Day Out With 4 Friends

I woke up so early this morning, say around 10am and got ready to go for cycling. My bike is in the state of dying, one side pedal detached, the locks are rusty, and it's sort of dirty. Come to think again, I want to keep that bike and not sell it away.

Anyway, Tim waited for me at the void deck and he cycled from Tampines to my place! So far and he managed to do it, bravo! Well, but you can't deny I can ride faster and longer than you! Muahaha, just kidding. I rented a bike for myself for two hours. The old man said "Ah, lu punya time pukul 12.18pm sampai pukul 2.18pm hor" which means "Your time starts 12.18pm to 2.30PM". I said ok and went off. Then we rounded Pasir Ris Park and one and a half way through, Changi Village is "calling us". By the time it was already 12.40pm and we were quite lost in finding the shortcut from Pasir Ris Park to Changi and we wasted those bloody time on that instead of going the long way! Oh well, it happens. So by the time we reached Changi, it was 1pm plus, then we ate until 1.45pm. We were late of course but I am totally aware of it, I adjusted my watch to 15 minutes late and made up lame reasons just in case the old man ask why am I late. From Changi, I rushed all the way to Pasir Ris Park in 20 minutes! How superb, by then, Tim was all the way back. Ok, you might think I ride recklessly, beating the traffic light and all but hell no! Safety comes first. When I met Tim at Downtown East, he was like panting and he said he was about to vomit! You uh, you still got the nerve to feel sick while you cycle 1/8 times the speed of me? Kidding! Then we go to White Sands to meet Khai and Syaz for they were waiting for our grand entrance, so called. Well, we did arrive on time right?

Anyway, meeting Syaz and Khai was super fun and Tim was starting to laugh all the way and everybody was looking at us as though wanting to join our conversation. We were talking about those lame people around the world (no names mentioned here!) and we were talking about how slow am I to realize that Bhutto is dead and that she's a female! Hope no offence taken here. Then we headed to the library, because Khai wanted to! Tim was like super tired while I was complaining about the killing smell that reaches my nostril and Syaz was like yaking-yaking all the way while Khai was laughing, making her own abs.

On the way up, I saw my school principal and Mr Sam and they were like "Hi, not working?" and I said "Nope." Aww, I'm glad you people remembered me... Ouh well, I just can't help it if I'm popular! Okay, kidding much!

Khai was super loud in the library with Syaz and when I asked them to lower down their volume, they insisted on talking as though they were kilometers apart. So I ended up "joining" them and at last, they manage to talk softly. Khai was showing me some books from Norah Roberts and then I went to search for Danielle Steel's and she was like asking "Is he a male or female?" and I said "Female, duh. See, here's the picture (hand was flipping to the last page of the book)" Then she replied, "Ouh, this is it right? (Showing Danielle Steels picture with that bareback debutant gown)" We totally cracked into laughter because she was so confident that Steel is a male!

Then she bumped into this sexual book and it's written in Bahasa Indonesia and we were laughing at how the author was trying to translate things like "the parnter" into "patnernya" instead of "pasangannya" and they even have terms like "lesbianisme" and I was like "What crap is that?" and they even come out with things like Filem Biru which sounded so weird! It's like we were sitting in a row, from my left Khai, them me, then Tim then Syaz and we were reading so the different stuffs! Khai was reading about that bloody dirty book while I was busy flipping Danielle Steels, Tim was totally into the history book and Syaz having a mag marathon with all the magazines he can take.

In the library, somebody called my name "Zul!" and I turned. "You remember me or not?" He said, and I said, "Errrrr, no, who are you uh?" He replied (he's with his cap all the way!) "What the hell Zul, you can't remember me?" and in my mind, "Is he like the secondary 5 guy who asked me for somebody's email or something?" Then I remembered him but what is his bloody name, until now I have no Idea. Ouh yea, there was a girl who tapped me after countdown with her boyfriend or something and she said "Hi!" and I was like "Hi!" (with all the smile and thousands of questions behind it). Well, if you read this, please remind me again who you are. And in future, if I happen not to remember you, please don't feel offended or whatsoever. Instead, please remind me and don't leave me clueless!

Anyway, Khai was complaining about her group leader about this and that and I said "Well, if only I was there I'd go like move it, coming through!" Haaha. Alright, we must go to the same college please! I can't afford to be separated from you people! Ouh yes, I hope even my cousin Farisya would go to the same college too!

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