Mother Tongue 'O' Level - 1132

Believe it or not my Mother Tongue 'O' Level paper was not that hard as I thought it would be and I hope I am not over confident for this paper. I checked the paper twice. Surprisingly, I had many ideas for Malay composition. I tried to avoid writing about romance which is so common in Malay essays but I ended up writing one. Just can't avoid it. I should read more next time so I that can avoid romance. It's a cliche but you have a lot of good vocabularies and phrases to put in it. Any I had too many ideas that I'm still not satisfied with what I've written. I have more to write! My essay story goes like this: It was about friendship and how is it important to the character once his so called girlfriend was having an affair with another guy. His business was not doing well because of his girlfriend, and one of the character met with an accident. However, I got so much to write, and I had no time but to cut short my story with some dialogue. No matter, I think I wrote a good essay. Then came the second paper. Was it there to insult my intelligence or sense of caution? They seemed to be so easy yet so difficult. I won't be surprised if I made a lot of careless mistake. Whatever it is, I know I did my best.

After the exam, I went to meet my cousin (Az) to compare answers and then I went to Tampines with other peeps to buy our party stuffs. We spent about $72? We exceed by $12. Clearly we were over budget. Shall implement better strategy next time. We have not bought any marshmallows and otak-otak. It is one of my favorites hence a must at our party. Those who are bringing marshmallows, please find the halal one. After those hectic shopping, we stopped over my house and unpacked some stuffs before heading to school.

I got back my report book. Don't ask details unless you're part of the Slumberians. Shall have a good laugh at my results and yes, I got what I deserve. I was reading the remarks and I don't think anyone in this world would get this type of remarks at this age.
"Zulfadli always models good behavior and conduct. As a class chairperson, he helps to rally the class together in class activities. He always exhibits sensitivity and maturity towards racial and religious issues while mixing with peers."
Where did them come from? Heh! But it sounds good. At least it can spruce up my report card a little bit. Shall let my parents attention focused onto the remarks instead of the results

I had a good chat with my Higher Malay friends in my blog chatroom just now. We were talking about outings, the paper we took and finally, I got to see the teacher entering my chatroom! If I were to drop Higher Malay, I bet you people will miss me so bad for all the jokes and mischief. Trust me.Just hope everyone got A1 for this paper!

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