Translation Competition by Berita Harian

This afternoon I went to Toa Payoh Central Community Centre. A few of my friends and I went to the translation competition organised by Majlis Pusat and Berita Harian. It was fun. The words I needed to translate were easy but the obstacle is to translate all the 10 words from Malay to English and vice-versa 15 second so that really pressured me.
For my turn, I count myself lucky as I picked the right alphabet and the words came out turns our to be so easy. But too bad, the answer "struck" my head at a slower rate and time was running fast, so I could not manage to get it all right.

The thing that was funny about some of the participants is that they are too nervous that one of them said "Pos-pass!" to pass on to the next word. And the other one translated shark in Malay last minute to "buaya" (crocodile).

After the competition, I went to Tampines to buy food .I haven't eat since 11. Then I went home. It ended earlier than expected.

I really think this competition is a good move to make Malay students effectively bilingual. I wouldn't want to miss the chance to participate again if I have the chance to.


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