Social Etiquette Course

It is alright to hurt/avoid the people you don't wish to speak to. Sometimes, these people approach us when they need us, When they don't, they leave us! For my case, whenever I don't feel like talking to them, I just reply a one word answer or just ignore them as if I don't get their nudges or messages. But don't misintepret this because sometimes I really didn't get your messages/nudges/calls. So sorry guys!
Today, I attended Business And Social Etiquette course via  one way bus. But, heck, we went to Macdonald's then on. It's kinda a hot day and I got running nose. So, it's not a good start of the day. The course ended earlier than the time we should end which is at 1pm but it ended at 12 noon? The course basically teaches men to be gentlemen. How to get up and down the escalator and how to open doors, and what to avoid when giving gifts, dress code and stuffs. At least I learnt something new today. I don't see myself doing all these at this age though.

After the course, I went to Macs with my friends! After eating, we hanged out there and browse the internet using my friend's PSP. It's so cool ! I visited my blog and Friendster. But I'm having trouble with the typing using PSP but I get use to it after sometime. Coolness! Then, we went home. I didn't expect I get this bored upon reaching home. If I know this is going to happen, I would have returned home later.

So today I'm dying of boredom so I think it is wise for us to do our piling homework! Alright, I've updated my profile. It's no longer a biography because I misunderstood the word. "Biography" means a written account of another person's life

So, I think I'll stop here. As you can see, my entry for today is short and simple. It shows I'm doing nothing much. So if you have any fun activities, don't forget me! Ok! Take care!

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