Youth Day Celebration 2006

Today's Youth Day Celebratios was fun despite the lessons we had before recess. I personally think that it was fun. 98.7FM radio came to my school between 10-11am. It was not expected when I heard some songs playing and DJ talking about stuffs. I was so surprised when I entered the canteen.We had a chance to meet Daniel Ong or "Dan The Man". I didn't catch up with radio and TV, so I wasn't really surprised when I met him.

But I'm still surprised by the sentiment of having a radio station broadcasting live from Coral Secondary School. Then my friends dedicate some stuffs .And Daniel did talk to me. I just can't believe that my school was live on air.

During Assembly, we got another celebration. There were performances by our teachers. Most of them were cute and have the 'X-factor'. LOL!

The character of "The Phantom of The Opera" said "These students were so wonderful...I will blah blah blah and cancel all exams!" Everyone cheered! Which was so funny.

Well,today is the start of weekend, I've completed most of the homework.What's left are the difficult ones. Shall give a try soon.


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