Beloved Departed

Last night, my grandmother just passed away which coincides with my mothers birthday and my eve of birthday. nWell, today on my birthday, my only wish and best present you people can give me is your prayers to my late granny. 15 years living with her seems to be short. I will miss her very much. I miss her war stories, how she survived the war, how she worked with the Japanese during WWII, cooking, jokes , nagging and even her ever creative tongue in cheek insults she gave me that always made my day.

At about 10pm last night, she was motionless and her breath sounded like she was strike by an asthma. The ambulance came and she was taken to the hospital. Around 5.15am I was woken up by my maid and a call from my mum with the tragic news that was quite expected.

My grandmother had passed away.

I just could not shed a tear because the news is too overwhelming and it is something that I wish it was just a bad nightmare. I could not believe that she has gone forever. This probably would not have happened if my neighbor hadn't come and attack my house.

She passed away at about 3.30am. So my mother told me to tell my siblings about her departure. I didn't go to school. Besides, there's no test going on. My siblings were indeed devastated.

My grandmother was very strong and hard working. Good is at jokes and have a high sense of humor. She was a friend where you can talk to her whenever you want. She is very particular about who I mingle with, tell me her past stories and even share tips with me in cooking and whatever there is about traditional Malay culture. I've always hope to learn cooking from her but now, I guess it's tad too late.

I hope you people before me treasure your loved ones especially the ones who's in their golden age. They can be nasty (at times) but they are fun to be with no matter how tough they can be.

I am sure my close buddies like Syaz and Hafiz will miss her too. They know her well enough.

I would like to thank all my family members who had come and visited. Firstly to my uncle and aunts who kept on giving us moral support, my cousins who entertained me when I am in sorrow, my friends who came with their parents and my friends who passed their condolences, the parties that successfully completed the burial ceremony and Al-Istighfar Mosque who has guided us in the ceremonial prayer and my family and friends who had wished my mother and me a happy birthday. I w would like to personally thank Syazwan's family who had bought me Swensen's Ice-Cream cake and thank Hafiz for his Mini Musical Box for my birthday. I appreciate every single things that you did.

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