and have a chance to get up close with kangaroos and other Australian animals crushed thanks to a lousy travel company.

This year, I am utterly and truly grateful that I was able to see, feed and even touch them at the Caversham Wildlife Park in Perth!

The family-run zoo is feels very intimate and private. If you are there expecting everything to be like the major zoos in the world, you are better off packing or have your own room service and see the world from your own hotel room.

This may be odd but what I really appreciate about Caversham Wildlife Park is the fact that it is one of the tourist attractions where the toilet has a bidet. Whew! 😌

As it is hard to do so many things in a day (given Australia's early closing hours), it is recommended that you go to Caversham Wildlife Park early. You would probably spend half a day there. By the time you are back at Perth City, it would be dinner time and most shops would be closed by then. That way, you could bask in all its exhibitions and shows without rush.

It is great for kids, likewise for adults. The show and special exhibition timings are not too far apart too in such a way that once you are done with a show, you could make it for another animal show without waiting for too long. Then after, you have all the time to explore their exhibit. It is not exactly a big zoo, but the shows are worth it because Caversham Wildlife Park features many local animals.

As a city dweller, the farm show was extremely informative and the best part of all was to feed all the kangaroos without limits! Till this day, I just could not get enough of all those cute and tame kangaroos! If only I could bring home one!