How We Friends Started

These are the videos of me. I think I have more of my self-obsessed video but I don't know where I put them. Go have a good laugh at it and enjoy it. The most bottom video was taken like four years ago when we were primary six! Where we were immature kiddos going "hoo-haa" over Malay pop music. I truly, from the bottom of my heart, miss those times when they said I sing like some bloody opera and I in turn said that their voice is like this and like that, criticizing each other non-stop and yet we are still friends. Ok, here goes a long story how we started and all. I may be quite evil at that point of time. Well, I met Syaz and Fiz when I was about primary five.

I remembered Syaz started talking to me on the way back from religious class. I didn't even know who he was but I just acted nice and it turns out that we were from the same school that time. So we moved on from going to school together since it was an afternoon session , we went to the provision shop and he recommended me this multi-ball point pen. I love that pen but too bad they no longer sell them. It makes writing neatly comfortable.

Then I met Fiz, if I remember correctly, through Syaz because they know each other for quite some time then. Ever since I knew Fiz, I went to his house at times before going to school to make our own lame concerts using video camera! Thank God he deleted it. We were too full of ourselves. I mean the bed turned into a stage and wardrobe becomes that exit of the stage and of course, the mic becomes the mic.

After which, we realized how childish we were and we moved into telephone conference and start talking about having small party with us performing! Inspired by Juara Lagu shown by TV3 (Malaysian channel). And at times we discussed other things too. I remember Fiz and Syaz were talking about Charmed (TV Series). The first super-super small party we had was at Fiz's house with only one guest and two judges who were our friends. The guests were Faizah (miss her loads!) and the judges were Tariq and Taufiq. We enjoyed ourselves very much. I mean, that time our voices were high enough to reach those unreachable notes so we always thought we could sing. Speaking of my performance, I ran away from the fireworks covering my ears while at first I'm the one asking for it! Guess what, there were only two participants, Fiz and me while Syaz backed out. He came though to help Fiz out. Who won? Fiz got all the prizes while I got one: Best Vocal. (Gosh, I'm laughing now) That small party leaves us wonderful memories which even now, we speak of it.

In the following year, we separated, going different directions. Different schools, new people and different environment. We did contact each other still. Fiz had been diligently calling me and I'm the bad one who tend to forget to call him. Luckily Syaz went to the same Higher Malay lesson as me so we get to contact like almost every week. Then connections got more complicated. I shall not get into details because I for myself get confused at times!

In our entire secondary school life, we still contact each other and still hang out with each other, do some silly stuffs that others would never do (I guess) and we still do have the same interest but now, more of different kind of stuffs. But still, friends come and go. I really really hope it last for a very, very long time. Who knows, forever?

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