Community Involvement Programme

Those who missed Detik on Suria Channel and missed what I said last night, check out the video below. I apologize or the compromised quality for there was a rush prior to recording. I really hope you enjoyed the insightful programme and be a part of the FIFA World Cup screening in  Al-Istighfar mosque. I am sure sports and religion can bring people together as one.

I am tired today because I was busy last night. Early in the morning, I had to wake up for the my Community Involvement Programme (CIP) which was really rewarding and fulfilling. We did our flag day at various locations.

Then in the afternoon I went back to school to select photos for the upcoming photography competition. I thought I arrive late. Turns out, everyone else was late too!

I am contented with the six photos that I will be submitting for the Singapore Young Photographer Award but too bad I can't follow you guys to submit them personally because I will be away for vacation!

Today's plan was to rest at home and pack up stuffs for holidays. But my grandfather passed away. What happened probably had to happen I guess. My God bless his soul.

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