Let's talk about friendship.

It is something that everyone posses. It is like a treasure. I believe some of you guys wouldn't want to share their friendship with others but come on. It's a crappy thought.Get it out of your mind. It will only lead you to the wrong side.

No one loves a backstabber in a friendship. Just like a cruise or a ship. You don't want a pirate to be in the same cruise as you. It's very dangerous. Neither do I. But pirates will get in their way into you "cruise" somehow right? It is hard to judge a person just by one look. You will never know who they really are. Who knows, how bad a person looks may have a heart of an angel?

You may be deceived by their kindness and their laughter. But you will never know the serpent be in the flower. It has a poisonous venom that is set to kill.

You the victim, has to be patient. What goes around,comes around. This might be your "bad day" but trust me, whatever happens, has a meaning to it and all you need is to have faith in yourself.

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