Party2006 Invitation

I am too busy for the past few days and I've been thinking too much I guess. Maybe that's the reason I feel that I got nothing to update you people while I have much to update actually. This is an important entry shall I say? To me it is at least. There are a few things I'd like to talk about here. Party2006, Class Party, Fun,Fit and Fabulous event and I shall include my Hari Raya preparations.

My Hari Raya preparation is alright so far. I have two pairs of Baju Kurung. It's perfectly tailored I'd say but the first pair is a little bit small for me and let's hope I will not gain weight for the next few days especially when this pair is to be worn on the first day! I cannot stretch much with this pair. While the other, it fits me well and thank God, it looks fitting with that pair. I must bring down the old curtains today and shall change with a new one. I can't stand the dust and maybe that's the reason I have my mood swings prior to the end of fasting month. Messy house. Dusty curtains and dirty toilets. Probably only my room is always prepared for any occasion! It's clean and tidy like forever.

Next, is about that Class Party. I've been missing from school for almost two weeks. Well, I think that when the exam ends means school ends too. I must protect myself from the haze and the sun anyway. It's time for me to rest for a while. And the class party, isn't it too late to have one? I don't mind. Shall I say that I am a professional party organizer? Heh! It's possible for me to do a last minute party but, have we booked the chalet or venue? Have we collected the money? I know I am the class chairperson. You appointed me to do the party. If I really could book that chalet, I'd be done the planning and collecting money ages ago. Besides, I think some of you are fickle minded. One wants Aloha and the other wants Aranda. I'd love to make the call but it wouldn't be wise and fair right? Then, tell me which one you people want. Majority wins. Simple  and yet you people depended on me? I'm not saying I'm mad but I hope you understand my situation situation here. Well, we haven't even pick a date yet too! How now? We will have a good talk on Monday I hope but you people need to co-operate. No monkey business! No-no-no-no, don't phunk with my heart!

Fun-fit and fabulous event. Again, I'm missing from the meetings. If I'm not wrong there's only one meeting and it coincides with the Prefect's meeting. It is held on Friday. I was so sick so I couldn't come. And some of you people think I'm kidding just because I've done that before? How could you people... Anyway, thanks to some friends who bothered to call and tell what's going on with their plan and thank God, they are not the extreme plans. People, come to our stall and support us. And thanks to me teacher for giving me the opportunity to lead this thing but I'm telling you, there are reasons why I rejected this in the first place. First, I know this is going to happen after exams, and I've done planning to my Party2006. So I know I would be tight. Secondly, I want a moment of silence for myself. Quiet from school commitments. Just for a moment. But nevermind, what's done is done. Shall thank you people. Truthfully, next year, I'm not going to be too committed. Thank God there'll no Photography commitments. Although they have it on Friday, 12.45pm that day, I was absent and if I weren't, I'll be off for my prayers.

Last big announcement that you've been hearing from me, is the Party2006. I've set up a website. It's navigated on your right.. Click on it and you'll know more what's the party is all about. Well, all of you are invited . You might want to come earlier because 5pm I'll be showing you a surprise. But you people are invited really. Just go to my party's website, navigated on your right of this page.

I've invited some of you people. Some of you, it's either I forgot to invite, or I don't have your contact. So, if you drop by here, it's like hitting a jackpot.

I think that's all I'm going to update. I'm done. See ya!

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