More Than Academic Test

I am so glad I bumped into my cousin when I was on my way to the gym on Tuesday. I was so thrilled and we're like "ARGHHH! Aisyah!" and she was like "OMG! Fadli!" So yeah, we met and we still got the time to take a snap of ourselves. Gym was fun as usual. We decided to run on the track outside the gym but it was used for sports heats. So, we went back to the gym and do some other form of exercise. The treadmill is fun but when you run and look at the screen, it gives you a slight headache looking at the red lights from the screen.
The next day was Peribahasa Test, I managed to do well for it because it's an open book test! But I tried my very best not to look at the list but only look at them to check my answer. So, I didn't copy them blindly although I know my teacher would probably think that I copied them blindly. Haha!

Recess duty on that day was annoying. First of all, I had willingly sacrifice my recess time being stationed at the staircase to ensure that no one goes up during recess but I don't know who was it who didn't bother to do recess duty or either late for duty. It defeats the purpose if I've done my part and the other staircases are not manned. I might as well continue my recess and socialize with my friends right? Thank goodness today most of them really did their part because people can't go upstairs before the bell rung. And guess what? They even dared to bargain with me to give them permission to go up and where the hell is my duty partner? Missing or what? And anyway, I didn't allow them to go up. If they ever did, I'll make sure they're in the lis.

There's nothing much on Thursday. I skipped NAPFA test that day because I was tired and it was raining heavily. So, coming back to school would be hectic. I went for today's one, with my brother. I'm so irritated by Stand Broad Jump and Sit-And-Reach. These two stations always pull my points down

Today was fun. Because it's suppose to be fun on the eve of the weekend. During morning duty, I asked this girl to pick up the litter because it's right at her feet and she came from the row of the same class. And she got the nerve to say "Nah, you want it right?" and I said "NO! You have to throw it away." Hello! I'm not your maid here. To lead is to serve but not picking up litter from your own class row, it's your responsibility! Try to argue with me. It's like the litter is closer to you and it came right from your class. It's fun to get on their nerves after they got on mine.

My Geography teacher told us that there will be a test on Monday and I wrote it down accidentally on the Tuesday column and a Geography Revision Day in the Monday column. Without my notice, I closed the book and keep it in my bag. Then suddenly my teacher change the day to Tuesday! I took it out again to amend what I've written and found out that there's nothing to correct! Cool huh! 199 days to 'O' Levels, 18 days to Mid-Year Examinations. Wish me luck!

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