Two Headed Snake

YEEPPEES! Now I can convert MPEG videos to 3gp format and can be viewed on my mobile. I'm so excited. Besides today's the start of the weekend. So, I can spend time on myself.
Sometimes I feel like a trash. Or shall I say used? I tried to hide those feelings away. I could say that 'I am being professional." and you'd say "I'm tired." when I told you I feel left out . You asked if I can help you with this and that. And you know what? I'm not your servant. You don't pretend to be tired or weak. Wait till one day, God will show you how does it feel to be one tired pathetic idiot who can't walk or breath and no one will help you, then you will know how it feels like to be 'tired'. You can talk to me nicely and politely as a saint whenever you reject me as a friend. I accept it with an open heart but do you think I am really happy?

Friends tell. I don't think you are that trustworthy. I know I am but you don't trust me ever since I made my small mistake. You hide from me. You talk directly behind my back. I'm embarrassed. I'm clueless. And you gave me that pathetic look after that. Do you know how terrible it feels like?

You are the one who's not professional. You don't know how to treat people the way they want. I wonder how will you treat your own guests if you ever have your own house. There's no sense of hospitality in you. Wherever you go, I think that's the most important thing to have in a person's mind when treating people. The person you are talking to is not an animal.

After you read this, you will know how sensitive I am. It is so hurtful that I feel like smashing your godforsaken face. You are the one who's turning into a self-centred twit who uses the word "I" a million times a day just for your own pleasure.

This message is not just for you. It is also for the several of you who tagged me as a friend but your foul heart leads you to treating me like this.

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