Pulai Springs Resort - Hafiz and Siti

Although the day trip to Kuala Lumpur (KL) was canceled, Fiz, Siti and I still had a lot of fun today. Of course we were looking forward to the KL trip because we are so in need of shopping elsewhere. In the end, it was canceled because my dad was tired so we just headed to Johor, which that morning I dreaded it because shopping in Johor can be such a bore at times. Which is indeed true! The idea of shopping at City Square somehow kills me and we ended up at Jusco Shopping mall which is just like Vivo but their collections of goods seemed to be limited and unattractive and I have no mood to shop. Total boredom. But who cares because after shopping we went to Pulai Springs.
On the way to Pulai Springs we talked about how mischievous and active we were in our primary school days and how lazy we are now. We even debated about being materialistic and being brand conscious. Apart from that we even talked about how complain-kings and queens we are becoming and even want to complain even about the littlest thing. Then we saw a women holding a poster high in the air by the super busy street and laughed at our own stupid questions like "How much do they get paid?" and we even talked about how ungrateful we are. Well, that somehow summarize what we are becoming and gives us the realization on who we are now. Then we talked about how much we miss Pulai Springs because the last time we were there was four years ago and even when we reached there, not a thing changed. Everything well maintained and of course the build up a new hotel which we are planning to stay in soon?

I'm all excited about it and guess what? I dozed of on the way there and thanks for waking me up by saying "Oi.. Don't want to swim?" That helps a lot. I was so refreshed when I alighted from the car. The best thing today was, this is my first time using my own membership card but what the hell, I don't get to sign it because I was so engaged with my excitement.

Swimming was fun. I had a hard time getting into the water because it was darn cold! Come on, it just rained but after that I'm fine with it. I managed to swim but Fiz said I looked constipated or rather asthmatic! After some time when we get out of the pool, I pushed the two twits into the water. They are so caught off guard! Muahaah! But still you guys managed to get your revenge on me! We're even then. Hmph! It was super funny! The best part was when Fiz tried to push me like how Siti did to me for revenge, he failed. Booya! Being bored with the adult pool, we played the slide and the children there were super annoying. Of course when the three of us get up to the slide we were like the kings and queen being given way to. But still, it's super annoying at how they reject when we asked them to go first.

After Pulai Springs, we headed to Giant hypermart to get our BBQ stuffs there. It was quite fun but we were tired after swimming. I shan't elaborate much about the shopping trip because I for myself am not aware what I've bought. Besides, I have my own budget which I could spend

Then we went to dinner and since the restaurant is so close to Singapore, my phone got local reception and I got three missed call from numbers I don't really know except for one familiar one. So, the thing is, not all numbers were saved. Heh. So I called them back and one of it was from Pat, a senior girl whom I have never talk to and she was asking me about the prom (or so she thought) that will be going on on Saturday.

"I heard there's prom tomorrow. Is it still on and can you tell me the details because the NT students want to come."

Hmmm... This is so exciting, isn't it?

More people, more food, more drinks, scramming to get more of everything.

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