Singapore Idol and Teachers Day 2006

I was so excited to update you people about the Singapore Idol that I went last night. However, I was too tired and I had to prepare for today's Teacher's day performance! So let's update about yesterday, Wednesday,30/08/06.

I got the ticket last minute. My friend was unable to attend so he gave it to his friend, Ras. So Ras told Ward that she got extra ticket. Ward was unable to attend too because her mother didn't allow her. So, me, upon hearing the news, asked if the ticket is available. Hehe! So, thanks, Ward, for helping me to call Ras and thanks Ken, for not being able to attend and thanks Ras once again for the ticket! Appreciate it so much!

I went there by taxi. It was cheap, about eleven dollars. When I reached there, some of my familiar schoolmates were there so I got company! So after some time, more people came. So then, we got in, I was the first to get in and the most enthusiastic one. Trust me, I was like screaming all the way and keep on fidgeting. Then I think I was partially "melted" not because of anything but I am just too excited. Last minute ticket, one hour fun. So, I watched what I watched. Except that I watched it LIVE on TV and I got Hady's autograph ! Haaha ! Ok. Let's stop about Singapore Idol, Joakim is out anyway. Awww...

Ok next thing is regarding my performace this morning in the school hall. I don't know why, but I don't fell nervous till now. Certain things I am immune already I think which is insults,scoldings, and nervousness. So, I am quite worried though if my voice will be like off-pitch. But this performace, I was so freaking confident to move. Haaha. So long as I am not over-confident, I'm fine am I right ? So I sang Sway by Michael Buble. I think everything was fine except for one part I went off-beat. I sang faster than the song. Which shouldn't be happening ! So, I was professional (riigghht) and continued singing. After school, when people were dismissed, the song Sway stucked in everyone's head. They go like "When marimba rythm starts to play.." whenever I walked pass them. So I was like "Heck uh."

After school, I went to my primary school, PRPS. I saw my long lost friends like Mas,Farhan and Haziq etc. I have not contacted them and I remembered their names. Coolness ! So we took a photograph.
So we talked, chat and stuffs.So after that I went home. Too tired. Exhausted. I slept.

Ok, I would like to wish the teacher's a Happy Teacher's Day. Have a nice week ahead !

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