Happy Eid On Post 'O' Levels

Hello sunshine! The earth says hello again! Oh my holy God! Finally, the time is here where I'm back blogging again! Guess what, I have loads of plan in my list in commemoration with post 'O' Level activities and one of them is to go to go tour around Singapore! Seriously, I'm so heading to the zoo and night safari and not to forget the Esplanade and Bugis Street and whatever places of interest I can find in Singapore! Well apart from that, I still want to tour the world.

How are my 'O' Levels you may ask? Well, it's more of ups and downs with the easy papers and non-easy papers but mostly, I truly think that most of the papers are manageable. Not to say easy because results are not out yet. But whatever it is, what come may. I am totally ready to accept my results because I know I've done my best, to my maximum potential and thank you everyone especially my tutors, parents and those who helped!

Eid is coming to an end and I would like to take this last minute opportunity to wish all of you "Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin." and of course to all Hindus, Happy Deepavali. For your info, I'm going to Mustafa Centre probably next week?

I'm busy having my own movie-marathon now, watching American Pie, such a disgusting, yet funny movie! Just to add on, I've gathered my past years books and I'm selling it off. So please, next year's Secondary Four students, call me if you want to purchase my used books. Of course, I'll give you the good books. But do check your syllabus, it might be different. Adios!

Higher Malay peeps! I miss you people!

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