Sony Creative Science Award 2008

Construction on Monday was fun because we did not do any tutorials but we did practical. We had to fix like a big frame and then undo it. The undo-ing part was a hassle but I didn't do it because I went back to class to complete my homework while the rest undo it. Anyway since our group finish doing it first because of our lecturer's help, we vandalized our groupwork with our names and played tic-tac-toe!

The following day was lecture and we revised for Construction. Law tutorial was so hard, as in hard to analyze but it's fun reading. I've been reading my law book but none of them sticks to my mind as in the cases that I have to remember. But I think I can manage it sooner or later.

Last Wednesday was the Sony Creative Science Award 2008. That's the last for Event Experience module. I have to update my portfolio and get it as soon as possible otherwise I'll be left behind. Anyway, the event wasn't as boring as I thought but I was bored because I did almost nothing except to wear formal outfit and dress up and walk around and wait for the time to carry table backstage and then look at the toys that won and awed at one of Sony's latest creation: dancing speakers. Awesome and I wanted to get one of those but they're not in Singapore's market yet. So we'll wait and see but I want to get my new camera and phone first where ever possible.

Supposedly I have to go to gym, using Pat's gym but thanks to Drawing make-up lesson, I can't. I've not run for ages or even carry some weights. Drawing lesson was not that bad at all, because we have to do venue planning and all at the swimming complex.

Today's Friday, and no way I will be home early today! I'm going to get my mobile because they called me and asked me to go down and see one of the staff - which can be annoying because they're wasting my time arguing over this case! After which I have to print notes and I don't know where is the nearest photocopy service. I don't want to go to my school's one although I know it's the nearest and the most convenient but I have to take out the staples myself and all. My school's printing ladies are not that friendly anyway. They even have a note telling us to take out the staples first before they photocopy for us! And they charge almost the same as out there. After that I have to head to meet my student and she better pass her test. For all what I've done she jolly well pass her test! Heh!

After that I might be heading to the movies at night. As I said, movie is just a stones throw away from my place. It's so convenient for socially deprived people!

I'm off now to gain knowledge and wisdom. See you!

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