Anugerah Planet Muzik 2006, Singapore

It was thrilling to meet Taufik Batisah and have a photo with him. Too bad it was blur because everyone was in a rush to grab this golden opportunity. Or maybe my cousin was too excited meeting her idol.

Urgh! He's not looking here!

As for me, I was busy chasing celebrities to get their autographs. That time I can't really take photographs because I don't have a good camera and my digital camera was tad too bulky!

I got to meet Ariel's Peterpan, Siti Nurhaliza, Taufik Batisah, Mawi and some other. Rossa is so pretty. She gave me jitters when I meet her. Heh.

Before the show when Siti cam I shouted for her to get her autograph and photo with her., Then there was this Indonesian lady who pretended to cry and all just to get Siti's attention! So annoying! Siti told me she would give me after the show, which she really did. How awesome!

After the show I quickly went to the back entrance. There were so many people squeezing to meet Siti Nurhaliza. Knowing how 'kiasu' I am, I got to the front line and got her autograph! I even asked for two just in case... So now I have 3. I'm waiting for my chance to take photograph with her! I get to touch her hands and it was super soft and smooth! Better yet, the second time she hold my hand, she grabbed it! Maybe I shouldn't was my hands for the next few days. Kidding!

Thanks to my Uncle K for sponsoring us the tickets and this wonderful event experience! We had a great time!

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