Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen (2017)

So glad the video is finally released! Hope you love it as much as I do. For best viewing experience, watch it in 4K Ultra-High-Definition and surround sound. πŸ–€

Monday, January 8, 2018

Feeling So Balanced at Sofitel Singapore City Centre

I need a break from having too much break.

I am loving every bit of Sofitel Singapore City Centre. It is new and pretty much close to everything. Since it is right above Tanjong Pagar MRT, it makes travelling around town a breeze. Its room is an inspiration for my bedroom design. I am still dreaming of a bedroom so lush it triggers some sort of euphoria to the five senses. Lush carpets, warm lightings, heavy furniture, gold fittings, ultra huge mirrors, high beds, woody scent and a lossless sound system are just a hint of indulgence here!

I adore the flavoursome desserts at Club Millesime! The lounge is very close to the pool and Sofitel's in-house gym - SoFit. The entire floor is simply playing area where one can gym and swim, then eat. Everything in the bedroom is exquisite. Welcome notes and chocolates are always welcomed because it is heartening and makes anyone happy! The first thing I did was to connect my music to the Bose speakers.

I love things that are neat and tidy and felt wasteful to mess the bed upon entering. I am one who does not want to mess it up right away! Who is likewise? ✋

Ain't nobody got time for colouring contest but got time for gym and swim. This colouring book is for kids to enjoy throughout their stay. Genius way to keep kids engaged and importantly quiet while daddy is on a business call! What can keep me quiet though, is the Nespresso machine where I could request certain flavours available and make coffee neatly. Same goes for its TWG tea collection too! There is an exclusive flavour available only at Sofitel.

SoFit - Sofitel's in-house gym is da bomb! The treadmill and cycling machines faces greenery and the pool which is ever calming. It has enough equipment for full body workout. There is even fruit cart outside for your indulgence after a workout. Loving the gym! Beautiful gyms are motivation to workout.

If you love the outdoors, its lap pool is the to-go. There are cabanas free for use too. There is an extraordinary balance at Sofitel Singapore City Centre be it for those who love to enjoy the sun and fresh air, and those who prefer to spend their energy on weights.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Atmosphere 360 at Menara KL - Feast In Sight and Asian Gastronomy

Seen all of Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur from the top of Menara KL! Menara derived from Arabic - minaret that means lighthouse. Symbolizes the beacon of hope and aspiration for the many. Hence, becoming a common first name for most buildings at the heart of Malaysia.

After all these times I had visited Kuala Lumpur, this was my first time setting foot on KL Tower, popularly known as Menara KL - one of the tallest freestanding towers in the world. The muqarnas inspired crystal domes at the entrance look so majestic and somewhat spiritually cleansing.

I had high tea at Atmosphere 360. It is a revolving restaurant, and it was my first time dining on one! Effortless viewing honestly. The only time I had to walk was to take food from the buffet that serves an array of Malaysian delicacies. After which, you are free to go back down to the observation deck if you still have not gotten enough of the view.

Enjoying good food with a panoramic view from the top never gets old. 😍

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur - Unswerving Breakfast Before Gym

Concorde Kuala Lumpur is always a favourite! Although their bedroom finishing could have been better (at least it is fantastically cleaned), their breakfast is always great, never dissappointing. The queue for breakfast is worthwhile. Their staff is always on the ball assigning tables and the joy of watching comes from the matre'd that goes down the line calling number of pax to match the available seats. Sooner than you realize it would be your turn to be seated!

The gym for its premier guests was perfect. Most times empty and it has the essentials! Smith machine, free weights and Olympic bar were just some of the important ones. You are free to do yoga and cardio as there is ample space for it!

Concorde Kauala Lumpur is located near to Menara KL (KL Tower) where you can get a splendid view of the entire city and indulge in delicious high tea, and the famous Petronas Twin Towers if you love high-end shopping!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

On High Gear to Hustle in 2018

Happy 2018!

My celebration to 2018 was understated given the rainy weather. In my culture, rain signifies provision and some sort of good luck where wishes are most times heard and answered. I am elated by the fireworks, and this time, closer than ever. Hopefully the new calendar year has everything excellent for you and I!

I love watching fireworks and it is most times huge on New Year's Eve. This year, I am so thankful I do not have to face the crowd. 😍

I am so ready to hustle and be on high gear! Done being dormant and am looking forward to give the best in every aspet of life. Writing myself a few things that I am resolute to do.

Read more, write more and really, speak less. We are born with two ears and one mouth which only shows we should listen two times than we speak. Reading expands our knowledge, improve linguistics and heightens sensitivity towards everything that is happening around the world. I even had set a date to spend time in the library. I was at the library last month and I was so amazed by the many interesting magazines I found on photography, economics and fashion. πŸŽ“

Ready to commit and surrender my soul to my work. I am just kidding about surrendering my soul but yes, that means I would probably spend more time at work than play and make sure my work gets the very best of me. Surely work gets us money and provision but what is important at my age is catching up with the experience curve. I do not want to be one of those with paper without logic and spirit. Always praying and working on it. πŸ™

Make full use of all the soft and hard skills I have harnessed through the years. I am hopeful to utilize and improve them along the way. All of us are diamond in the rough! Only those who did well under pressure shine. I have always believed that all of us are given a set of skills to benefit the universe and I am optimistic to bring it to the next level! πŸ”¨

Fortify relationships with family and friends. Needless to say, they are our pillars of support! This needs no elaboration! 🌎

Here's to a happy, fruitful and ultimately productive 2018! Let's build ourselves to be better in every facets of life! πŸ₯‚

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur - Everything Splendour At Its Doorstep

It was my first time staying at Grand Millenium in Kuala Lumpur. The capital city of Malaysia has many new infrastructures that includes the new MRT line but the construction around it has resulted in many road diversions and consequently massive traffic congestion. Can you imagine, our car was just twenty feet away. Yet, the congestion took us about half an hour just to get to the entrance. Literally, it was so close yet so far!

