Being An Aquarian

Hello guys,
I hope you are in good conditions always.

Bits and pieces of an aquarian.

Aquarians are extremely talented in the arts. They have an innate talent for drawing, music, sewing. When it comes it comes to commitment they tend to shy away from it, that's why are considered the "detached lover" in the zodiac. On the bad note, Aquarians demand that everyone do everything for them, they usually don't ask someone for a favor, they just say they want something done. Aquarians are extremely blunt all the time, so they tend to say things to people, not realizing how mean they may sound or be. Also Aquarians like to put their best foot forward in front of people who don't matter when they are trying to make a good impression. But I must say that they are humanitarians by nature, and they love to help others in need.

Aquarius is the unpredictable force of nature who wakens us to new possibilities. He is the brief inspiration of lightning, who surprises even himself with his sudden insights. The only sure thing about Aquarius is his independence and unpredictability. He is drawn to novelty like a magnet, and loves reaching out to touch every person or thing that fascinates with its newness. He is famous for his spontaneity.

Aquarius sees everyone as his friend, and views each with complete impartiality and equality. This is because he sees the intrinsic value in everything, and appreciates all aspects of man and nature. To the Aquarius, all serves earth and mankind, and all is worthy of respect and reverence. Those closest to him may find it hard to feel they are special in his heart. Rest assured - romance may seem cool, but devotion to those who truly matter is not, and the electricity is a lover’s dream.

The Aquarius is often seen as a kind of mad scientist - aloof, scatter-brained and non-conformist. He is merely preoccupied. There is always some new thought, discovery, idea, plan or person to pursue, study, assess and put to good use in the world. The Aquarius is in tune with electricity, communication, invention, mechanics, friends, social groups, humanitarianism and politics.

The Aquarius loves humanity above all. His devotion to friends can be greater than his own sense of self preservation, and he rarely hesitates in risky situations. If the Aquarius lives on the edge, it is because of a deep inner knowledge that his life is but a speck in the face of so much that is amazing and wonderful.

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