Blaze Makes Haze

First thing that came into my mind each day for the past few weeks is "What's today's PSI?" Why am I or everyone is so concerned? First, give it up to the irresposible and heartless farmers from our neighbouring country. The are probably the only country in this archipelago who burns the entire forest, the size bigger than Singapore! Believe it or not, their PSI may reach up to 900 ! Oh dear! If I were to be in that kind of situation, I'll be digging my own grave. Even here right his afternoon, I got some dry cough and non-stop sneezing. When these people who are poor both materially and academically, will they ever learn the repercussions of their action? I read a newspaper article that their government is doing nothing much even though they had signed an agreement to curb these "illegal burning". Well, besides the billions dollars we may lost from this haze, my health and life is much more important! This haze and the burning of forest got to stop somehow. How I wish I could stand on top of the world and ask for world peace and heal the world! Make it a better place for the entire human race.
After the joyful weekend, today we got back our exam results. Obviously I will not tell the whole world here. If you ask, I'll tell but if you don't, I'll keep it to myself. Just hope for the best. Anyway, I was about to cry this afternoon, I just feel that it is so unfair. I am the one who is much more hardworking than some other freak, they get higher than me. What is happening to this world? Is it going upside down?

Now I remember I did something really silly during the literature exam. I did the unseen poem and it says "The monks went into our house like a swarm of flies"... So, I interpreted that these monks are hardworking and work in a team. Well, I don't think that my interpretation was right! This is kinda lame but funny. The correct interpretation was that these monks were irritating to the writer and about the scorpion, oh my god, I am so clueless in that unseen! A lesson learnt: I must look at both sides of the poem next time !!

I think I learnt something new : once your are pro in it, you tend to forget the basics. I think it is happening to me right now.

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