Coral Secondary Sports Day 2007

On Monday during my Higher Mother Tongue lesson, my teacher brought this boo about black magic and the spells. It's not the fake one and there are different types of spells like self-protection, and to make yourself look good and stuffs. She read out some of the spells, but I didn't remember and I didn't have the intention to do so and when she read it, my hair stand and everybody was quiet, made the situation eerier. Of course, she has the book because she went for Malay Studies, not to practice it. Don't get people wrong!

Tuesday was gym as usual and I've bought a proper shorts so I can wear it to gym. Nothing much and on Wednesday, we didn't do anything much in Higher Malay lesson except comprehension for the whole two hours because the teacher was tabulating our CA marks. I wasn't concentrating because I was busy talking and the teacher too ended up talking to me. Can you believe it? So funny! After then we went for dinner and then headed to the library because my friend needed to find a book and I need to buy a new file for myself, to replace the previous file that has been torn and tattered! Duh, it is so cheap and I need to replace it every now and then.

Thursday was my Sports Day. I was disqualified during the Sports Heats so, I cannot enter the Sports Day. I was disappointed of course because this is my last year in the secondary school life and my time was wasted on the Sports Heats. If only I knew that I'll not be entering sports day, I would be home by then or maybe to the gym with my friend. Come to think of it, I cannot be too disappointed now. It was raining during Sports Day and some of the competitors slipped while running/sprinting and it looked so hurtful as I can see, some of them were bandaged and all. Thank God for not letting me participate! After the Sports Day, we went for lunch because I've not eaten breakfast unless you say that raisins and chocolates can be a meal. We're suppose to go to Mustafa Center because I've not been there before but ended up canceling it because it was raining and someone lost her money! Heh! But still, it's good that we canceled the trip since I was very sleepy and on the way home in the bus, I was half-asleep. Thank goodness, I didn't miss my stop. We didn't miss to take some photographs of ourselves though. I think I lost my voice to the cheers. God, this is my first time I changed my house! From Secondary 1-3, I came with my own house shirt that is Adventurers and in Secondary 4, the final year in school, I wore another house's shirt ; Challengers. It was fun because my friends were there and most people in Adventurers were stuck up people. No offence but you guys don't cheer for your own house. Even if I did, I'll look like a fool. Cheap thrill though.

Nothing much on Firday. Club meeting was canceled. It's fun! Heaven! Now that I'm home, I have nothing to do but rest and write good luck messages to some Coralites. I'm spreading my luck! I'll be watching Norbit tonight, I don't know how it will go. I won't blog about the movie since you guys can go to the cinema by yourself. I'll wasting my current anyway. Adios! C'ya next week!

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