Back To Back Happy Time

This December is absolutely fun-filled with outings. After I came back from my vacation, it was Aidiladha, which I don't have a chance to wish you people Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha because I was so tired after one week of holiday and before I could fully pull myself together, we have to go out for visiting. No doubt, we went back home quite late
The next day, after my course ended, around 9.30pm, we went to watch National Treasure. It was such an adventurous movie, with some conflicts and all. I was quite reluctant to watch that movie though. I didn't even bother to watch the first one on DVD. Turns out, it was good!

On Saturday, went out again, To Jurong Bird Park. Flamingos are hot and owls are cute with their eyes and there's one that looked as though it's wearing a hood. Super cool. We didn't stay there for long because we were not bothered to walk throughout the entire park although they have a lot to offer. Absolutely, we did not miss the "World's Tallest Man Made Waterfall" which is only about 100 meter and the bird show. Parrots are funny and cute. And colorful!

The next day we went to Sentosa, and the funny thing was, we went to this carpark and it charged $10 for the entire day and the other car park only cost $1 per entry! Such a rip! It was so unreasonable to pay $10 for car park fee! Besides, we were not going to park there for long. We went to other places after that. So, why pay more? We did not miss the cable car of course. It wasn't frightening at all to me but when it suddenly swings lightly and eventually stops, it sent down a weird feeling on your stomach. A lot of scary thought occurred in my mind at that time though.

And today, Monday, we're suppose to get books for my two younger fellas but we ended up watching a movie. I Am Legend it is. It was exciting to imagine yourself living alone on this planet but when it comes to having creatures that harms you, it is freaky. I'd give that movie a rating of 6 out of 10. Go watch the movie and see for yourself. The creatures were quite fugly and it's a hair-raising experience to imagine those creatures appearing on my toilet mirror. Especially when I have to use candles in the toilet due to the blown light bulb! See, I'm very imaginative.

Yay! Later afternoon we'll be going to Pulai Spring and this time I want to try their gym because I've never tried it before. For all these while I've been using the pool only. Well, probably I will swim for a while after gym! Gosh, I'm so fickle minded. There's no photos to upload yet. I'll put up some pictures soon.

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