Holiday Begins, Homework Reigns

I don't know where to start today ? Basically holiday had just started. I can enjoy, have fun and continue with my self-grooming. My nails and my hair is growing beyond control and I'm getting irritated by my fringe. Secondly, the pictures I took yesterday during the Teacher's Day in school is uploaded here so, I can let you see what I've been up to.

There's more shots which is kept, not shown yet. And the shots I took at home, one of them is on the frst page on my blog, which is before you enter here. And another one,below.

Ok. How's that? Heh! Ok. I don't know what to do today. I need to rest from studying for today. My brain wants to rest. And another thing that is irritating me is when I am so enthusiastic in doing my homework, I don't know how to do them. So, in the end, I leave them because it is so mind boggling. But I will attempt to do some though. Wow, now is the Term 3 break and one more term left to go and next year will be 'O' Levels. In the first place I don't feel like a Secondary 3 student. Except for the long-pants case. So, I think next year I will start weeping over my books because I'll be stressed out.

I don't know if you can understand what I am talking about today. Ahh! Now I remember! I need to check out my horoscope today. Ok. Yesterday it says: "You've been ready for success -- and finally, success is ready for you. This is thrilling -- but also just the teensiest bit scary. Everything's coming your way, and that means change -- big change -- is in the works." Today, my scope says "You have a brainteaser occupying most of your headspace right now, and it's no wonder. The usual methods won't work when it comes to getting a solution. Approach this from an unorthodox angle." Well, today's scope doesn't say anything about me today but yesterday it did! Ok. I'm going off. Keep tagging ,write a testimonial for me and please, leave comment(s) on my post. Ta!

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