Reunion Party 2006

Our party did not go as well as planned but still, we had fun. Once we reached the chalet, we went in and the girls slacked around while some others decorated the stage for our performance which is the day's surprise and prepared drinks for the guests. We had our last full dress practice and then guests started flocking in but they had to wait outside for a moment because we got a little problem inside that was yet to be settled. Thank you everyone for waiting outside patiently. But, those circumstances we faced won't happen if everyone were to work fast and ready for show. Sometimes, I don't understand why do we like to do last minute work even after being rushed.

The show started at about three. During our performance, we can't avoid doing mistakes and we can't afford to show people that we made those mistakes and of course, being professional, we did not go around laughing on our make shift stage for the wrong moves we made. I think it was a wonderful performance even though with the half-dead microphone and my scratchy voice. After the performance, the meals and snacks were out. Supposedly, we got some indoor games to play but seeing that some of them were out cycling and the others went to the arcade there and the others were busily chatting, it was cancelled and we moved on to the BBQ right away.

Here comes the drama. I can't believe At and Wani confessed that they don't know how to start the BBQ fire while the day before they said they could. How disappointing ladies! It was so funny when one of them said "Oh, I don't know how to start the fire. In guides, I we just learn how to march." Fair enough. At this age, we don't really learn in depth on the skills we picked up in to co-curricular activities.

Gratefully, finally one out of the many girls volunteered to start the fire. God bless her. Some of us are pretty much useless and disappointing. That night could have been better if I have gotten help from the girls, rather than having them sitting in the room for I-don't-know-what-reason. I understand most who came were my friends, but I would really appreciate greatly if I got help from my co-hosts, and not being calculative whose are whose. After all, we are hosting this - together. Some of you would probably think that I am self-centered but don't you need help when your hands are tad too full of the things that you need to do? Say, refilling the cocktail, topping up of ice, refueling the fire, maintaining cleanliness simultaneously and ensuring there's sufficient food?

Here was the original plan. After the performance, there should be a snack time. So we only provide some fries and chicken pop-corn and the meals are to be kept in the kitchen until after the games - which was cancelled on the day itself.  There was supposed to be a best-dressed award (because we love to see people dressed nicely to our party) but the award was supposed to be given at night during the dance. Then on at night, we were suppose to have a movie marathon but it ended up differently.

After the performance, we gave out the best-dressed present and after that, the meals, snack and drinks were out and the BBQ started. Got to admit the music played was pretty lame because, I'm pretty much outdated when it comes to the latest music chart. Bored with the songs, someone switched on the radio and listen to Perfect10. Soon after, they switched on the television and watched movies. I got to let it happen because the rest (co-hosts) were missing in action. It was really unnerving when one of the co-host came back and asked why did I let them (the guests) watch the television.

I must say, this year's party is better than last year's. There are several lessons I learnt from this event: Buy extra food for the next party because this year's party, we ran out of food and in the end, thanks to my mother who was the saving grace to our shortage of food, she bought KFC. I am not going to feel sorry for what happened but it was really a great experience.

Thanks those who contributed like my Higher Malay friends who called me to ask what help could they offer and what things should they buy. Thanks to the people who helped out with the BBQ, the ones who started the fire and the ones who kept the fire on. Thanks to those who helped out refilling the drinks and food, thanks to some of our parents who came and offered help. Thanks to those who brought stuffs initiatively, and thanks to everyone who came be it early or late, you people made it! I owe you people! Of course, thanks to the girls and Hafiz, you guys helped too! I appreciate it!

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