Important Year - 2007

Year 2006 is the year where I faced loads of challenges and I just don't know where to start. One of the most important people in my immediate family passed away on 15 February 2006, which coincides with my mother's birthday and the eve of mine which falls on 16 February 2006.

Dear Grandmother,
It's a rough time we went through and I assure you loads of things changed after your departure and we must adapt to it without you. You're far from our sight now but still, close to our heart. For my case, I've been living with your for 14 years, you took care of me when I was a baby and I still remember when you asked me if I've eaten or not while you're bedridden in your room days before her death. I will remember forever all the good deeds you did to me, and the wonderful times that we have shared together. I will remember the times you fetched me from my religious class, bring me to Geylang for grocery shopping, and sewed clothes for me and even helped me overcome my pain during my circumcision period (yes, it was very painful then). You will be in our memory, forever.

This year too I had some friends who back stabbed each other and made me as their foe while I'm the innocent one who knows nothing on what's going on and the cause of it. If only I knew this thing would happen especially in front of my very own eyes, I'd have smacked their faces, but, I don't even care now because I've learnt that friends come and go. It's just in a matter of time. I still doubt the kindness I got from them and now, I ought to be careful just in case. It's only wise to shut myself from some of you for now.
In June 2006, my bedroom has transformed into a lounge of my own. Double-decker bed, a small sofa set, a small coffee table and some tidbits is now up and a television with a DVD player, plus my own computer, with a printer and a telephone. These are the major distractions from study and homework. I guess, I'm too pampered this year, enjoying the new things I have and obviously next year would be a wake up year for me and now, I need to discipline and control myself.

How about my studies? This year was pretty tough because I thought I could save on tuition but it seems I'm saving at the expense of my grades. I thought I could cope with Secondary 3 studies and my Principles Of Accounts is nowhere near pass. My form teacher offered Additional Mathematics but they've got to self-study or get their own tutor but they will take the school exam. Hell no I'm taking that opportunity. I didn't take that opportunity because I don't want to have additional tuition. If I had gone for Additional Mathematics, I think life would probably be easier and I can easily drop Principle of Accounts. I can’t blame anyone and neither must I blame myself. Things had already happened and there's no turning back and I didn't know that I would regret this. I like Mathematics!

Year 2007 is a very important year to me and most of us. I'm seating for an important examination this year, which determines my future and career. Let us hope that I do well, very well in this examination. I can't afford to waste time this year or regret for not doing well. For once in my life, I want to accomplish something that I don't have to regret or be sad about. Wish me all the best!

I shall cut down the usage of internet and computer, which is a major distraction, which means, I shall go online every week only, during the weekends and if any examination is around the corner, I shall use it limitedly and spend most of the time mugging. I shall take good care of my health too by taking Vitamin C religiously and shall go for a jog. Jogging is the best exercise I can do for myself and I'll do it, if I have the time. A healthy body makes a healthy mind!

Year 2006 has been a roller-coaster ride year for me but at the same time, the laughter I had doesn't fade away from my mind. I think it is time to look at things carefully, attentively and positively. I believe after you read this, you would do the same thing right? I believe I might not have the time for some of my friends and my favorite cousins so I think this blog is a great place to catch up with each other.

I'm sorry if I caused trouble or brought misery to your life in the year 2006, but still, sometimes, I felt miserable and awful too. I just got to face life, and be thankful for what it is and look at it positively. I learnt that keeping someone close to you is very important to you because you will miss them badly if they're gone. I wish myself and everybody a good year ahead.

Starting from the first day of school, I shall promise myself to eat, drink, walk, sit, and sleep with books. Study and minimize entertainment for 'O' Levels. I'm officially in Secondary 4 and I'm sixteen years of age. I can start watching NC16 movies by then! Okay, no big deal.

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