Manifestasi 2008 and Co-Curricular Activities

Thursday: I had my Mandarin Test. It was easy. He said I passed. It's only conversational. I can't even write. Last year I was taught how to write "I love you." and it's like some kind of retarded drawing! Ok, enough. After which, Pita, Pat and I went to Moberly for a while to play pool but we ended up studying and we ended up taking retarded photographs with the same pose. So practically our book are open but our minds are nowhere. After which I met my mum at Mustafa Centre to buy muruku. The ones at home are sold out! Ok we don't sell but we eat and it's gone in just a few days. It's so addictive.
Friday: Law Test. It was okay I guess but I forgot all the cases, which was so annoying. Went for Friday prayers and then went to tutee's place and went for Manifestasi after that. It was fun. I got the front seat. Thank God! My good buddy Syaz performed and he put up a good show! It was good. No doubt. Energetic shall I say. Thanks Tim for the wonderful birthday present. I love it! I was super tired after that. I shan't elaborate much. Those who didn't go for it lose out big time!

It's officially the holidays! Officially it's my holiday. I'm going overseas in seven days time. Wooot! Wish me all the fun!

I have to recompose myself. Life has been a mess for the past two weeks. Tuition timings, school work and even my CCA. I feel that CCA is eating up my time. I don't mind the weekday trainings because thinking on the bright side, it's just like physical education exercise except that it's twice a week. I just love it because it's challenging anyway. However, Saturday's training is eating up my precious family weekend. I accept the fact that I have to sacrifice socializing time and even my free time but sacrificing my weekend which is usually meant for my family and friends, I don't think I am willing to do that. After Saturday's training I will be drenched and by Sunday, I have to rush all assignments. Which I am able to do so but there'll be no family quality-time.

Holiday plans, as mentioned in one of the past entry, I'm going to complete all school work and fill up most of my time teaching and teaching. I think that's what I aspire to be for the next few years. Anyway, I've not been singing for a long time! I miss doing my old stuffs. I miss sleeping late at night during weekend. I miss chatting online till late at night. I even miss sleeping late doing my school work so that I can enjoy the rest of the weekend without any worries. Okay, I have to update my planner. It's in a mess with a lot of cancellations of plans and all... I need to tidy them up.

I checked my SAS and I realized I'm in four CCA's unknowingly. God, then I think I should put some of my time in there. Anyway, I realize that now my point is to get CCA points whichever possible but that doesn't mean you have to be in a CCA. The other day I received an e-mail promoting this whatever management talk and for each talk you attend, you will get two CCA points. Why not! But then, that day I was busy thinking of something else. I shouldn't be worried because when one door's close, the other opens.
Alright, I'm off now.

1. Spring-clean up my bedroom and clean things up.
2. Pack up luggage.
3. Plan and excute holiday plans.
4. Do my laundry.
5. Hibernate.

P/S: You can run but you can't hide. Remember, God is great.

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