Post 'O' Level Plans

I'll be going for holiday tonight, and if you people are going to miss me please feel free to click HERE, voice from me. This is the song I sang during the morning assembly a few weeks after winning the second prize for the Karaoke Idola. This is the recorded version though. Anyway, one more song will be up when I return to Singapore entitled Sway, which I sang in 2006 for Teacher's Day celebration. In addition , I'll try to put up the new blog layout, which is almost ready in few weeks time.
What are my plans after the vacation? I'm going to take some new shots somewhere because the other day our plan was canceled due to rain. Let's hope the next one will not be canceled again. Then of course, I will try to send the portfolio as soon as possible. In addition, I've not been exercising for more than one month as the O's are approaching. Since now that I'm free forever more, I shall go out with Tim to workout or something. What's more with the dumbbells which Dad brought home, it eases my activity by not going out. Of course, Tim can come and Khai can come over too to hang out with us.

Apart from that, I have to build another website for my mum because she wants it. I just hope she gave me what she wants fast so I can do it as soon as possible. In addition, I'd probably follow my dad overseas in the future while waiting for results. Of course, to add on, I have to find students to teach and going for a tuition agency can be quite unreliable.

I'll probably be going to Pulai Springs at least twice a week to use the facilities there. What's more when I'm the member and I rarely use the card. So, might as well I utilise the place. The sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym and even movie theatre. Of course it would be boring if I go there alone. I'd probably bring along my cousins because they've not been there for a long time! And perhaps some friends.

In the mean time, I'm looking out for courses rather than sit and rot at home and spend money unnecessarily, I might as well make myself useful and I think this is the time for mind investment like what Cikgu Fidah said. Besides, I'm sick with the idea of working during this holiday. Too young to work!

Speaking of Cikgu Fidah, I miss Higher Malay lessons so much. Muahaha. I know you'll read this. That's all. Enjoy your holidays!

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