My First A1 Grade

It's not over yet. This is only a stepping stone. There's a long way to go. There's nothing to be so happy about or to be sad about. Well, getting a distinction is not everything right? However, I'm thankful that I've got what I wanted that is an A1 for Mother Tongue 'O' Level. Yeah, you might say it's nothing much and it's just a piece of paper but to me, it's a big stepping stone and that piece of paper has motivated me to work harder in achieving my goals.

You might not believe this but there are some people who seem not to care about their results. Some failed one of their subjects and have no remorse about it. I would have cried like hell. They believe too much in "What's done is done and grade E8 won't turn into A1 even if you cry." and I was like "Yeah, kinda true."

But in my mind some of these people should regret for digging their own graves. I believe many happy moments await for me. I just need to concentrate and focus. Be good and tough. Somehow, I don't feel anything upon getting my A1 result slip. Of course I felt a little nervous now and then but it was so minor that I feel as though nothing will happen. I'm here not to brag about my results but to share with you my happiness. After the Friday prayers, I went back to school and at that time, I felt a little nervous. Lots of questions lingering in my mind while I just took only one pathetic 'O' Level subject.

When I reached school, not many people had arrived yet. My friend came up with the nervous and yet excited look and her sister told me I looked tired. Well, if I looked tired, it means that I've been working hard right? Haha! Or tired as in having too much fun in school that I neglect my studies, which I don't think it will happen since it's an important year. I'm so proud of myself. Caring friends called to ask about my results and congratulated me and lovely parents congratulated me and asked what do I want since I got A1 and I was like 'There's nothing I want for now." I'm contented and grateful with what I have in my hands. Behold people, having A1 for one single subject doesn't mean I'm smart. Some of it is by luck, by choice and obviously, hard work. I've sacrificed my time days before the exam itself and if I didn't get what I deserve here, I'd probably breakdown. I would like to thank everybody who has helped first of all to my parents who give me time to study and did not force me to go out with them during weekends, the teacher(s) who gave me encouragement, or maybe threatened me, it worked and lastly, to friends who gave me the morale support and encouragement and their help. Not to forget those who hate, those who has create an obstacle which made me stronger than who I was. I hope, everyone is happy with their results. Thank God it's Friday. Good results, weekend, and relax!

I went to Chemistry remedial on Thursday and we did titration that is to neutralize an acid and alkali. It was fun and it made me love chemistry. I think the chemistry between the subject and me is getting better. I start to understand the process and stuffs. So anyone, who needs help for that subject, I will try to help you. That goes for Math and Physics and of course, the legendary favorite subject of mine - Malay Language. Ouh yes, that grade A1 means I need to speak English more rather than Malay since I'm already better at it.

On Tuesday, I went to the gym and I was running on the treadmill. My friends wanted to rest so they talked to me while I was on the machine. Suddenly this old man beside me looked at them and said with this pathetic accent "Can you go somewhere else to talk? I want to enjoy my music here. You come here to exercise."

Hmm, the last time I checked the Rules and Regulations board it says that "Personal audio and visual devices are not allowed to be used in the gym." So, I don't think we deserve that really.

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