Walk of Fame and Superteen Programme

I forgot a lot of things that happened this week. On Monday, I remember going for my first Higher Malay lesson and my friends invite me to have dinner and one of my kind friends treated me cheese fries and I bought the extra cheese. It was so cheesy that I don't have the mood to eat more when I got home because I was so full but I still eat though. We talked and we're so engrossed in our conversation that we almost forgot to go home! In  Higher Malay class, it was quite fun because I have not seen the faces of these people for such a long time and it seems eternity to wait for this time where you get to see them.
Tuesday was Photography Club orientation where I became the model or celebrity for the day and stormed in front of these freshmen passing down the brochures I made the night before and it was quite last minute and the dumbest thing that I said in that brochure was "Get CCA points for joining the club." and my teacher was amused by it. At least most of the important points to note were there. Obviously for that short celebrity walk we made a few mistakes and I don't want to wear anything that is too fanciful. So I wore something like last year's Teacher's Day performance

On the third day of the week then my friend invited me to the library and I don't know what to read because I want to read a novel but the cover is pink and it looked so feminine. Duh, it's pretty much a girl's book but the story seems interesting. I ended up returning them and I borrowed another book about love and it is ultimately boring. So I think I'm going to return it soon and find a new one. After the library, we went to buy ice cream and my friends didn't realize that we're eating right beside a trash bin. So I gave a sarcastic signal and thank God they understood my hygienic situation. Erhem! My Higher Malay teacher hinted me to write about something in Malay in this blog. Shall do it soon!

Thursday was the first day of the course that the school enrolled for us - "SuperTeen Programme". I thought it was going to be boring and mundane but fortunately, we have nice and funny coaches and guess what, I didn't even have the urge to sleep in the auditorium even if it is air-conditioned. It was fun. I learnt a few new stuffs and re-learn some too. That's called the process of learning. Of course at the same time, I'm irritated by a bunch of people who don't bother about their future and disrupts the class/group. I just wish they disappear from the auditorium.

Today, of course, the last day of the week and tomorrow will be the weekend. The course continues till tomorrow. Today was a touching showdown. I didn't dare to move or look up to that person. It was so scary but I know it's just an act. Only that it touches most of the participants heart including mine. During the day, I went to the mosque for my Friday prayers and it was raining heavily. My shoes were drenched wet. So, I went home first before heading to the mosque and change into slippers and when I went back, people started asking me why was I in my slippers. I lost in the "Speed-Reading Worksheet" as in I am not able to do it on time and I, being very supportive, did the forfeit that is doing twenty push ups. Negative mind of yours says I can't do it but I did fifty in one session because I failed twice and the last one, I was told to do ten times only and I was not the only one who got forfeited!

On Saturday, there will be tuition in Greenview Secondary but I'm not able to attend the first session since the course is still on but really, if I have a chance to get a miracle I want to be in several places at once. I want to do well, be good and stay good. That's all. In the mean time, leave your messages here if you want to.

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