Annual Reunion 2007 Invitation

I've been missing in action and I know you people are wondering why the hell am I not updating even after 'O' Levels.
Anyway, the planning of the party has been good and shall I say, smooth because this year we do not have any performance to choreograph. Save the hassle. Ouh you people don't know how hard it is to keep people entertained and choreograph dance steps or something. This year is a BBQ party of course we eliminate our performances for good and will be planning to come out with something way exotic next year.

My dear friend Syaz is now back from Cambodia and sorry pal, I have to disturb you and refrain you from having your rest because I need to get my pictures done so I can send my pictures to my uncle in hoping that I can get extra money through this. And damn computer is down again. Previously, my computer was down because of the hardrive which was totally crashed and then when I got it back, it was down again because of the internet. Long story how it could break down again. This time it's my fault though. Pfft.

The BBQ party will be on 11 December 2007, Tuesday. I hope all of those invited could come. I've put in your names in a list and I would probably know who attend and who do not.

Some of the people that I've invited, apparently, I do not have their contact but I believe the message somehow reaches you. Short say, everyone is invited especially those who are close to me in school. The theme for the BBQ party is "Ebony and Ivory" and let me reassure you that ivory is not purple... Go and check out the dictionary. It's black and white.. It's up to you whether you want to wear formal or informal as long as it is black and white.

For those who don't know, this annual party thing has been going on for the past 3-4 years and this is 4th year of having this party. All these while, the party was planned mainly by two people (Fiz and I) but this year we are adding in one more people into the planning - Rudy. Remember my previous few entries when I told you that the first ever "party cum singing competition was attended by only one person and two judges and one stage helper? Well, that was us four years ago. So this year, we are going to continue doing it without the competition and all. Besides, my school doesn't have any prom or rather celebration with food and music except the boring Graduation Day! So this year, this party will be an event you should look forward to.

Biggest fears when planning this party? Hope it doesn't rain on that day because the terrace is not fully sheltered. Apart from that, we fear nobody will come and worse of all, having to chase away people away. What else? Another big fear that food wouldn't be enough. But should be sufficient.

So far, we've invited only 130 people but we've predicted that some wouldn't come because of personal reasons they might probably make up and maybe some due to real reasons. So that's why to us it's not a lot of people. Of course, in the three lists, some of the names were repeated anyway. To get confirmation and details, please text or call me. See you there!

Annual Party cum Mini Prom cum Meet Again party
11 December 2007, Tuesday
Entry fee: $2

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