The Facial Doctor: Me

I don't find the need to go to school since exam's have past and the haze is killing everyone. And the hotness outside the house, staying home is much safer, cleaner, and healthier. Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a safe tank. My house windows are all closed. My room was like all-day air-con, so it's safer rather than going out risking yourself. So before Higher Malay, I looked out, the haze is thick, so, I must minimize my time outside by going out late, and go home early.
I woke up in the afternoon, after a tiring day. As if I'm so tired. I didn't went to school for like Thursday and Friday. So tomorrow I'll not be going to school. Today, Thursday, I got Higher Malay lessons and I absolutely forgot about it. So, my friend messaged me to wait for her at the bus-stop at 2pm.. So when I looked at the time, it's only 12 noon. I did some laundry and played Sims. As usual, boring.

At Higher Malay class, I didn't know that it is a combined class with the Temasekians and it will be held in the AVA. So, if I were to know that it's going to be held there, I would have brought my jacket/sweater along. But thank god, I didn't freeze in that harsh temperature room. Most of the visiting schools students didn't come. Perhaps, they are satisfied with their exam results. For my case, I must be "kanchong" in this. For goodness sake. It's only two hours of your life! The ones who didn't came are in the state of losing I guess? Loads of practice papers and questions were distributed and dear teacher lend me six of the Malay composition magazine, which is not easy to get in bookstores. I learnt something from someone: there's a serpent under the flower, so be careful. It lingers around the class.

After that, my friend and I went to Guardian because she needed to buy something and I realize that for the past 24-hours, I've been giving away facial tips to around 3-4 people? I sounded like a consultant. And people start to envy my smooth hands, smooth legs and smooth facial-skin (despite the zits). Call me Dr Zul from now. Haha!

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