Year of Heaven 2007

Goodbye '07, Hello '08. I'm pretty excited to face a brand new page in this book of life. For the past one year, it has been ups and downs, order and turmoil, just like a vessel on the ocean, having little clue about the future, so on and so forth. Needless to say, I am going to miss 2007 for they will be memories after all. I'm going to let bygones be bygones and start what I've left unfinished and to start what I've not started and to heal the scars I left behind in people and in myself. The past one year has made me learn a lot of things, be it study or play, it was all time well spent. Regrets will always occur in us, although some people say they don't have any on anything. To me, having a little feeling of regret, makes us learn our mistakes and move forward. Anyway, 2007 leaves me with a lot of memories, which I wish not to forget until old age. From family to friendships, all fly and sail with me to the tip of the world, I love it. Somethings that I'm going to miss:
  1. Having my best friends to study overnight at my house.
  2. Discussions in Higher Malay, touching on today's culture and even my personal life.
  3. The laughter I had in classroom and Higher Malay class.
  4. The fun escaping some assembly talks, which is so not relevant to us.
  5. CCA, having to take photographs and my photographs taken.
  6. The advantage of not attending Malay language class in school.
  7. Those times when I went to buy bubble tea with Syaz after Higher Malay lessons.
  8. Those times when Hafiz slept over at my house and talked about silly stuffs, from brands to models to people among us.
  9. Study and gym and gossip sessions with Dynna, Tim, Elyia, Nana.
  10. Motivation from parents before O's and all, which is still helpful to me till now. They mean a lot.
  11. I miss tuition, my ex-tutor is my new friend.
Which ever that I forgot to mention, pardon me because there are so many memories left behind. I wish that I could relive, what I've left before moving on to the future. Moving on to the new year 2008, there's a long journey that awaits me. Along it, lies hills and mountains for me to pass through without falling into the valley. 2008 shall be faced with full of courage and excitement. Ambitions and dreams shall be fulfilled and sacrifices has to be made.

Early 2008's highlight would be my 'O' Level results, which I've been waiting for ages, but at the same time, I don't wish to see my results, not because I thought it might be catastrophic, but I want my holidays to be longer! No matter what result I get, I think I have to receive it with an open heart. Click HERE to listen to Sway, click HERE to listen to My Love (Westlife).

Ok, I shan't bother you guys with my long winded entry. Have a nice weekend/holiday. Fact: I don't miss school but I miss my peeps, that's for sure! Journey has not ended yet.

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