Singapore Idol Talkshow

Last night was a long night because I went to Singapore Idol talkshow. It was fun but it was past my bedtime so my excitement faded off a little bit. The programme was suppose to end at 9pm but it ended up later so, my cousin and I went off at 10pm. I reached home around 11.30pm with my school uniform. I was informed kinda last minute, so I have no time to change. I was from my Higher Malay lesson. So, how was it you may ask.

Well, I daresay my language is good but lack of technique and ideas. It's kinda troublesome. I think you should know that I don't care about what people say but it doesn't mean if I don't care, I'm going keep quiet about it. Some things need to be done to like neutralizing the corrupted situation and I personally think most of you don't care but naturally react to it. So, it's kinda "for fun" reaction I made. I mean if I just keep quiet and let things happen just right there, there will no fun. Do you get my drift?

So, I hope you get my point. Keeping quiet will embarrass you I guess because people know me and when I keep quiet it means that you are left out. And when I said I am blogging about you, it doesn't mean I want to "hurt you online" or whatever crap. I know whatever I do, sure has its consequences. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. Peace!

Today, was like a cool day because my table in the classroom is like an office setting which means I have another table by my side. It's so fun. If you know me, I like to work with big tables and comfy chair. A small table will never make me concentrate well. So, if the school were to read this, you people will have a specially-made chair just for me! I must me dreaming eh?

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