Deck The Hall and Counting Down

My relatives and I went to VivoCity catch a movie. We went out at 3pm and when we reached there, the queue for the tickets were freaking long. So long that you can't see the "Now Showing" plasma screen at the counter. So, one of us have had to wait in the queue while I went to the front and check out what's available. We ended up watching "Deck The Hall" which is at 7.05pm. Once we bought our tickets, we went out of the mall to have some fresh air outside facing the sea. It's a sunny day. So sunny that I had to frown and the scorching heat is burning my enough-tanned skin! I think I will get darker next year. I think I must start bringing whitening lotion when going out.

We're so hungry and we went to Long John Silver and someone wants Long John Gold! That's lame. There were no seats there - we had to wait.

Great for those who wants to have an eyewash, VivoCity is the place to be. I'm proud to be a Singaporean. VivoCity, upcoming Casino, and the Esplanade. I'm not gonna gamble but I'll be attending events there! I'm almost full and it's time to be in the theater. So, I bought Nachos Combo and I can't finish it so it end up in the hands of these two sisters. They finished up my nachos! I miss the cheese. Whooo!

Deck The Hall was good. It's about two neighbours. Each of them have two kids. The husbands, quarelled about something which I'm not going to tell, but the reasons were lame. One wants their house to be seen from space while the other is sick of his idea of making his house seen from space. But the wives were the friendly people who try to make their husbands cool down. What I learnt? I learnt to laugh because it's funny, funny and funny. So, it end at about 9pm and then we took some night photographs. Most of my pictures there were blur by night! It always happens. After that we went home since we got nothing to do there. Feel like doing some shopping but I have not enough cash with me and the mall is too big. I really enjoyed this day!

On a random note, I'm sick of Friendster and MySpace already. Not that I'm sick of their services or whatever stuff they offered but I'm too tired to update them. I'm too tired to update my profile, my pictures. It's very distracting! I think my blog is the perfect place to communicate and catch up with each other. Testimonials, comments and pictures equivalently boring. I feel like deactivating them but I don't want to because that's a good place to make my announcements like parties and stuffs. People whom you don't know add you and you add them. It's getting pretty dull and lifeless. So, I think, while others says that they are now into MySpace and no longer Friendster, I shall say that, I'm not really into Friendster and MySpace anymore but I'm more into my blog. So, my updates can be found here. I won't quit them and I don't think I will for now but, I'll stop recieving invitations from unknown people. I've yet to delete them from my account but nevermind, they're too many of them.

I'm buying my books tomorrow and now I don't need stickers to label my book but I have name stamp. So I just stamp them onto my new books and previous books. It's better anyway. Today is the last week I'm going out with my friends because after which I'll be busy updating new year stuffs. I mean I want to go far this time and please don't get me wrong. It's my 'O' Levels next year and I think I have the right to do what I want, to do well in it. Everybody wants to do well am I right? I must start thinking positive. I can be really kiasu you see and next year I'll be having two tuition classes to attend. One would be lessons with my private tutor and the other is a group tuition. Ask me if I'll be stressed out? Well, I don't think so because I've done it when I was Primary Six and I know some of you have more tuition classes than me! Except that I'll get too tired till I have no time for my baby, which is my computer, blog and MSN! What I really hope now is that I have an open mind to absorb everything taught and get A1 for my MT 'O' level which I took in November. Or else, I'll to be dead. Sound's complicated but simple.

Okay this entry is getting too long but these are the thoughts that's going on in my mind! At this point of time, I really think a lot. About my future and stuffs. Weird as it may sound but I am really into my future life. I want to get what I want. I want a life where I could spend my money on my parents and people and some good friends. I want to go far and I know I'll miss my school days.

About my blog, I'll not change my URL again, unless there's a URL that's as simple as I tried to get it as my blog URL but to no avail. When I tried to visit the blog using that URL, the blog could not be found! But heck, "muhdzulfadli" sounds nice already. You asked me why I use my name as my URL? Not everybody uses their name as their blog URL. People think it's too formal but heck, I want it this way because you people remember my name, not complicated URL(s)! You call me using my name so you call my blog using my name too! It make sense. So if we lost contact, you know my name and you know where to go.

I even thought of changing my e-mail address but when to think about it, I've been too much. And changing my e-mail address would be a troublesome thing to do! I need to change it in other different accounts I'm in like Friendster, Blogger, and MySpace. Face, it. It's simple to remember my e-mail address. I love to sing and I sounded like a professional. Yeah right

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