I was grateful to have stayed at Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur because the traffic was so unnerving. I am looking forward to seeing the new developments ready and let's hope the traffic gets better once all the construction ends!

Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur is probably by far the most convenient amongst the many luxury hotels around. It is just a stone's throw away from renowned upmarket Pavilion Kuala Lumpur shopping mall which is connected to Fahrenheit88 mall across by an underpass. Even when it rained and I got an umbrella from the concierge, I did not get too soaked. Partly because there was a connecting construction shelter. One can shop without having to sweat or beat the jam. Location wise, it was first-rate.

Their warm lightings, sparkly Christmas decorations and attentive doorman were spectacular.

The air though got me into runny and blocked nose. I would have been able to appreciate its huge gym and stunning swimming pool if there were air purifiers around or had they vacuumed as thoroughly as I do. Honestly, I could sense dusty and stale air attributed to the fully carpeted and air-conditioned hotel. It did not do justice to its breakfast spread at The Mill too. I love their 'no bedroom slippers' policy and the exuberant carpeting but with blocked and runny nose, how can I indulge in the smell of tasty food? Seriously, I did not even in the mood to take photos. Let alone eat without feeling something is going to come out from your nose. That got me into ennui and it was a waste to not be able to enjoy the gym, pool and many other facilities when my goal there was to relax.

If I am going to set foot in there again, I would probably make sure everything is vacuumed from my room to The Mill. I would prefer if they maintain their glossy marble at the lobby. πŸ˜‰

Monday, January 1, 2018

Training With Kevin Chiak at K-Champs Health and Fitness Academy

Happy 2018! I am sure many of you are setting a laundry list of things to do and accomplish in this new chapter. This includes keeping yourself together financially, emotionally, and healthily among other many aspects of life.  I have my fair share of list which I hope to share in my next update! Keeping ourselves fit and active hands down requires a lot of discipline and commitment. Although we may pledge to commit our time, sometimes we just want a variety in each routine and an 'accomplice' who knows what you want, your goals, adapts to your needs and lifestyle.

I had an amazing heart-to-heart training with Kevin Chiak and it was something about him that got me sold.

Gym and Trainer Exclusively Yours
K-Champs Health and Fitness Academy has a fully equipped gym on its own. I do not detest gym membership honestly. I quite dig it if it comes at a really reasonable price because I go to the gym at a reasonable frequency. If it is going to cost as much as house rent, without a trainer, namaste to the deal. Here, you only pay for the sessions that you do!

Besides, membership-based gyms where you pay monthly for a membership gives you the liberty to train on your own at the expense of doing it wrong, or sometimes you become damn lazy to even go. You probably have to queue for the benches and machines and whatnot. I just do not get why I have to queue in the gym like I am in Disneyland?

Training at Kevin Chiak's gym gives me a whole new sense of exclusivity because no Tom, Dick and Harry could pay a sum just to use the gym. It beats queuing-for-machines and strangers that make you lose focus. It is great because let's face it, there are days you are dead serious and you are just too embarrassed to be watched by many others who are queuing for their turn.

Trainer Who Understands You
Located at Joo Chiat, training with Kevin Chiak may seem light to some but he believes that training should not be hard in the first place. Otherwise, people would be put off by it before physical results even show. Be it for hypertrophy or stamina, he believes on understanding us, our body, diet and many others relating to it before tailoring the exercises for us because as he put it, one size does not fit all.

People be asking, who is Kevin Chiak? Kevin Chiak is a long standing figure of the Singapore bodybuilding scene having won his first Mr Singapore title in 1996 and the Mr Singapore Overall Championship in 2010. He also founded the Fitness Movement League (FM League) in 2013 to evolve the physique sports and develop local talent from the Singapore youth. Today, FM League is the largest local bodybuilding and physique sports organisation in Singapore holding 6 major competitions a year involving over 80 percent of all of Singapore’s athletes.

Having been in the bodybuilding scene for so long, he is more than meets the eye.

Professional and Accredited
An accredited trainer with Master Degree in Medical Fitness, he also has an army of other qualified trainers and has programmes fit for family, children and women too. He will be conducting classes for the ladies, so keep a lookout on K-Champs Health and Fitness Academy to find out more! For those who feel they are limited by chronic illnesses, you too can be active with Kevin as he is professionally trained and specialized to help you and I think it is imperative to have a trainer who is certified in medical fitness too.

Healthy living vibes is also spread across through FM League that targets young athletes!

Enough riding on the sleigh. It's 2018, let's get the year started with not any trainer, but one who has your back! Join me in starting 2018 right!

Log on to www.kchamps.com to find out more how you and your loved ones can get healthy in a wholesome and holistic way.

In case you were wondering what we did in his private gym, it is no secret at all! We did shoulders through 3 sets of 15 reps of the following:
  1. Front Military press
  2. Dumbell lateral lift/flys
  3. Upright row
  4. Pec fly
  5. Stretching
If you are too shy to go on your own, private group classes are available! Bring your squad! Details follows: